Gabby Young and Other Animals.

You know you have the world’s best mum when she makes you a cup of tea and puts whiskey in it! She’s also made herself a cup. I’m at the legal age to drink (by many years) so she’s not being an irresponsible parent. As I’m ill, I reckon this whiskey and tea combination will make me better. Or, it’ll just cause nap o’clock to come around earlier than usual. If this cures my flu, then I’ll be writing to doctors all over telling them I’ve found the cure. However they may think some drunken fool has been allowed out for the day and has gained access to pen and paper. Much fun could be had with that.

Gabby Young. And she’s got some animals with her. I’m in love already. She’s beautiful and incredibly talented (whiskey is kicking in.)

I love anything that seems a bit odd. Mainly because I constantly have weird things playing out in my mind. You know Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy? Well, scenes from that are pretty much what goes on in my head. I guess I have to write as some kind of sane outlet. It helps, but is it working. I don’t know. Gabby Young’s voice is soft and tender. I sound odd saying that, I know. But it is such a delicate voice and I love voices like this because you can hear every single word. I need clarity in my ears because my eyesight is awful at times.  She sings like an angel, and dresses like one too. If more people dressed like her, I’d probably love life a little bit more.

In Your Head is the lead single from her second album The Band Called Out For More which is out June 11th. I doubt anything will be out then worthy of purchasing aside from Gabby’s record, so you should probably buy it. You should also go see her play The Scala (London) on the 13th June.

So, In Your Head is a bout of madness and delight. It messes with your mind- you may trip out to this. It is just a wonderfully shot video. and it goes so well with the song. You see a lot of the time artists have to make over the top videos to compensate for their crap music. This isn’t the case with Gabby at all.

It is an accessible and wonderfully flamboyant. With most music being about how someone has ripped another person’s heart out, Gabby is much-needed. It’s just fun. I mean sure there’s dark elements, but it is done in a way that just makes you smile. Her clever wit and stunning vocals make her one of the best singer’s around. So why oh why is she not huge? Why is she not as big as some of the drivel we are subjected to? I guess it’s because if you want something different and of substance, you will search for it. Then when you find it, you never want to let it go.

There are so many instruments played in her music, it adds so many layers to it in the least pretentious way possible. You can tell this is her life, that it means everything but at the same time you know you she is having the time of her life making this music. When you take life too seriously, you stop enjoying it. I’m just rambling now. Bascially, you need Gabby Young in your life. If you love the likes of Amanda Palmer, Birdeatsbaby, Imogen Heap and grand voices such as Edith Piaf then you’ll probably give your heart and soul to Gabby. You might as well to be honest.

Her cryptic sounds make you feel like you are being chased by a ghoulish being. Some of the best music created are the ones that terrify you and take you to a different place. I could quite happily go on and on about her, but I’ll leave it here for now. She’s just a remarkable talent that, for the life of me, cannot understand why she isn’t huge. Can we please change that this year?


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