When I was home for Christmas my uncle and I spoke about Fat White Family. We sensibly agreed that they are one of the best bands around and also one of the most exciting bands around. Their debut record, Champagne Holocaust came out last April. I was an idiot and didn’t mention it as one of my favourite records from last year. I’m making up for it now.

Champagne Holocaust is a brilliant chaotic record. Everything is disorganised and wonky. It makes sense in some ways, but in others it just messes with your brain. This is why I love them. There are 6 of them making a lot of noise; demanding to be heard.

Fat Whites have this psychedelic feel to their music that makes you feel like you’ve taken something stronger than paracetamol. Their sound will weird you out, but at the same time you’ll be totally grateful that you are exposing yourself to their sound. If anything, they’ve perfected the sound that the genius that was (and always will be) Captain Beefheart. The whole weirdness that is found in Captain Beefheart’s music (mainly Trout Mask Replica because that is just off the wall) is found right in Fat Whites. It’s like Don Van Vliet has been reincarnated in Fat Whites music. Their sound is like a drunken riot. Completely out of control but so so good.

I think you know when you’ve found a strong band when they make you wish you had some musical talent, Fat Whites are one of those bands. They are evidently one of the most exciting London bands around. When you listen to them, nothing really makes sense. I’m aware not much ever really does, but Fat Whites really do get inside your mind and fuck with it as you listen to them. Their new song, Touch The Leather (apparently an ode to Daim bars..apparently. It could be drugs though.) is out of this world. Can they just be the biggest band in the world already? Besides, they have a song called Wet Hot Beef- how can you not love them?!

I’m not a person who is too keen on music festivals, they aren’t something I have any interest in. Yet when I listen to Fat Whites, I can just imagine them in a few years headlining certain festivals. If modern music is going to head in this direction, then you know what? ABOUT BLOODY TIME. This is the good stuff right it. Fat Whites are a band for those who don’t get current trends or don’t want anything to do with them. No good comes from following others does it. You forget who you are and what you stand for.

It is fairly obvious that Fat White Family are going to get bigger and bigger. They have a sound that you just cannot ignore. They’re everything you want your favourite band to sound like. They sound like the past, they sound like they’ve had too much fine whisky; they are the truth and the future. They are quite simply everything.

A band that were once a sacred kind of listen are now erupting into something remarkable.

You can listen to their debut record here: http://fatwhitefamily.bandcamp.com/album/champagne-holocaust

Touch The Leather will be out via Hate Hate Hate Records on 10th March.

LOOM-Acid King City.



Something to add excitement to the dull state of modern life are a band called Loom. I’ve loved them since I heard Bleed On Me. I bought the cassette and it will be something I treasure for a long time. Much like their music. You see, they offer something that a lot of bands seems to lack. They’re not afraid to be loud and brutal.

Their new single, Acid King City is just as aggressive as previous releases. Tarik’s ferocious vocals are incredible; every element of this song is a brief glimpse into how powerful Loom really are. The beauty of the video is that it gives the fans an insight to just how rambunctious their live shows are. I think if you don’t leave one of their shows bruised and sweaty, then you’ve probably gone elsewhere. They are made for insane movements and liberal limb jolts.

Tarik’s shadow is casted over the hypnotic live clips in the background. You’re unsure where to devote your attention first, so the only thing you can do is have it on repeat.

LOOM-I Get A Taste.



Last year I wrote about my favourite new band. A band that are so exciting, they make you want to break stuff because they get you that excited. Or maybe I just want to break stuff so I can say I have done something outrageous. Whatever.

Loom are incredible. I love them. They were the highlight of last year because they brought something new. I got my cassette of Bleed On Me and I’ve played it only once. I don’t want to ruin it. I’ve pre-ordered their new one, I Get A Taste and I’m sure I’ll just play it once out of fear of ruining it.

I Get A Taste is just as ferocious as Bleed On Me. Thing is, even if they did some insane power ballad it would still sound brutal because thankfully, Tarik┬áhas a voice like no other. He’s got this fucking incredible and passionate gravely┬átone to his voice which makes you so bloody thankful that a band like this exist because I am sick of a lot of what I hear. Do you remember how exciting it was when you first heard The Kills? Spiritualized? Bands like that. Bands like The Jesus And Mary Chain or more recently The Men; they all had/have something so exciting about them. This excitement makes you glad you went out of your way to find something new.

I think seeing Loom live would leave you bruised and beaten. That’s how you know you’ve had a good time at a gig. They make music to thrash around to. Music that’s not like anything else around. Throw your body around and into the walls. Unleash all the fury. All of the fury inside. Let it all out, let it all go.

I don’t think there’s anything left to say except for, it isn’t too late for you to pre-order the 7″ which is out on Monday on Hate Hate Hate records : http://www.roughtrade.com/albums/70155