“Have you seen her have you heard
The way she plays there are no words
To describe the way I feel.”


This weekend I finally watched one of the greatest music films ever made. Of course the film was about a band I’ve kept close to me, but have never been vocal about. I realised the only people who would understand my love for The Stone Roses were middle-aged men from the North of England. I’m perfectly alright with this, as I do realise there are people closer to my age that TRULY get the importance of The Stone Roses. However it is a love that is as sacred as my love for Morrissey. The best bands/singers have a cult-like following. If you’ve seen Made Of Stone, you’ll know what I mean. Many moments in the film reduced me to tears. The love people have for The Stone Roses is just beautiful and pure. The kind of love that some bands will never experience- they can only hope for it. It is rare. The Stone Roses are a rare band, and as I listen to them I can hear their influence in the bands that I love.

Their debut record is easily one of the greatest records ever made. I’d place it closely next to Psychocandy; extremely closely. Both have this sound that is constantly being attempted to be recreated, of course there will never be another band like them. But to hear the influences they have in the bands that I love is just beautiful. The bands I listen to have the fury of The Jesus And Mary Chain. The bands I love have that euphoric style of The Stone Roses.

When you can describe why you love a band without getting flustered, then maybe you don’t love them as much as you thought. When you love a band so much it makes you verbally weak and stops you in your tracks; that’s when you know. When the opening chords of a song choke you up and when certain lines just wrap around you like a security blanket; that’s when you know you have found a band that you are going to love for life.

My love for The Stone Roses hit me in the early 90s. I was in awe with Ian Brown’s presence. I was really young but I was old enough to know I was watching one of the greatest bands ever. Fronted by one of the greatest leaders. There was something about what I saw (yes it was Fool’s Gold) that made me realise I was never going to listen to or be interested in anything everyone else around me was. Music will always take up a large chunk of my life. I’d rather buy a record than a loaf of bread. I’d rather wear jeans with holes in so I can buy a band I like next release. Some call it stupid; but you have to be passionate about something in life or you might as well be dead.

The Stone Roses are a band that speak to those who wanted more from what was around them. Unsure of how to get it (and it never goes away, I know) their music was an outlet for those quiet furies that became obnoxiously loud. Or maybe I’m reading too much into it. Maybe I could have summed it up by saying The Stone Roses are probably the greatest band ever, but there’s no fun in that.

I Am The Resurrection is the perfect song to play when you need to get rid of the junk in your life. The drums are perfect in this song. But the thing is, with The Stone Roses they had the best of everything in the band. They still do; so you can’t pick their best song because each one just shows how brilliant they are. However, I Am The Resurrection is one of the best “fuck you’s” I’ve ever heard. Never waste your time hating someone because nobody is worthy of such a powerful and vile emotion. Still, it’s a bloody brilliant song that you have to sing as loudly as you physically can when you hear it. I think the same goes for every song by them to be honest. The last 3 and a half minutes of this song are what euphoric dreams are made of. John Squire leads you into this world where you just lose your mind completely. He’s like the pied piper of guitar playing.

Of course I will never be able to sum up my love for them, but they way they combine 60s Psychedelic music with the backbone of Punk is something I just adore about them. Made Of Stone is the one song that immediately brings tears to my eyes. The way Ian sings “Sometimes I fantasize, when the streets are cold and lonely….” There is something truly special about this song, and everyone has their own take on it. Personally, I think you should just let songs mean whatever you want them to mean to you.

When you read back on their lyrics, you wonder why they aren’t studied in literature classes. I guess Going Down is one they may pass on for obvious reasons, but their lyrics when you read them, you sort of read them in a Beat Poet kind of fashion. What’s so special about The Stone Roses is that their lyrics are equally important now as they were back then. They evidently will always be one of the most influential bands ever. Writing about them has been seemingly scattered, but when you love a band so much you cannot arrange your thoughts in a clear way. All you can do is pour them out in the only way you know how.

This Is The One is the song I hold the highest sentimental value for. When I listen to it, I guess it comes close to describing my love for them. The Stone Roses were a band that so many were waiting for. They are the kind of band that posses this rare quality that no other could ever come close to. If I was hearing them for the first time now, they would without a doubt, inspire me to pick up an instrument and make my own noise.

I feel I have missed out on so much, but when you love a band new reasons surrounding your love for them crop up constantly. I don’t feel as if I’ve said enough, but I think anyone else who loves The Stone Roses will understand that you cannot describe your love for these 4 brilliant and talented people in a flurry of paragraphs. That is real love. That is something truly rare. Just like being in love.

Here’s to Manchester’s finest.