Crocodiles-Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9) -Video.

My obsession for Crocodiles started in 2009. I fell in love with their distorted sound that made me feel like I did the first time my ears were subjected to The Jesus And Mary Chain. I felt this wave of love and wonder just take over. I couldn’t believe I was FINALLY experiencing something like this for real. Like I was going to be part of it, there from the very start. I rate Brandon so very highly as a frontman. I just love him a hell of a lot. His lyrics and his presence are just inspiring. Their debut record, Summer Of Hate made a really shite year worth getting through. Its lo-fi sound just elevated my soul and made everything okay. I think it was them and Cold Cave that dragged me through. 2010’s release, Sleep Forever was equally as important to me and I am 100% positive that this year’s release, Endless Flowers will mean just as much. Oh and also, Brandon is married to my favourite woman in music- Dee Dee Penny (Dum Dum Girls.) Best couple in music? You damn right they are.

So let me touch on their new video.

The video makes you feel like you’ve just dropped acid. I’ve never touched drugs, but this makes me feel like I have. The song is wonderfully calming and makes you want to seek out love, of sorts. You fall in love to this song so easily and the video gives you this lucid feel. It is the best kind of crazy possible.

You can check the video out here : and also, Brandon gives you a list of his favourite psychedelic videos. Excellent choices, especially with Dum Dum Girls and The Horrors.

If they tour the UK this year, you’ll probably find me at the front losing my mind. I honestly cannot praise them enough and get all the love out. Just..amazing.

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