That’s all there is to it really. That label are responsible for a lot of great music this year, so here’s another band that are nothing short of brilliant.

HUNK are another fine Irish band. They are three wonderful souls from Dublin that make a lot of noise. Except the noise creeps up on you. You see one of their songs, Hold Out starts quite tame. Then suddenly, not even halfway through, it just smashes you in the face. It takes you by surprise. So what you have to do is go back to the start again just to appreciate it- shock free of course. You wait for that drop to kick in just before it gets you right in the chops. It’s bloody wonderful, and from then on..well, that’s it really. Everything you knew before is suitably wank and this is all you need. Basically. I know I should be more “polite” with my words or whatever, but I had no idea. I just didn’t. And the word “wank” is a strong word to use to describe things isn’t it? I’ll stop before this goes somewhere I don’t want it to.

Dupe is another song by them that makes you want to dance. Now, excuse me, but when I say “dance” I do mean flail your gorgeous limbs about and just hope for the best. Be careful who you hit in the face. You may end up just hitting yourself. I’ve done that a few times. I don’t really dance. I like to sit and listen. I’m good at sitting and listening.

Their debut cassette is out on the 17th December through of course, the wonderful Soft Power Records.

You can listen to it here along with some other wonderful gems :

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