Be Forest.

I’m a shite Italian, because the only Italian music I have ever listened to are the likes of Vasco Rossi and LitFiba. They were way before my time, and in all honesty? I wasn’t really a fan. Then I got to about 16 and my ears were turned onto Lacuna Coil. If you don’t think Cristina is one of the world’s most stunning women (I don’t care what your sexuality is) then please go get your eyes tested. All that has now changed. I used to think that the best thing to come from Italy was Campari, how wrong I was. How very wrong I was indeed. So, what is the best thing to have come from Italy? Pesaro to be exact. Well, it is THIS :

Be Forest give me that same feeling some of my favourite bands give me. You don’t have to know me on a personal level (be grateful you don’t) to know that my main obsessions are The Jesus And Mary Chain, Siouxise and The Cure. I know it is oh so typical. But I’m not some 16-year-old trying to be cool so I can have one up on my friends. I’m 25 years old, and I was brought up listening to those bands. The darker a band sound, the more I will love them. I just love anything that musically, fills me with fear. I love music that sends my brain into chaos mode. I think it is because I’m a stupidly calm person who just shrugs most things off. I say most things, but there are a couple that I cannot shake off. So they eat at me, and I turn to music to block it out. This is why I’m utterly grateful for bands like Be Forest. They are dark and eerie.

This is highly intense listening. As someone who hates confrontation and people who are of an intense nature; I love music that is loud, bold and intense. All poor qualities in a person, I look for in music. So, does that make music my girlfriend? Oh go on then.

Be Forest will win the hearts of those who love bands such as Warpaint, The XX, 2:54, Creep. For those who want to go way back in time, if you dig Echo & The Bunnymen, The Cure, My Bloody Valentine- then Be Forest are for you. Well, they’re for anyone really.

If I could put into words what this band mean to me right this very second, I would. But I have no words. That happens at times. Sometimes I have outbursts where I can fully express what is swimming in my head about something or someone. Then sometimes it is too overwhelming for words. Be Forest make me even more proud to be Italian, I want them to be huge. I want them to be as big as The Cure- in my head this will happen. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. Who knows. If any of us could predict the future we probably wouldn’t do anything. Maybe some of us don’t do a thing because we don’t know and the uncertainty freaks us out. Always do something that terrifies you. I did about 3 things that scared me last week. I’ve learnt my lesson and I probably won’t ever do it again. But, I still want to. Who knows. Be Forest take away all that you fear and become a force of strength. They are courage and they are to be loved. To be adored and treasured. Let’s face it, we all want to be adored. I probably do, but I’m not someone you can adore. It’s cool because I know my limits. Sometimes you have to go beyond them. Challenge everything, question everyone.

Be Forest send me off into a different world with their music. A world that sets you free and there’s not much to be concerned about. Yet everything is covered in darkness. I find comfort in the dark, which is probably why I’ve found a huge blanket of comfort in Be Forest.

So thank YOU Be Forest for being the best thing to come out of the best country in the universe, and the country that I’m part from and owns a large chunk of my heart.



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