The Rag N Bone Man.

There is something comforting about hearing a loud piece of music tear open your eardrums and makes you feel like your face has melted. Then you also can find this kind of comfort in music that just zones you out; like you cannot be touched. You are so relaxed, nothing in the world can touch you. So what happens when both happen at the same time? It’s happening right now, it’s ALL happening.

Obviously to create such a feeling it’d have to be a band, right? It’d have to be at least three people, correct? Wrong. Entirely wrong.

The Rag N Bone Man is just one chap from the mean and murky depths of Scotland. Do you get that from listening to his music? Nah. I thought I was listening to the offspring of Seasick Steve for a second. The Rag N Bone Man is just fucking incredible. The Rag N Bone Man is also known as Lew Palgrave. Just one person is making this noise. This noise that makes you want to throw glass bottles at wall and affectionately punch your best friend in the arm. Then hug them out of sheer joy, and jump up and down. All these mixed feelings are created through thrashing guitars, dominating drums and highly crude lyrics that are just mind-blowing. It’s dirt, utter dirt but so passionate- you cannot afford to be a prudish soul whilst listening to The Rag N Bone Man.

This is the kind of music that your folks probably tell you to stay away from, that it will corrupt you. Thing is, there’s something really cool about having your brain taken over by musicians. My thoughts are part song lyrics, part desire to be a Superhero. The Rag N Bone Man is like the aggressive Bob Dylan of our time. He’s on a different level to anything else around.

You can check out his sounds at :

He’s a one-man riot that has to be heard. You’ve turned your back on music because there’s no heart or soul? Pretty sure TRNBM can change that filthy mind of yours.

You feel violated and dirty after listening to this. But no part of you wants to change it, it’s a unamed feeling he gives you and to do anything about it would be highly foolish.

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