It’s been a very strange week for me. I went for a job interview on Monday with a charity that are very dear to me, and also a charity I’ve been wanting to work for for some time. I think anyone who’s read anything I’ve written knows that since I graduated from University in 2009 knows that I’ve struggled with finding a job that lasts longer than a few months. I’ve signed on for Job Seekers Allowance more times than I wish to remember, and my fortnightly trips there taught me to never have any self-belief or pride. Going to the job centre made me able to handle rejection and to expect nothing. My luck changed on Tuesday. I didn’t get the job I went for, but they offered me a similar one as I am “too good to not employ.” So now I don’t have to worry about finding a job, and I’m not sure what people use the internet for now! I start in September, and it feels strange. A nice strange. It’s nice to know someone thinks I’m alright enough to do a job you know?

I do know what the internet is for, it’s for finding new music/being sent new music.

Next week a band I love are FINALLY putting out their debut record. The Bedroom Hour have that grand sound in their music that is found in the likes of Elbow. I wouldn’t throw that statement around for just anyone as I really love Elbow and I want Guy Garvey to adopt me.

Hinterland consists of euphoric gems that were created to soothe, to heal and to purify the soul. Hinterland is made up of songs that will at some point make you cry. Cry as you confront whatever it is you’re facing or from sheer joy. Hinterland will tug at your heartstrings in a gentle and reassuring manner, so whatever happens to you as you listen to it- just let it happen. Not everything in life needs to be controlled.

People like certain bands for certain reasons. Maybe something happened, and that band was there for them. Maybe they were searching for something and it led them to that band. Whatever the reasoning is, you cling to that band as a way of holding onto something sentimental. The Bedroom Hour are a sentimental band, they ooze nostalgia for something that hasn’t happened yet. You can drown your sorrows to a sorry-looking pint at your local with The Bedroom Hour playing in the background, you can sort your life out whilst listening to them or you can sit and do nothing with them playing in the background. They aren’t a band you listen to casually, you give them your full attention because for the most part, they are expressing all you would rather not say but must face. I guess if you’re feeling a little lost or confused, then they are the band to turn to. Music is comforting and The Bedroom Hour are a prime example of that.

Hinterland is a beautiful debut record that I sincerely hope they are proud of. It doesn’t matter what obnoxiously jumped up “Music Journalists” say about the record, they’ve got a solid and loyal fan base, and they’ve not released their debut record yet. Every track on Hinterland surpasses the last and has you anxiously waiting for the next one, knowing it is going to be an experience. For me, I’m going to say WW/Me is my favourite track off the record, for now. I will change my mind but now, it’s a solid favourite. It’s got a little Bloc Party feel to it. If Stuart’s voice doesn’t make you cry at least twice on this record, then go see a doctor.

If I was going through my dreadful teenage years again. The Bedroom Hour would be a band I would turn to. A band I would listen to late at night when I should be sleeping. But as a difficult and probably awkward 27-year-old, they just offer reassurance that things work out. Not always in the way you hoped, but they will. In time. Time shouldn’t always be used wisely, but if you want to be sensible, then use your time wisely and listen to The Bedroom Hour.

Music is something to truly believe in, and with bands like The Bedroom Hour it is fairly obvious why.

Hinterland is out 14th July 2014, and if you’re like me and have to face the “ALL STATIONS” route on the Met line, then this record will ease that painful journey. At least it has air-con!



“You’ll scare everyone you ever loved away.”

The Bedroom Hour are from Hillingdon. I once got on the tube to Uxbridge rather than where I was meant to be going- I panicked and probably sent a dramatic text to my girlfriend who then told me to get off at the next stop and she’d get me. That stop was Hillingdon. I like to think this story has some importance. Maybe a lesson. Who knows. Always check where the tube goes. Although sometimes, it is nice to get lost. Speaking of getting lost….

I love The Bedroom Hour for many many reasons. The main one being their music makes you feel like you are getting lost in the comfort of your own mind. I can’t list all of the reasons, but most of them are found in their new EP which is called Themes and is out 17th May- a week today. As I listen to it, my love for them and music with such passion is recoiled. Everything about them is distinctive. Stuart’s vocals are unlike anyone elses- there is a lot of fragility in his vocals which makes you believe in every single word he sings. Personally the song that does it for me is Tyrannosaur; I love the purity of the lyrics. Lyrics are a huge thing for me which is another reason as to why I love The Bedroom Hour.

Last year I said that the EPs that came out seemed to be better than the full length records that came out. There is something quite sacred about an EP. Maybe it’s because the time you have with it is so short; you can either play it over and over out of frustration of wanting more or you remain patience. I cannot do the latter. I’ve never been able to do the latter, I never will. Themes is a perfect example as to why I simply cannot do that.

When I wrote about The Bedroom Hour last year I said they had healing powers. The healing is in every part of their sound. From the vulnerable vocals to the dreamy guitar strums. Everything is gentle. The bass line sways you. The keyboards ease you. Everything takes you on some kind of journey that is full of love. They portray the kind of love that most of us want; unconditional. X Marks The Spot is a prime example of this. It’s the kind of love song that Richard Hawley would enjoy. I say this because that man has written some of the greatest love songs ever. X Marks The Spot is one of their older songs, and I’m really happy it is on the EP because it is such a gorgeous song.

The Bedroom Hour make music that you wish to hear in awkward moments to make everything they easier. They are like a sigh of relief, a form of understanding in a world full of misunderstanding and judgement. They’re a delicate 5 piece who aren’t afraid to be so heartbreakingly honest with their music. If you cannot be true to what you do, then don’t do it- because no one will believe you. And we all want to be believed in any way we can. Fortunately The Bedroom Hour do it in a way that is so pure and magnificent. I’ve not heard many EPs this year, but they have Themes to seriously compete against. I compared The Bedroom Hour to a more gentle version of Spiritualized last year, I think Themes justifies my declaration. They do what Jason Pierce does- easing the heart and making you feel alright with what you feel.

The Bedroom Hour.


When all is exhausting, and borderline dull we must find something to ease it all. Something to give us something that nothing else can. You can find it in a person, you can find it in a sound. Anywhere, everywhere. You just need to put effort into it; it isn’t hard.

The Bedroom Hour by rights, should be one of your favourite new bands. If you buy into hype from certain radio stations and publications, then this will cause you to miss out on them. So, ignore it. Ignore it all. The Bedroom Hour make music that is evidently from the heart. When I first heard their song, Submarine I thought I was listening to a mellowed out version of Spiritualized. The hazy intro to Submarine reminds me of one of the best songs ever written, Fade Into You by Mazzy Star. Trust no one who doesn’t hear the beauty in that song. After I’ve written this, I’ll probably spend the rest of the evening listening to it on repeat. It happens a lot.

The Bedroom Hour are from Hillingdon. I’ve tried to find interesting folk from there, but nobody notable stands out- aside from The Bedroom Hour. One thing that really stuck out for me when reading their bio was this, “with every end is a new beginning.” If more people took notice of that, then I think we’d get along better. We’d be more acceptable and loving. It’s such a brilliant way to look at life and all around you. When one thing fucks up, another thing works out. That’s just how it is, and clinging onto that will always work in your favour.

They make music that is good for the soul. Music that just makes you feel like there is more to you than your beating heart. That all those cells you are made up of are actually of worth. These five talented musicians really  the capability to make new music less mundane and manufactured. They have songs that ooze sheer devotion (X Marks The Spot- play this one to the one you adore, everything will be fine forever.) The Bedroom Hour are the kind of band that you’ve been longing for, they’ve been longing for you too.

Their songs are delicate and utterly vulnerable. Stuart’s voice makes you relate to every single word; there’s something deeply passionate about this band that goes beyond what you have ever heard before. This is why they remind me of Spiritualized. Their songs are big but gentle. Heal yourself, and comfort the ones you love. The Bedroom Hour are a band you simply must treasure because bands like this do not come around often.

They are currently writing an EP in their own studio which should be out the start of 2013. For now, you can listen to their music here : Play it through headphones, as loud as you like and pay attention to the lyrics.