Being a calm person, I like to listen to music that is aggressive and has the power to make me feel as if my face is going to melt, oh and to also make me feel as if my eardrums are going to explode. I like people to be quiet, I like music to have a message. These ideals cause me problems but when I’m sent music like I am regularly sent- everything seems alright.

Loomer are an Australian band that make music that makes My Bloody Valentine’s return seem almost non-existent. I’m alright with writing that because I love MBV, but I didn’t really fall for their return. I’m still holding out for The Jesus And Mary Chain. Whilst I wait (my patience is being tested) I find new bands to give me that feeling I got when I first heard The Jesus And Mary Chain. As you know, I compare most things to how I felt when I first heard them. It may seem quite strange, but my life revolves around not much- but mainly music for the most part. It’s a constant source of everything, so to me it makes complete sense. I think the only ones who understand are musicians themselves. I love music that feels quite haunting. Quite sinister and as if you are listening to something maybe you shouldn’t be. A sacred experience that sometimes you do not wish to share. But, as I’m stupidly kind I do like to share. So..what about Loomer?

Their debut record is about to come out. Their debut record is as menacing as Psychocandy was. We’re off to an excellent start here. Have you heard Savages debut record? It’s pretty much like that. I wrote about Savages debut here : http://www.musicbrokemybones.co.uk/?p=9270 I’m getting the same feeling. I feel like something quite surreal is happening, and any words to sum it all up would not do it justice. Loomer penetrate the mind with eerie vibes that you just do not seem to get. The end of every song leaves you speechless in the most pleasurable way possible. From listening to Ceiling, I can really understand how Loomer are influencing a new batch of bands in Brisbane who are making similar sounds.

What I’ve really fallen for here is the dreary bass and the hypnotic vocals. The way they go together is unreal. Then you have the drums blistering through and the guitar sounds create a sinister vibe alongside the bass. Everything works so perfectly to create such an intense atmosphere. It is euphoric build-ups galore on this record. Let’s call this one of, if not THE best debut record of 2013. Put it next to Savages, and nothing else is going to matter. Ignore all the hype lists, I’m telling you now that Loomer are the ones you need to pay such close attention to. But, the sad thing is we live in a world where reality shows are the platform for talentless acts to shine, so we miss out on what is truly stunning. Which is why you must always dig deeper. Go to the very core so you find some music that gets you right in the soul.

They have a song called French which lasts over 6 minutes. The last 2 minutes or so is a mind-blowing frenzy. Everything goes wild, and even the tamest of bodies will flail about in such a fashion that can only be described as free. This band will set you free. It may only be their debut, but it honestly has the power to cause the hysteria that The Jesus And Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine did when they came out. If any band can shake up how music is made and WHY it is made, then please please oh please just let it be Loomer.

Every song feels like a rush towards that dark, sinister feeling that you are told to never go near. Loomer rid you of the fear of going into the unknown and just self-indulgently make you completely fall about in it. There is honestly something truly special here that may remain an underground secret but I live in the hopes that someone, somewhere feels the same way I do about Loomer. Maybe in a few years they’ll go down in music history the same way some of the bands I adore have. I have high hopes for them, and maybe not much else. I’m alright with this; there’s power in music.

As the end of the record approaches, you feel as if you have been thrown about by some bloody great bruiser of a person. Audition sways you about; your bones are aching. You are bruised and bloody to the core, and all you feel is the remains of violence. A strange and wonderful experience that you will subject yourself to over and over. Pardon my language, but fucking hell this is brilliant. The record goes really deep and dark. The record takes you to a place no one else will ever take you; you don’t need to hold anyone’s hand for this, go it alone. Go with everything you have. The vengeance Ceiling ensues is hypnotic. Every song places you in the firmest of chokeholds and as you gasp for air, you smirk at how frightfully dark and brilliant these songs really are.

If you don’t feel alive after listening to this, then play it over and over again. Or just keep playing it over and over again anyway.

You can listen to Ceiling here on Lost Race Records bandcamp page: http://lostrace.bandcamp.com/album/ceiling-12

The debut record originally came out on CD back in 2010 but is being re-released on vinyl at the end of the month. Buy the vinyl. Play it loud. Play it ritualistically. Let out the demons and throw your limbs about. Let the catharsis begin, you know it is time.

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