With it being close to the end of the year, or end of the world. Depends on your stance on that theory. Personally, I’m fully expecting the end to appear on the 21st December; it’s also a good way of getting out of buying Christmas presents. Okay back to what I was getting at. It’s nearly the end of the year, and I guess most are recapping on the best bits, and the shit bits. Who made us crippled with disgust and those who caused us to fall over full of lust, love and desire. The songs that shattered our hearts, the bands that blew our minds.

For me, the best new band of the year was of course The Creeping Ivies. As much as I love them, they’re going to have to share my heart with the best new band from London : Loom. I think they were called Bloom to start with? That could just be another internet lie. But now they are called LOOM and they are fucking incredible.

Over the past few months are so I have read stories about their live show, and it’s made me believe without witnessing it- that they are one of the best new bands around. They’re not exposing themselves all over the internet like most bands. They’re building up a quiet storm, and it is about to erupt and fuck up your ears in the most pleasuring way possible.

Frontman, Tarik sounds like a man possessed. Just going by their single, Bleed On Me; you can tell he is the kind to stalk the stage like a hunter seeking out its prey. These are the kinds of bands we need. Playing with passion and putting a slight hit of fear into the audience.

You can listen to the wonderfully rioting sounds of LOOM here : http://soundcloud.com/heart-throb-records/loom-bleed-on-me

It is out next Monday (3rd December) through Heart Throb Records. LOOM are going to be MASSIVE next year. You don’t have to trust me on this, but you should. Even if it is a tiny bit. They’re aggressive and passionate. Brutal and pure. Everything you want, and a bit more. Perfection does exist, you know. You’ve just got to seek it out.

You can pre-order the EP, which is out on cassette here : http://www.roughtrade.com/site/shop_detail.lasso?search_type=sku&sku=357417 it’ll be the best £4 you spend, and it’s limited to only 100 copies. I’ve just got mine. This is when having a tape player comes in handy, this is the only time part of me is glad that a small portion of me lives in the past.

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