Crocodiles-Endless Flowers.

4 06 2012

“..and they have fallen in love with you.”

You don’t understand how much I have been wanting this record. You just don’t. If you did, I’d probably want us to be best friends so we can bond over this. Seriously, I feel like the wait for this record has gone on for what seems FOREVER. Although, forever doesn’t exist. It is just an illusion we present to others in order to give them hope or comfort. Truth be told, we are going to be left behind and we will all do the leaving at some point too. Cheerful mood tonight! (I’m not really in a shit mood, but I would like to go to  sleep right about now.)

Crocodiles are one of my favourite bands. You know it, they know it. I seriously cannot put into words how much I smiled (and most likely swore) when I saw Brandon had read what I wrote a few weeks ago. His kind words mean so much to me, and I carry them with me. When you can tell a band how much you love them, and they are so kind to you- that’s when you fully know your love for them goes beyond. I discovered Crocodiles in a heartbreaking haze and my desperate days were dragging. I listened to them, and all hope came back. No desperation, no longing for all that was metaphorically dead and gone. I found romanticism in the shit feelings I was carrying around. How I immediately felt towards Crocodiles is how I imagine many felt when they first heard The Jesus And Mary Chain. All the reverb and distortion that was soothing my ears and healing my heart made me kick my frustrations and love based hurt to the curb and move on. Always thank the ones who metaphorically break you- because you turn into a better person.

Summer Of Hate and Sleep Forever are two fantastic records that I hold with such high regard. Not just for the emotional attachment I have, but for how bloody brilliant they are. Are Brandon and Charles geniuses?! I think so. I bloody well think so. So, with two phenomenal records to their name- what on earth can they achieve with Endless Flowers?

Endless Flowers is surprise surprise, PERFECT. I’d never write a bad review. I don’t have it in me to do so. If it is bad, I leave it alone and never acknowledge. I love writing about something that is so passionate, dark yet hopeful. I love music that makes you feel like you are not here. I love music that just makes you come alive. I love music that makes you connect with it in a way that makes you want to have some kind of outburst and tell everyone about it. My thoughts on this record aren’t as important as some hipster twats perspective…obviously. They probably dig Crocodiles because they want to seem cool. I love the band because they truly saved me from hitting lower than rock bottom. But hey- this kind of love is never taken on board. It’s all about the ratings and what it sounds like. I’m not like that. I won’t compare the record, nor will I give it marks out of ten. All I’m going to do is attempt to write how amazing Endless Flowers is.

The album should be held up as one of the finest records of the year. It is perfectly perfect from start to finish. We live in a world where we seem to be content with anything that is half-arsed and made to just kill time, fill some space. Music is heading that way too. It breaks my heart, but it is happening. I guess this is why I adore bands like Crocodiles because they make brutal music that just makes you come alive. It mixes everything I love about music. There’s the big drums (similar to 60s girl groups), you have the  fuzzy guitars that just make your head so fucked up you cannot help but flail your limbs about. Then you have Brandon’s vocals which, as awfully clichéd as it sounds- his vocals on this record sound so powerful and so much stronger. His vocals aren’t as gritty as they were, but he still posses that raw vibe that caused me to fall in love with Crocodiles back in the summer of 2009.

My Surfing Lucifer makes you feel RIGHT. I think if Lester Bangs was alive, he’d really love this song. I believe he’d love Crocodiles. The song is so strange, and utterly wonderful. Much like the whole record. I think personally, my favourite track so far has to be No Black Clouds For Dee Dee. It is so beautiful, romantic and passionate. Every word is so delicately sung. It is like Brandon caresses every single word he sings. I also have fallen deeply in love with Dark Alleys. These two are joint favourites.

What I love about Crocodiles is that, they have this brilliant way of making you feel as if you are watching them rehearse. They have such a personal feel to their sound, as if it was only meant for you. That you are there witnessing them craft these sounds. A true basement band vibe going on. As much as I adore Summer Of Hate and Sleep Forever, with Endless Flowers- it just sounds like a huge leap. It sounds NOTHING like the first two, which is what I love in a band. To keep making music that sounds nothing like what they have done before. It is why I love bands like The Horrors, The Kills, Beach House etc. Every record just sounds entirely different, but at the same time reminds you why you fell in love with them. You fall in love with them a bit more when you hear something new. It is almost like it reaffirms your love for them.

The dark feel is alive and well in this record, but if you listen carefully you will hear some of the most beautiful lyrics you’ll hear in a long time. It is as intense as ever and so fucking raw. The bold but vulnerable songs just make you connect so much. Maybe you’ve just had your heart torn out and Crocodiles are your new discovery. If that’s the case, then I understand. I can only hope they do to you, what they do to me. It is just a perfect record from start to finish, I honestly cannot praise it enough. Fight the fury, and immerse yourself in something truly stunning.

Crocodiles-Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9) -Video.

11 04 2012

My obsession for Crocodiles started in 2009. I fell in love with their distorted sound that made me feel like I did the first time my ears were subjected to The Jesus And Mary Chain. I felt this wave of love and wonder just take over. I couldn’t believe I was FINALLY experiencing something like this for real. Like I was going to be part of it, there from the very start. I rate Brandon so very highly as a frontman. I just love him a hell of a lot. His lyrics and his presence are just inspiring. Their debut record, Summer Of Hate made a really shite year worth getting through. Its lo-fi sound just elevated my soul and made everything okay. I think it was them and Cold Cave that dragged me through. 2010’s release, Sleep Forever was equally as important to me and I am 100% positive that this year’s release, Endless Flowers will mean just as much. Oh and also, Brandon is married to my favourite woman in music- Dee Dee Penny (Dum Dum Girls.) Best couple in music? You damn right they are.

So let me touch on their new video.

The video makes you feel like you’ve just dropped acid. I’ve never touched drugs, but this makes me feel like I have. The song is wonderfully calming and makes you want to seek out love, of sorts. You fall in love to this song so easily and the video gives you this lucid feel. It is the best kind of crazy possible.

You can check the video out here : and also, Brandon gives you a list of his favourite psychedelic videos. Excellent choices, especially with Dum Dum Girls and The Horrors.

If they tour the UK this year, you’ll probably find me at the front losing my mind. I honestly cannot praise them enough and get all the love out. Just..amazing.