The Creeping Ivies.

I find probably half the bands I listen to by accident. I guess this proves that there isn’t always a bad side to accidents. Much like the other morning when I walked head first in a girl’s chest because I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going..and I’m not really that tall. I think it was the only time I’ve enjoyed being a short arse. My accidents are more fun than yours?

As I dedicate my life, and time to music (I’m not waiting for a distraction, I like this) finding bands like The Creeping Ivies just make me glad I do this. They are influenced by all the bands I love. Now, a lot of the time some put Velvet Underground and the Ramones as an influence just to sound “cool” and when you listen to them, they sound like something bad like Blink 182 you know? I hate that. Pop-Punk makes me want to tear my ears off. There is nothing Punk about it at all. Joey Ramone spins in his grave when you call him as an influence and play that style of music, serious.

Okay, enough of the rant. I just had to get that out. I did it as tame as I could.

The Creeping Ivies take all they are influenced by and create this intense, eerie sound. It probably scares you shitless. But if you look at Becca and Duncan, they seem pretty harmless. Yes, there’s just two of them. Another duo I can put on my list of  duos that I adore. I’ll place them just above Beach House.

They come from Scotland, and ever since my love for Garbage started I decided that Scotland produces amazing music. The Creeping Ivies fully justify my love for Scottish bands and also, duos. They’re just a really good band that you can lose your mind to. Maybe do some dancing if you feel like it, that’s your call. I won’t tell you to dance. It’s an act that you cannot force upon a person.

So I guess they’ll get The Cramps comparison thrown at them constantly. It’s not a bad thing, but I guess it can get tiresome. They’ve perfected their own sound that will probably shock people when they discover where they are from and the fact they exist NOW. A brand new band. Their track, Shake It Up reminds me so much of the early Yeah Yeah Yeahs stuff. The Creeping Ivies have this fucking brilliant rustly and distorted sound, it really comes alive on their track Buggin’ Around (which is my favourite for now)

They create so much noise and there’s only two of them. They have a sound that you think you have heard before, listen a bit harder and you’ll realise that this is unlike anything else you’ve heard.

It is dark and intense at its finest. This is going to go beyond being just another band crush. This is probably going to be cemented in my way of life. Whatever the hell that may be right now.

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