Miri. Candy Bar, London. 30th April 2012.

Let’s be honest, nothing good ever happens on a Monday night does it? I know you can have a good/bad time any day of the week. I think I have a point to make..but I’m tired and I have no idea. So I’ll just get to the point.

You know when you hear a voice and every part of you just falls hopelessly in love with what you are hearing? It takes a hell of a lot for me to do that, mainly because I’m probably far too cautious for my own good. I’d say I allowed myself to feel like this after seeing Miri last night because I drank a lot of wine beforehand. True I did drink wine, but it played no part. I was fully aware of what I was witnessing.

Lyrics are a big thing for me. If I can’t believe in what I am listening to, I won’t enjoy it. It is always about connecting with a singer on a personal level. When you feel like, “Oh shit..they are telling my life story” that’s when you know you’ve found something truly special. It’s a bit like falling in love really. You feel a bit sick because you feel something quite intense, but at the same time-it is something that makes so much sense. You’re not entirely sure if you can wrap your head around it all.

As I said, lyrics are huge for me. Miri’s lyrics are like someone has torn your heart out and written down all that has been engraved upon it. Some of the things, you wish to forget. Some of the things, just get you through the day. Take her song Blue Skies. Keep in mind that the gig was acoustic. It was heartbreaking. I honestly felt someone had gone into my head and written down everything that was floating around. It is such a beautiful song. If you have a constant feeling of longing and wanting burning inside you- this song will be everything to you. I cannot stop listening to it.

I should probably write about the actual gig, but I’m sure I spent most of it just staring in awe attempting to take it all in. It was a truly beautiful moment. She even made a really shit song by a really shit person good (she covered Cheryl Cole, but it’s okay. She did it really well so you forgot it was a cover.)

You know when you watch a person sing, and you can tell that it means everything to them? We need more artists like that. We need more honesty and passion in music. You think you’ll find the next best thing on a reality show? Hell NO. She was playing in Candy Bar last night, and you missed out if you weren’t there. Candy Bar was the perfect place to see her. An intimate setting that really allowed her to show off just how perfect her voice truly is.

I could honestly write a thousand more words about last night but it’d just seem like some kind of mental rant and I think I need to stop doing that.


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