The Bedroom Hour.


When all is exhausting, and borderline dull we must find something to ease it all. Something to give us something that nothing else can. You can find it in a person, you can find it in a sound. Anywhere, everywhere. You just need to put effort into it; it isn’t hard.

The Bedroom Hour by rights, should be one of your favourite new bands. If you buy into hype from certain radio stations and publications, then this will cause you to miss out on them. So, ignore it. Ignore it all. The Bedroom Hour make music that is evidently from the heart. When I first heard their song, Submarine I thought I was listening to a mellowed out version of Spiritualized. The hazy intro to Submarine reminds me of one of the best songs ever written, Fade Into You by Mazzy Star. Trust no one who doesn’t hear the beauty in that song. After I’ve written this, I’ll probably spend the rest of the evening listening to it on repeat. It happens a lot.

The Bedroom Hour are from Hillingdon. I’ve tried to find interesting folk from there, but nobody notable stands out- aside from The Bedroom Hour. One thing that really stuck out for me when reading their bio was this, “with every end is a new beginning.” If more people took notice of that, then I think we’d get along better. We’d be more acceptable and loving. It’s such a brilliant way to look at life and all around you. When one thing fucks up, another thing works out. That’s just how it is, and clinging onto that will always work in your favour.

They make music that is good for the soul. Music that just makes you feel like there is more to you than your beating heart. That all those cells you are made up of are actually of worth. These five talented musicians really  the capability to make new music less mundane and manufactured. They have songs that ooze sheer devotion (X Marks The Spot- play this one to the one you adore, everything will be fine forever.) The Bedroom Hour are the kind of band that you’ve been longing for, they’ve been longing for you too.

Their songs are delicate and utterly vulnerable. Stuart’s voice makes you relate to every single word; there’s something deeply passionate about this band that goes beyond what you have ever heard before. This is why they remind me of Spiritualized. Their songs are big but gentle. Heal yourself, and comfort the ones you love. The Bedroom Hour are a band you simply must treasure because bands like this do not come around often.

They are currently writing an EP in their own studio which should be out the start of 2013. For now, you can listen to their music here : Play it through headphones, as loud as you like and pay attention to the lyrics.

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