The Spook School.

So any band that has a song called, Can You Really Trust A Man Who Thinks Matt Damon’s Really Cool? must be special, right? Of course.

I’ve got a thing for Scottish musicians. It all started when I was 10 years old in 1996 and I saw Shirley Manson on my TV screen. I was hooked and obsessed. I still feel the same. I also feel the same way about The Jesus And Mary Chain and Camera Obscura. I don’t know how to just simply love music. It becomes part of me, and takes over my life. I can control it. For now. Thing is, if it spirals out of control, I won’t exactly care.

So, The Spook School. Again, another bloody brilliant band that arte releasing something through Soft Power Records. They’ve got a delightful 5 track EP coming out soon called I Don’t Know, You Don’t Know, We All Don’t Know The Spook School. Try saying that after a few glasses of whiskey.

What I was immediately drawn to was how delicate their vocals are. Sort of like The Moldy Peaches (I firmly believe everyone needs to experience Adam Green live.)

Take the song, Something. It is just under 2 minutes and it oozes so much sadness and vulnerability. Then you have songs such as I Don’t Know that are so bold. They have a unique way of luring you in. I’m not going to try to lob them into some genre because they go beyond that. All good music goes beyond being just another name to throw about in certain genres. I cannot find a word, there are no words. They make heartbreaking, beautiful music. They have the sadness (Something) of Camera Obscura and the innocence of someone who has never watched one of those dodgy films on BBC2 late on a Saturday night. You know the kind that I mean.

In short, and obviously it takes me a while to get there because I’m fond of a ramble, The Spook School are one of Scotland’s finest and for the life of me, I don’t get why they are currently unsigned. You know what, FUCK YOU X-FACTOR for polluting the masses with utter tripe. Shove it. I’m backing the underdog, at least I can believe in them.

Alright, so my brief angst aside, you can listen to the EP here :

It is out on the 17th December.


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