Lester Bangs. 30 Years.

30 Years ago today my ultimate literature idol died. Maybe I should be concerned that most people I look up to are dead, but I’m not.

I first became aware of Lester Bangs when I was discussing what I wanted to do with my life with some relatives. My auntie and uncle dropped Lester’s name. They gave me a copy of Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung and it changed my life. It made me realise what I wanted to do, for real. There’s not much I am sure of, but I’ve always been sure of wanting to be a Music Writer. I know I’ll never get paid for it but you cannot put a price on passion, on the thing you love.

Lester’s writing style is one I admire so much. As easily as I can adapt to in-house styles, I much prefer writing from a personal angle. That’s why I fell in love with Lester’s work. He wrote from the heart, was brutally honest and did it because it was all he knew. I can relate to that so much. I always believe that if you cannot do something from the heart, then just don’t bother doing it at all. There’s no point.

If he was still alive now, I’d probably do all I possibly could to meet him and just thank him. Him and John Peel made me realise that it was totally normal to care for nothing else but Music and to build your life around it.

I could write thousands and thousands of words about Lester and why I love him. And how he inspires me on a daily basis, but I’ve said it all before.

If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be doing this. You can decide if that’s a good or bad thing though.

R.I.P Lester. You’re always missed.

3 thoughts on “Lester Bangs. 30 Years.

  1. Great post. Well said. I miss his bite & bark and the way you could feel his love of music. If he liked a band, he REALLY liked a band. The only way to do it.

  2. Very much enjoyed your post – Lester Bangs. 30 Years – and wanted to pass on somethng I think may be of interest to you .. This month , A Box Full of Rocks : The El Cajon years of Lester Bangs , a documentary about Lester Bangs’ formative years growing up in El Cajon CA , will be released as a streaming video on the internet .. I was involved in the production of the documentary and , along with the film’s director , Raul Sandelin , we’re spreading the word about this much anticipated release …. I will be glad to forward a press release to you if you’d like …… also , if you are interested in reviewing A Box full of Rocks for your website , or perhaps letting your internet followers know more about the documntary , please do not hesitate to contact me at the e mail address provided , or , if you would like , I can put you in touch with Mr Sandelin as well …..

    sincerely , ed turner

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