Horrid Red.

If something doesn’t make sense to me, I am drawn to it. I try to figure it out. I rage inside because I’m frustrated that I an’t work something out. I guess I just want to take as much as I can in. Sometimes, you can figure stuff out but you cannot understand it. That’s pretty much how my life has turned out to be. I guess this is why I was up at stupid o’clock this morning watching X-men cartoons. I identified with Wolverine once again. This needs to stop. But I’m not prepared to do anything about it just yet. I guess this is why I suddenly felt some kind of connection to this German/LA synth with Punk twinges band I started listening to.

Horrid Red. Sacred Bones. They done did it AGAIN. I feel as if I should head out to New York, sleep outside their office and beg for a job. I’d brag about being English. Not that it is something to brag about. It’s cool. I won’t do any of this. I’ll just stay here (for now) and write about the bands I love.

Here we go.

Okay, so if you take the heartbreaking and dark sounds of the 80s and mix it with something current, like that whole relaxed vibe- then you get Horrid Red. But do you really GET Horrid Red? They sing in German, and I wish I could understand. It’s a language I’ve always wanted to learn, mainly because I want to live in Berlin for a bit. But hey, got to keep those childish dreams alive somehow.

I’ve got many reasons as to why I love Horrid Red. I think the main thing is that they give me that same feeling I get when I listen to The Cure. I really have no idea what is being said in the songs, but the music long makes you feel like you are in  whirlwind of despair trying to claw your way out of it. I guess for some, that’s what life is to them. Trying to claw your wa out but stay focused. It can be hard, but you do what you have to do. If not, well- choose your outcome.

Horrid Red have that prolific sound that stays with you. It is highly distinctive, and honestly? It is like The Fall went all German on us. It is utterly perfect. I have so much love and respect for The Fall, and Horrid Red have something about them that remind me slightly of The Fall. I suppose you can never go wrong with 80s Manchester based bands, who are still going. Mark E Smith is a leader, and I will always follow. Horrid Red make me feel like I am in some kind of pleasurable nightmare. I guess you have to find some kind of pleasure in anything bad that happens. Please do not ask me how, it just depends I suppose.

Horrid Red make me feel like I am trapped somewhere, and I’m unsure if I have it in my to escape. Is my sub-conscious playing with me again? More than likely. The bastard. Their music, even if you cannot understand German, is powerful because it still creates these wild images in your head. The day a piece of music tames you, seek for something like Horrid Red. They’ll send you crazy in no time.

If you’re looking for something to lose your mind to, but also find a part of yourself- listen to Horrid Red. Their record, Celestial Joy is just divine. If I’m right, it is their debut. Are debut records meant to be this good? I think so, it just proves they’ll be making memorable music for a long time. I’m not one for begging, but please- go listen. Alright, so it may not change your life but maybe you’ll learn some German in the process. That’s always useful. If you loved how The Cure’s record Seventeen Seconds made you feel, and still does; then you will probably get the same feeling again when you listen to Horrid Red. I may be going by personal opinion on this but hey..

Their debut record is released on Terrible Records.

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