CROCODILES-Crimes Of Passion.


“Sacred hearts are bursting in the chest of every person that I meet.”


I came home from the gym. Threw my bag on the floor and was set to go through the daily gruelling process of looking for jobs and a reason to keep going at it. I checked my emails, what do I see? A promo copy of Crocodiles new record. Today is also my hero, Morrissey’s birthday. Today is a good day. These two things are just magical. I have things to do, and I don’t wish to do them. Not until I’ve written about the year’s best record.

Crimes Of Passion is Crocodiles fourth record. Each record of theirs has always had a lot of sentimental value to me. Summer Of Hate got me through a bad year, Sleep Forever summed up my life at that point and Endless Flowers just reminds me of my girlfriend. In short, I guess you could say Crocodiles music has dragged me through all the bad to finally someone, something good. That’s just how I see it. So what could Crimes Of Passion mean to me? Well to start with, everything.

The record starts with the glorious I Like It In The Dark. This is a song that should be played at all house parties, full of debauchery and the desire to commit some sins.  I held no expectations when I pressed play; I knew immediately that I was going to hear a record that was going to make my tummy flip and my heart beat faster- this record is just like falling in love repeatedly with the same person, regardless of how long you’ve been with them, all over again. I Like It In The Dark is the start of a hazy journey through psychedelic bliss. The start of the week saw them give us a taste of their record by streaming Cockroach. The bold tones of this song remains throughout the whole record but there are some gloriously dreamy sounds on Crimes Of Passion. She Splits Me Up and Me And My Machine Gun have such a beautiful daydream feel to them. They make you feel as if you are in the most secure of states; nothing and no one can touch you. Their first two records were quite wild, but since Endless Flowers their sound seems still rambunctious at times but being such a fan I am- I really really love this sound. They are like very few bands that are around who make different sounding records each time. Look at how drastic The Horrors sound was from Strange House to Primary Colours and to Skying. Look at how bands like The Kills have changed with each record. When I band keep repeating what they do, then it becomes a bore. I firmly stand by the Crocodiles being one of the most exciting bands around. Trust in Zoo Music kids, trust in it.

I’m in no position to tell you what the best songs are on Crimes Of Passion, I can only simply tell you that this is a remarkable record from start to finish. The songs are full of lust (Marquis De Sade– he was a French writer/philosopher who was sexually free with his words; a bit a genius for sure. Check out his work) and the songs are full of rage (Cockroach.) The songs are full of subjects many shy away from because they just cannot do it. The thing is, Crocodiles free you. They say the things you are too shy to say. Much like Morrissey has been doing for years. If you’re prone to drifting towards the dark things in life, then Crocodiles will be the ones who make music that just sums up those feelings and desires you try to hide.

Crocodiles make the weakest of people feel tough. Listening to them is a sacred experience. As you place your earphones in, strut down the street listening to them- you feel incredibly untouchable. I think this is how people felt when they first heard Velvet Underground. The posses the cool vibe of Lou Reed and the gentle poetry in their words which is found in the likes of literary geniuses such as Wilde, Verlaine and Ted Hughes. Basically, they are romantic with their words and how the music is equally as romantic. As I listen to Crimes Of Passion over and over, I can truly feel my heart being owned by Me And My Machine Gun. I want to say it is 2013’s version of No Black Clouds For Dee Dee but that song is in a different league. It’s the purest of love songs; the ultimate love song.

If you’ve ever seen Crocodiles live you will see that they play with such passion and fury. I’ve only seen them once, last year at Rough Trade. I was mesmerised by how Charles plays. You just watch this transformation happen, you see it in all of them. I remember my eyes being fixated on Charles when they played Mirrors. Certain moments kids, certain moments. Crocodiles are the trigger to a lifestyle full of rambunctious thoughts and the desire for something more. Excuse my language, but Crimes Of Passion is fucking incredible.

I cannot write how other Music Writers do. I cannot remove myself from being a fan, I really can’t. I don’t know if it is a good thing or bad thing. All I know is that, when you know a band have made a record with all they have it is important, if you’re going to write about it- you put your all into it too. There is so much more I want to say about Crimes Of Passion but to be honest, the record speaks for itself. If you want songs that make you want to be pure again, but knowing you cannot be (Virgin) or if you want songs to just wander the streets to (Un Chant D’Amour I’d like to add that this is the perfect song to just lay on the grass, close your eyes and let the sun beat on your eyes; and to just fall in love to) then Crimes Of Passion has it all. It is easy to adore every single song on this record. I’m beyond proud to be a fan of Crocodiles. Their music is like a cloak of armour, a badge of honour.

Crimes Of Passion is out 19th August on Zoo Music. Go to your local record shop and buy this record. The band is heading out on tour in the UK near the same time :

25-Aug UK Glasgow Broadcast
26-Aug UK Edinburgh Sneaky Petes
 28-Aug UK Leeds Brudenell Social Club
29-Aug UK Manchester The Ruby Lounge
 01-Sep UK Larmer Tree End of the Road
03-Sep UK Brighton Sticky Mike’s

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