The Chapman Family-Cruel Britannia (EP)

When you feel like you do not belong in the place where you are. When you feel like you just cannot understand all the hate and god knows what else around you; that whole outside looking in way of living- it drags you down. Only a small amount of bands can actually make you feel alright with your current state of mind. I remember when I first heard The Smiths, it was like someone was finally getting out these pent-up frustrations. Then I was turned onto Morrissey’s solo work which has always been apt and highly descriptive of how I feel about certain things and certain people. Those that observe and write in a way that puts you in the scenario are the best ones.

This is why I have a lot of love and respect for The Chapman Family.

Maybe it’s a Northern thing. Maybe us Northerners see the world for what it truly is and put it out there in a way that anyone can relate to. Just read the works of John Cooper Clarke, listen to The Fall- they have this way of just being so honest in a way that doesn’t harm anyone. It is real, and you relate.

Cruel Britannia is bloody brilliant EP which includes a fantastic cover of Morrissey’s Everyday Is Like Sunday (which it probably is really.) I firmly believe that these guys deserve to be huge, and I just don’t get why they aren’t. I feel as if I cannot praise this EP enough, and anything I write will make me sound like some obsessive fan. Well maybe I am. Maybe I am.

Adding a fifth member to the band has given them a slightly bigger sound. They have this sound that make you want to change everything around you. Sure it is hard when nobody will listen or lend a helping hand. Go your own way. Stand on your own, and don’t back down. All you have is yourself. It’s not always a bad thing.

Summer Song is my favourite. As Kingsley sings, “I’m wasting away.” A statement that evokes a sense of feeling worthless has never been so comforting.

The Chapman Family are touring throughout June, and the EP comes out 18th June.

Head over to : to find out more and get some really cool stuff.

The EP is dark but hopeful, which makes the band believable. And if you believe, then it’ll all be okay.

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