THE LIVING EYES- Living Large.

16 02 2015



I’ve had my copy of Living Large for a while, but sometimes I’m stupidly lazy. Then it all comes in spurts.

Living Eyes are a brilliant Garage Rock kind of band. They are pleasantly loud and foolishly underrated. They’ve got hints of Ty Segall and Wavves flowing through their music, but their record Living Large sort of feels like something by The Vagrants mixed with the Beach Boys. Kick a can hopelessly on the beach until everything becomes clear. That’s what you get from this record.

Boredom. It hits us all. Saying we’re bored because we’re not bored, we just don’t know. It’s a state of mind and it’s an unflattering way of life. But the thing is, The Living Eyes make this sloppy way of living feel alright. They make you want to waste your days away doing nothing. If this is the soundtrack to it, then please sign me up now. The Living Eyes are one of the most exciting bands to come from Australia in a while, but don’t let that make you think that they don’t have a decent music scene there, because they do. There’s a lot of great bands there who will hopefully soon get the exposure that they deserve.

Living Large is not just a Garage Rock record. They’re not just a Garage Rock band. There is something else there, something that’s dying to come out and of course it will. Living Large lures you in, and once it has its grip on you, you won’t want these 4 guys to let you go. They’ll put you in a sweaty choke-hold and you’ll want more. Living Large may end up being quiet, but come the summer months it will get played constantly. It’s exactly what it was made for. Living Large wasn’t made for the pissing rain. It was made for the blistering heat and the desire for shade to protect you from the rays.

Some bands you fall in love with instantly when you hear them, and if you’ve never listened to The Living Eyes before, this record will make you sway, swoon and fall in love. If you’ve felt hopeless, bored and lifeless then this is the record for you. It was designed to make you feel a little better. Buy it, stick it on, learn the words, wear it out and make The Living Eyes your favourite band.

Living Large is gloriously frantic, chaotic drumming, beastly guitar riffs and all in between. This is what you need if you’re in need of a kick up the arse or a punch to the eyes. The Living Eyes are unapologetically loud and brutal. Their song, Bad Example justifies fully why this band demand your attention and you know you better give them it.

I’ve never seen them live, but I’m fairly sure it’ll be a lively sweat-fest and massively brutal. Just how it should be. They say perfection doesn’t really exist, but they’ve never listened to these guys have they.

I’ve kept this brief as my piece on them a few months ago explains why I love them, and I won’t shut up otherwise. Just go buy the record. It’s out now, go to your local record store and treat yourself.


26 11 2014



Having not learnt my lesson from subjecting myself to really loud music on Monday evening, I’ve found a band who are brilliantly loud and sound like everything I want in a band. Oh how many times have a said that? How many times have I really meant it? I just love certain noises, and The Living Eyes are a certain noise. I write this as London looks like a grey abyss. There are certain bands you should listen to when the weather is like this. The Living Eyes are not this band, instead they take you to a warmer climate.

The Living Eyes will be releasing Living Large on 19th January. Put some Christmas money aside and treat yourself to what will evidently be one of 2015’s highlights. For those who adore the fuzzy tunes of Garage rock, The Living Eyes will certainly wet your whistle (calm down.) They remind me of a band that I never compare anyone to. One because no one sounds like them and two, I bloody hate comparisons. But I’m on my lunch break and this is as good as I’m going to get. They remind me of my beloved The Gruesomes. The Gruesomes were this raw and fearless band that shaped a lot of what I listen to. They are also the only band that I love that I’ve yet to own something on vinyl by. Finding any vinyl copies of their music is bloody expensive. I live in hope. I did find a copy of a Count Five record in a Parisian record shop last year. I’ve got a little hope, so I’ll cling.

The Living Eyes will make you feel as if you’ve donned your best Bermuda shorts and head for the nearest beach. But if you take one look outside, maybe just sit in your bedroom and flail your limbs about in a carefree fashion. I’m at work, I can’t do any of that. No fun.

The Living Eyes are a mighty band from Geelong (Australia.) Australia has an amazing Garage rock dare I say it, yes I shall “scene.” It’s on a par with most of the stuff from the States. They’re not afraid to be loud, and of course they capture the beach-vibe more than most. The Living Eyes are one of the most thrilling bands I’ve heard in a long time. I know bugger all about them. I don’t know how many records they have out, I don’t know how long they’ve been going for. I know nothing that would seem “vital.” All I know is that I bloody love them. That’s enough, right? In this case, love is enough.

Some will say these guys are Punk, some will beg to differ. Never beg, you’re not a dawwg. Anyway, the thing is the REAL essence of Punk is alive. It’s not in a shitty piss-pop “Punk” band like Paramore. Oh no. Not in the slightest. It’s in bands like The Living Eyes. These dudes are fearless and probably play recklessly. I’m talking playing until they bleed and fling their guitars around and nearly smacking each other. Blood, sweat and fear. They’re the kind of band that wake up that lazy part of you. The part that doesn’t come out too often. They are far too good to ignore and of course, to play quietly.

So yes, Punk is alive and well in bands like The Living Eyes who aren’t afraid to play with ferocity. I don’t know what their tour plans are, but go see them when and where you can. Maybe take a spare shirt with you if you have to get public transport home afterwards. Or just embrace all of the sweat and chaos. The latter is probably the best option.

Maybe you’ll dance to these guys, maybe you’ll break stuff due to uncontrollable movements. Whatever you do, make sure you play them loud and turn everyone you know onto these guys. It doesn’t get more exciting than this. Maybe they will save us all with their gloriously brutal sound.

Living Large will be released via Agitated Records. New song from the record right here: