Vermillion Sands.

Found another Italian bands. I clearly mean business with this now. I don’t understand that phrase. I know my love is more than likely reserved for L.A. based bands, possibly in the hopes someone picks up on how vital it is I live there and decides they want to take me under their wing (not a euphemism with this one this time.) Alright, so Italy. What have you gone and done now?

Alright so, Vermillion Sands have a wonderfully weird lo-fi sound. I know a lot of the lo-fi music I listen to has a similar rugged sound. But with Vermillion Sands have a more delicate sound out part of you knows that, behind the vulnerable sound there is something raw just dying to come out. That’s a quality I really dig in music, and people I guess too. When you hear something quite frail but you know there’s a tough tone just dying to come out. Vermillion Sands are, as often as I say it, unlike anything I’ve heard before. They may not take me into a different world but they still put me on a high that I look for in a sound, in a band. Things like that, well, you cannot fault it ever.

I’m just going to throw it out there- I cannot believe music like this is coming from Italy. You have no idea how proud I am to be Italian right now. Sure most of us associate that wonderful country with producing some REALLY bad dance music (Eiffel 65..don’t look it up, you know the song and it’s now probably stuck in your head.) This is the kind of music you’d hear in a dirty, intimate bar. That’s the best kind of music. When a sound sounds quite rough (the good kind, I mean not overproduced you know) with vocals that are so pure and precious, I don’t know. It just makes all the wrong in the world slip away. That’s the power of music right there.

Music should elevate the soul. Make the heart skip a beat Every feeling you are told to feel towards a person you dig. Well, music can give you that too. I’m more likely to find it in music now. Bands like Vermillion Sands make it easy. A lo-fi hillbilly kind of vibe is underrated. Kids, get on board. This is coming back.

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