Metric-Youth Without Youth (new song.)

Dear Emily Haines, will you marry me?

Alright. I love Metric. I love Metric more than I love cereal. This is a lot of love. I became a fan of Metric when Live It Out came out. I felt like I had heard something truly life changing and inspiring. I was right, I’m rarely right. But sometimes, I get it right. Metric have been a huge part of my life since then. I love them as much as I love Garbage, The Kills, The Cure and Morrissey. That’s how big my love is.

And now? Now we FINALLY have a new song.

Emily Haines’ voice is like a cuddle. It comforts you when you are full of despair and uncertainty. Right now, I need this song. Right now, this band are saving my soul. Once again. I fucking owe Metric BIG TIME. Their lyrics have always made me feel like, “you know’ll be okay.” Maybe it will be, maybe it won’t be. I don’t know. Nobody does. All I know is right now, I have an amazing song on a constant loop. I can’t turn it off. I don’t want to turn it off.

Now, you see what always happens when a band that have been away for a while is that you get some idiots going on about “OH THEY TOTALLY SOLD OUT.” Bitch, please. Metric haven’t sold out at all. It’s called EXPERIMENTING. Would you really want a band to keep making the same record over and over? Hell no. That’s boring. Metric constantly give you something you have never heard before with each record (EPs included too.)

If I could put everything I feel into words, I would. But I truly can’t. Metric leave me speechless. Metric make me proud to have certain traits. Traits I am told I need to get rid off. Fuck it, I won’t. I’m keeping them. Metric voice vulnerability in a way no one else does. Metric voice all those empty feelings that are unclear. They say what you can’t. But make you feel like you can do all the things you thought you couldn’t do.

I’m going to bring back to the band’s quote on the new record :

“SYNTHETICA is about insomnia, fucking up, fashion, all the devices and gadgets attached to our brains, getting wasted, watching people die in other countries, watching people die in your own country, dancing your ass off, questioning the cops, poetic justice, standing up for yourself, sex, the apocalypse, doing some stupid shit and totally regretting it but then telling everyone it made you stronger, leaving town as a solution to unsolvable problems, owning your actions and owning your time.”

Synthetica is the record that you will have as a crutch to carry you through. Much like all their records before.

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