“You’ll scare everyone you ever loved away.”

The Bedroom Hour are from Hillingdon. I once got on the tube to Uxbridge rather than where I was meant to be going- I panicked and probably sent a dramatic text to my girlfriend who then told me to get off at the next stop and she’d get me. That stop was Hillingdon. I like to think this story has some importance. Maybe a lesson. Who knows. Always check where the tube goes. Although sometimes, it is nice to get lost. Speaking of getting lost….

I love The Bedroom Hour for many many reasons. The main one being their music makes you feel like you are getting lost in the comfort of your own mind. I can’t list all of the reasons, but most of them are found in their new EP which is called Themes and is out 17th May- a week today. As I listen to it, my love for them and music with such passion is recoiled. Everything about them is distinctive. Stuart’s vocals are unlike anyone elses- there is a lot of fragility in his vocals which makes you believe in every single word he sings. Personally the song that does it for me is Tyrannosaur; I love the purity of the lyrics. Lyrics are a huge thing for me which is another reason as to why I love The Bedroom Hour.

Last year I said that the EPs that came out seemed to be better than the full length records that came out. There is something quite sacred about an EP. Maybe it’s because the time you have with it is so short; you can either play it over and over out of frustration of wanting more or you remain patience. I cannot do the latter. I’ve never been able to do the latter, I never will. Themes is a perfect example as to why I simply cannot do that.

When I wrote about The Bedroom Hour last year I said they had healing powers. The healing is in every part of their sound. From the vulnerable vocals to the dreamy guitar strums. Everything is gentle. The bass line sways you. The keyboards ease you. Everything takes you on some kind of journey that is full of love. They portray the kind of love that most of us want; unconditional. X Marks The Spot is a prime example of this. It’s the kind of love song that Richard Hawley would enjoy. I say this because that man has written some of the greatest love songs ever. X Marks The Spot is one of their older songs, and I’m really happy it is on the EP because it is such a gorgeous song.

The Bedroom Hour make music that you wish to hear in awkward moments to make everything they easier. They are like a sigh of relief, a form of understanding in a world full of misunderstanding and judgement. They’re a delicate 5 piece who aren’t afraid to be so heartbreakingly honest with their music. If you cannot be true to what you do, then don’t do it- because no one will believe you. And we all want to be believed in any way we can. Fortunately The Bedroom Hour do it in a way that is so pure and magnificent. I’ve not heard many EPs this year, but they have Themes to seriously compete against. I compared The Bedroom Hour to a more gentle version of Spiritualized last year, I think Themes justifies my declaration. They do what Jason Pierce does- easing the heart and making you feel alright with what you feel.