LOOM: Loom.



In 2012 I found a band that fast became an obsession, a band that I would wait with high anticipation for something new from them. Anything. Everything. That band are Loom. I bought a t-shirt of them and practically lived in it. It’s got holes in, and I guess some would say it’s unwearable but who cares. I just say it is loved. The fraying material was just the tip of how deep my love for this band ran. I was in dire need of a record by them. I didn’t expect to wait this long, but you know what they say, and it’s true. It was totally worth the wait and now I finally get to write about the debut record by Loom.

Loom are fronted by Tarik who has such a beautifully distinctive voice. It is a real raw and rugged voice that truly stands out from others. He has something really powerful and it makes you soak in every single word he sings- especially on the songs Hate and Get A Taste. But the songs that weren’t on previous releases such as Nailbender show exactly how needed a band like Loom are, and how voices like Tarik’s are a massive breath of fresh air. The fury in their sound and this addictive urgency within this record just makes you smack repeat after the last song ends.

The record consists of 10 songs which comes in just around the half hour mark. It is highly encouraged that you play it about 4 times in a row to really fall in love. The first listen is sheer lust, then it becomes an overwhelming sensation of love towards the record. It is easily one of the best, if not the best record a band from this country have put out this year. Call them Punk, call it Grunge, whatever! Who cares about labelling, all you need to know is that this is proper raucous record that has to be played obnoxiously loud. I know it’s an old song, but hearing Seasick on the record is bloody great. This is the one that you need to blow your eardrums out to. Play it on Monday morning on the way to work when all you wanted was an extra hour asleep. It’ll wake you up. Tarik’s screams will breathe some life into your lungs. Play this song, this whole damn record until your vision is less hazy and you feel like you can take on the world. Or public transport.

I love bands that make you really feel how much work has gone into a record. You almost feel as if you are there with them in the room as they pour themselves into this body of work. Loom are one of those bands. You can really sense the dedication in this record, and how vital it is that it is heard. That it is heard ritualistically and loud. So loud. Maybe it isn’t for the faint hearted, but don’t be a wuss with this and miss out. Just free your mind and allow yourself to hear something really brutal and different. There is nothing else around quite like Loom and I’m just really happy that we now have a full length record.

I’ve yet to see them live, but I’m pretty sure I’d leave with my hearing damaged and a bit bruised. That’s the sign of an excellent gig. Tarik’s screams ringing in your ears for days. Bliss! Absolute bliss. Loom are a band that defy any era, any genre. That’s how it should be. There’s something about them that will remind you slightly of other bands, but that happens with nearly everything, right? What matters, and what truly stands out on this record is the fact it really shows a band that have pushed themselves, taken the time to develop a sound and the sound has become theirs- there is, like I said previously, no other band like Loom and that, for me, just makes this one of the most exciting records I have heard in a long time.

You know what to do- buy it and play it loud.

LOOM-Acid King City.



Something to add excitement to the dull state of modern life are a band called Loom. I’ve loved them since I heard Bleed On Me. I bought the cassette and it will be something I treasure for a long time. Much like their music. You see, they offer something that a lot of bands seems to lack. They’re not afraid to be loud and brutal.

Their new single, Acid King City is just as aggressive as previous releases. Tarik’s ferocious vocals are incredible; every element of this song is a brief glimpse into how powerful Loom really are. The beauty of the video is that it gives the fans an insight to just how rambunctious their live shows are. I think if you don’t leave one of their shows bruised and sweaty, then you’ve probably gone elsewhere. They are made for insane movements and liberal limb jolts.

Tarik’s shadow is casted over the hypnotic live clips in the background. You’re unsure where to devote your attention first, so the only thing you can do is have it on repeat.

LOOM-I Get A Taste.



Last year I wrote about my favourite new band. A band that are so exciting, they make you want to break stuff because they get you that excited. Or maybe I just want to break stuff so I can say I have done something outrageous. Whatever.

Loom are incredible. I love them. They were the highlight of last year because they brought something new. I got my cassette of Bleed On Me and I’ve played it only once. I don’t want to ruin it. I’ve pre-ordered their new one, I Get A Taste and I’m sure I’ll just play it once out of fear of ruining it.

I Get A Taste is just as ferocious as Bleed On Me. Thing is, even if they did some insane power ballad it would still sound brutal because thankfully, Tarik has a voice like no other. He’s got this fucking incredible and passionate gravely tone to his voice which makes you so bloody thankful that a band like this exist because I am sick of a lot of what I hear. Do you remember how exciting it was when you first heard The Kills? Spiritualized? Bands like that. Bands like The Jesus And Mary Chain or more recently The Men; they all had/have something so exciting about them. This excitement makes you glad you went out of your way to find something new.

I think seeing Loom live would leave you bruised and beaten. That’s how you know you’ve had a good time at a gig. They make music to thrash around to. Music that’s not like anything else around. Throw your body around and into the walls. Unleash all the fury. All of the fury inside. Let it all out, let it all go.

I don’t think there’s anything left to say except for, it isn’t too late for you to pre-order the 7″ which is out on Monday on Hate Hate Hate records : http://www.roughtrade.com/albums/70155

LOOM-Bleed On Me (EP.)



Last year some amazing EPs came out. My favourite was of course End Of Daze by Dum Dum Girls. It’s hazy sound eased everything, and made everything pure again. Everything felt right.

A few weeks before the end of the year, one of the best new bands in the UK put out their debut EP. LOOM will blow your mind. They will unleash fury in your head. They will takeover your mind. They’ll become your everything, if you let them. They are not for people who enjoy the quiet and cannot appreciate anything but. I love silence, but I do like the be surrounded by pleasant noises at times. By this, I mean music. I enjoy music that is dark and brutal. This will be why I adore LOOM.

I’ve already written about them and why you need them in your life. So now, a month late (sorry) I’ll tell you about their three track EP, Bleed On Me.

Do you remember the first time you heard something quite strange, and unlike anything else? I’m trying my best to not compare this to Psychocandy, but I feel I must do so. Look, you know I compare a lot of records to this I simply cannot help it. Bleed On Me gives you that dangerous feeling that Psychocandy did. Bleed On Me is dangerous, and should be played so loud; your neighbours are concerned about your wellbeing. But you’ll be just be thrashing about in your room immersed in this incredible band.

She is my favourite track from the EP, but after playing it religiously I am finding different things to love about this EP. Tarik’s voice is aggressive and passionately possessive. Say hell to your new favourite frontman. Say hell to your new favourite band.

I don’t know if you can still get the cassette (no I am not selling mine.) but you can listen to the song, Bleed On Me here: http://heartthrobrecords.bandcamp.com/album/bleed-on-me

They are playing The Craufurd Arms in Milton Keynes on 2nd March. Go.



With it being close to the end of the year, or end of the world. Depends on your stance on that theory. Personally, I’m fully expecting the end to appear on the 21st December; it’s also a good way of getting out of buying Christmas presents. Okay back to what I was getting at. It’s nearly the end of the year, and I guess most are recapping on the best bits, and the shit bits. Who made us crippled with disgust and those who caused us to fall over full of lust, love and desire. The songs that shattered our hearts, the bands that blew our minds.

For me, the best new band of the year was of course The Creeping Ivies. As much as I love them, they’re going to have to share my heart with the best new band from London : Loom. I think they were called Bloom to start with? That could just be another internet lie. But now they are called LOOM and they are fucking incredible.

Over the past few months are so I have read stories about their live show, and it’s made me believe without witnessing it- that they are one of the best new bands around. They’re not exposing themselves all over the internet like most bands. They’re building up a quiet storm, and it is about to erupt and fuck up your ears in the most pleasuring way possible.

Frontman, Tarik sounds like a man possessed. Just going by their single, Bleed On Me; you can tell he is the kind to stalk the stage like a hunter seeking out its prey. These are the kinds of bands we need. Playing with passion and putting a slight hit of fear into the audience.

You can listen to the wonderfully rioting sounds of LOOM here : http://soundcloud.com/heart-throb-records/loom-bleed-on-me

It is out next Monday (3rd December) through Heart Throb Records. LOOM are going to be MASSIVE next year. You don’t have to trust me on this, but you should. Even if it is a tiny bit. They’re aggressive and passionate. Brutal and pure. Everything you want, and a bit more. Perfection does exist, you know. You’ve just got to seek it out.

You can pre-order the EP, which is out on cassette here : http://www.roughtrade.com/site/shop_detail.lasso?search_type=sku&sku=357417 it’ll be the best £4 you spend, and it’s limited to only 100 copies. I’ve just got mine. This is when having a tape player comes in handy, this is the only time part of me is glad that a small portion of me lives in the past.