COLD CAVE: Fate In Seven Lessons.

Here’s some good news for you- after having five applications to go home rejected because of this virus and border restrictions- I am finally home. My flight on Thursday was cancelled (the universe must have had its reasons which I’m fine with) but I arrived yesterday and after nearly 2 years from not seeing family and friends- I am home. Finally.

The sheer thrill you get from a band you adore and cherish so much releasing a new record is beyond comprehension. Sometimes a record comes out when you need it the most. Sometimes it comes when you least expect it, and you end up needing it more than you thought. One band in particular that evoke this is Cold Cave. My love for Cold Cave goes beyond the decade or so that they’ve been around. It all stemmed from my obsession with Wes Eisold’s way with words and his music with American Nightmare. You can’t compare American Nightmare to Cold Cave, but what you can relate is the sheer passion in his words and music.

Yesterday Cold Cave released their new record, Fate In Seven Lessons. These seven songs are guides for life, love and all that falls in between. The record is gorgeous, as ever. Cold Cave are incapable of making a bad record, and they just always seem to give us fans what we want and need. The words are poetic electric shocks to the soul and Wesley’s vocals are a safety net for us all. Night Light is for me, their most soothing song they’ve ever made. It just has something about it that gets you right in the gut, and all is okay with whatever is going on.

These seven songs are a guide for life. They are your companion when all seems strange; it is a sheer joy to listen to, and they just make you so proud to be a fan. I love the darkness and hope in the songs. I love how every song feels like it was made for YOU. Of course, these songs would sound heavenly live, but we have to wait for that. I don’t know how long we will have to wait here in the UK, but for now- the record is ours to treasure.

The melancholy gives you a strong sense of hope, lust, love and longing. Psalm 23 has this heaviness to it that just makes you lose it. That instrumental part (you know when it kicks in) just feels like it has brought you back to life. The whole record has a romantic and eerie mood, and I think that’s part of why I adore the record. This is what I love about Cold Cave- the unconventional romanticism. I love that every song was written by Wes and his partner, Amy Lee. Every song on this record is a love song and to make it even more beautiful, their song Rainer features on some songs. A beautiful family making beautiful music- what more could you want? There is so much joy on this record, and so much love. Love Is All is one of the most perfect love songs I’ve ever heard. It just gets to the core of love, and it is done in such an open way.

The last full-length record by Cold Cave was a decade ago. Cherish The Light Years was a masterpiece then, and is still a masterpiece. It still sounds so brand new and that’s part of the charm with Cold Cave. Everything you hear by them just feels like a sound explosion that you’ve never experienced before- no matter how many times you listen to it. There have been several EPs released over the last ten years since Cherish The Light Years, and everything Cold Cave has released feels like a step to creating the sound on this brand new record. Sure, it’s their heaviest in a way, but it’s probably one of the best things I will hear all year. My love for Cold Cave is permanently tattooed on my skin, and it is a tattoo that carries a lot of meaning and sentiment for me. This band have been a huge part of my life, and always will be.  To hear this new batch of songs, and to really soak up this sound is just divine. Not much is certain in life, but I am certain that Cold Cave will never ever release a bad record.

It’s hard to pick a favourite, and I probably shouldn’t feel like I need to but for me Honey Flower may just creep up there as my favourite for now. But I reckon this will be a record that you never settle on having a favourite song on. There’s so much to love about this record; from the production to the lyrics. Everything on this record makes you feel like you are floating yet heading into a different world. I want to go where they are and stay.

Fate In Seven Lessons isn’t an EP nor is it a full length record, but we can just agree that this is a remarkable record and is easily one of the best things we will hear all year.

Viva love. Viva Cold Cave.

Cold Cave. Electrowerkz. 08/08/2013.


Photo taken by me

Photo taken by me



Having the person who’s music dragged you through hell and back and back some more, to have them sing the words that went right into your heart and made everything wrong alright again is something that is truly overwhelming. It leaves you with a smile carved onto your stained heart.

After waiting close to 5 years to see Cold Cave, tonight I finally did. Right at the front leaning on a speaker in a venue that instantly became the best place I had ever seen a band or singer.

The way in which Wes thrashes the mic stand about in a fit of fury and undeniable passion, it immediately becomes infectious. I didn’t sing to the songs, instead my body became the most free it has been in a long time. I felt it was just me and the band. Maybe tonight was all in my head. It’s going to be in my heart for the rest of my life.

Hearing songs like Hello Rats (my most personal favorite) live changes everything. It adds something to your life that not much else can. Maybe this is because I love music in such a deep and passionate way. It says the things that I simply cannot say.

What I’ve loved about Cold Cave for so long is Wesley’s way with words. From American Nightmare to Cold Cave, his words have always been a safety net for me. And for someone who isn’t a fan of the skin they are in, tonight I didn’t feel so ugly.

I’m writing this on the tube home trying to take in everything I witnessed and felt tonight. The love Wes and Amy have for each other is so beautiful to see. As he aggressively thrashes the mic stand, he becomes so calm stood next to her. We all have that one person who does that to us, and when you have it-it is for the rest of your life.

The dark stage, the dingy room; the whole atmosphere was romantic and ethereal. I closed my eyes and moved my body. I closed my eyes and I felt okay in my body.

Wes frequently walked to the edge of the stage, a drop of his sweat fell on my head. My girlfriend has told me to shower when I get home.

Tonight changed and stirred something inside. I’m aware this isn’t a typical review of a show, but typical is something we must shy away from. It was clear that Amy and Wes were humbled by the show. It was a beautiful evening.

The projector behind them said “There is hope.” Words can mean more than actions, Cold Cave proved that tonight