14 02 2012

“Oh wonderful one, why are you like that?”

It isn’t just The Kills that are celebrating an anniversary today- Warpaint are now 8 years into their career. Yep, it goes way back before 2010’s The Fool and 2009’s Exquisite Corpse.

The band formed on Valentine’s Day 2004. The band have gone through some changes over the past 8 years. Jenny’s sister  Shannyn Sossamon and current Red Hot Chili Pepper’s guitarist Josh Klinghoffer were part of the band during the start. As well as David Orlando and Michael Quinn. However, it is with Stella Mozgawa, that they found a soild with. When you watch Warpaint play, or just even on record- you can really feel such positive energy coming from them- much like The Kills.

It is fairly obvious how much I love Warpaint. I think my Warpaint tattoo has cemented my love for them, but like The Kills- my love goes beyond the music. It is the way their bond can make you feel so positive about..anything and everything. Even when it all seems a bit well, shit I suppose. Music can make you feel so much, and Warpaint’s music does that. Some songs feel like a powerful confrontation, others feel like a personal confession. I can quite happily just sit in my room, in the dark listening to their music and just allowing the sounds take me to a different universe. That’s what is so beautiful about music. When you find a singer or band that you connect with on an almost spiritual level, you allow yourself to feel so weightless and just drift off into a whole different place. A place where you can feel free without the shackles of every day life.

I remember first hearing Warpaint for the first time in 2009. I was researching some Billie Holiday songs for my dissertation, and I was using Strange Fruit as part of one of my articles. As I was watching a performance of Strange Fruit, I noticed in the corner “Warpaint-Billie Holiday.” I clicked on it. I was immediately hooked. Much like The Kills, I knew with first listen that I had found something sacred. For some reason, Warpaint aren’t a band I want to listen to with other people. It’s a thing I always feel comfortable doing alone. I guess it’s because I know of no one that connects to it like I do. I don’t mean it in a superior way at all. Most that I know that have claimed to listen only dig one song, or just fancy Jenny. Come on now. If you’re going to claim to be a fan- listen to EVERYTHING. I listen to Warpaint and I lose all my senses. I feel like I’m having some outer obdy experience. I’d feel like a massive idiot if I listened to them with someone and announced that to them. They’d probably punch me, and tell me to snap out of it. Honestly, if you listen to Shadows or Lissie’s Heart Murmur and do not feel like something has taken over you- you’re not listening to it properly.

The music is so ethereal and pure. Jenny’s bass playing is enough to make you wish you could play bass like that. Fuck it, the way they all play makes you wish you had musical talent (obviously if you already play an instrument this isn’t the case.) It’s the kind of music that makes you want to explore everything. The kind of music that just makes you want to become a better person, and discover things about yourself that you may have worked hard at pushing away.

I’ll never ever forget the day I interviewed Theresa. I haven’t done much that I am proud of, but I honestly believe that day to be the best day of my life, and one I am so fucking proud of. They say you should never meet people that you class as your heroes. I stick two fingers up to that declaration! I loved the interview because it didn’t feel like I was sat with “someone from a band.” It was like talking to someone you’ve known for years about something you both love- Music. The love they have for each other, and what they do is so beautiful. If you’ve ever seen any videos of them being interviewed, you will see that they are the most hilarious and warm people. They don’t take themselves seriously, and just love what they do. Like The Kills, they haven’t compromised who or what they are in order to get where they are now- they stayed honest to their art, and have made music that fast became timeless.

The euphoric feeling their music gives you is something every music lover searches for and craves in a band. That feeling of safety with hints of “where is this taking me?” It keeps you hooked for a lifetime. I honestly couldn’t imagine my record collection and life without their music. There was a huge void, but the wait for a band like Warpaint was truly worth it.

With only an EP and a full length album, they have fanbase that is just so loyal and passionate towards the band- and towards each other. It’s like the unity they have with each other is shared between the Warpaint fans (not the ones who buy the band shirt from Urban Outfitters and have NEVER fucking listened to the band.)

When I listen to their music, I always feel like I am in some kind of dreamy state. That I’m floating through life, and everything is just passing me by. Even with songs like Majesty- I still get that feeling. A feeling that, as much as I love certain bands- only Warpaint can give me. Each band that I hold so very dear to me does this. Each play a part, and give off certain feelings. Some feelings that, I just cannot explain. It’s almost as if words are not good enough to even try. However, if you listen to the music, you’ll probably understand what I mean.

Although I’ve met them, I’m still waiting to see them live. I just know it again, will be worth the wait and it will be some kind of life changing experience. There’s so much more I could say about Jenny, Emily, Stella and Theresa- but what good would it do? It’s obvious how much their music means to me.

Warpaint are one of the few bands that keep me going with regard to writing. There are so many times where I just think, “Fuck this fucking shit. No one reads this. I’m wasting my time. I’m really shit.” I think that at least once a week, maybe more. But, it’s this mind-set that keeps me going. If I thought I was any good, I wouldn’t bother. Warpaint inspire me to always write with heart, honesty and passion- the day I stop writing like that is the day I just give up forever. They make me feel like it is okay for me to put everything I have into something, even if it may seem so small. It will pay off eventually. I guess, they just give me hope. I also think they are a bit responsible for my huge urge to live in L.A.

Theresa, Emily, Jenny, Stella- thank you. Thank you for the music and for creating a sound that my ears were so in need of hearing. Big love. Olivia xxxx


28 01 2012

If I could have any instrumental version of any song by Warpaint- it would be this one. At first I thought…IT’S THE DRUMS! IT’S THE FUCKING DRUMS! Then I listened again…IT’S THE GUITARS!!! And I then listened again…IT’S THE DAMN BASS! JESUS IT IS THE BASS. So, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is everything. This is the song that makes me wish I could sing. Most of their songs make me wish I could play an instrument, but Bees for some reason makes me wish I could sing. I can’t sing. I probably sound like a cat being stood on and violated. However when I have a cold- I think I can sing. It’s best if I don’t even try anymore.

The bass in Bees just makes you want to bounce like a ball around a room, going crazy. The drums make you nod your head in time. The guitars make your limbs move about so freely. Basically, when you listen to this you’ll probably do a bunch of crazy shit and look mental. It’s okay- I’ll join you. It’s all okay.

I adore the way Theresa sings, “Your full moon taunts me.” You know when you hear a line in a song, and it just sticks with you? You have no idea why it sticks with you at all, but you love it. If I could ever fully explain why I loved their music, I’d feel useless. More useless than normal. The fact that every single time I listen to them, and it blows my mind- makes me fall more in love with the music. It’s just got something else. Something I’ve never heard before, and will never hear again.

For me, this song makes me think about being involved with someone who is of a self destructive nature. If you’ve ever had to deal with this, you’ll be able to relate to this song- no problem. It doesn’t even have to be in a romantic nature. We all know someone who is self destructive and Hell bent on ruining themselves, and possibly draining everyone in the process. It’s an uncomfortable thing to go through and face, because you think to yourself, “Do I leave this person behind? Do I help them? What do I do?” If you listen to this song, you should hopefully be comforted by it because maybe, just maybe you’ll find the answers you need. Music does that to you. It can solve anything without you even being aware of it.

“You’ve been at yourself.
You woke me up last night.
And my eyes lit up like lights,
Like a string of pearls,
But you still did what you wanted.”

One of the most evocative lines I’ve heard. Not just by Warpaint, but in general. This person is destroying themselves- they know they are, and they are aware that you know. It stirrs you and you wake up- fully alert. But this person just carries on and does what they want. With no regard to or for anything.

“All that time it took you to get yourself straight, was too late.” This person finally starts to get their shit together, but it’s too late. Maybe they are beyond repair or maybe you’ve up and left them. Whatever it is, it’s too late. Sometimes, when something drags out for so long it becomes far too late to do anything about it. You’ve just got to let it go. It’s one of the songs that really interests me because the music is upbeat but the subject matter is potentially, quite dark. I love music that tricks you with upbeat music and chilling lyrics. We’ve all got a dark/curious side, some of us need to embrace it more often.

Warpaint manage to lure you in with no effort at all. You are immediately drawn in because they have this amazing quality. The fact that it is beyond words makes it so much more appealing. It’s like, when you are told “DON’T TOUCH THAT” but you do it anyway because you want to see what happens. What happens when you listen to Warpaint is that, everything just changes. The way you see yourself and others is just changed. Maybe I’m just going overboard with this, but I do believe that their music has changed how I view certain things in life, and people too. Obviously I’m not some unaccepting, axe wielding, homophobic racist arsehole. I don’t mean that. What they’ve done is essentially appreciate the silence in life, the more calming aspects. I’m not someone who likes being surrounded by large groups of people-mainly because I have nothing of worth to say and I hate small talk. I also hate loudness. I love silence. So much can be said in silence. Warpaint’s music made me, I guess, stay true to myself and not change in order to keep people around. I don’t know. I really don’t. What I’m trying to say is not coming out in the way I want it to. Bees for me, is about letting go off all the bad vibes and people around you. This song, for me, makes it easy to let shit go. I’ve seen what clinging onto the past does to people- I see it, and I vow to never be like that. Bees gave me this realisation. Maybe I’ve gone way too deep and should just accept that this is just a brilliant song? Each to their own.

Theresa sings most of this song, but Emily comes in near the end with this:

“Did I reset what I started?
Did I resist what I wanted?
Do I think you’ve got my number?
I’m not the one to continue on.”

Has this person called them out on their draining ways? Are they to blame? Are you to blame? Have you decided to not be the one who carries on surrounded by all of this? It’s just a brilliant breakdown that, even if you’re not going through anything I’ve described (I’m not going through that, I just have a horrific ability to put shit like that into words) it makes you feel like you are- it’s like what Emily is singing is the solution to being near someone self destructive. Sometimes, you’ve just got to walk away from it. It doesn’t make you a bad person.

You know, most people are terrified of bees- for the obvious reasons. But if you watch them (I love watching nature documentaries a hell of a lot) you see how loyal and majestic they are. The sound they make is quite peaceful in a way. The intro to this, and throughout- musically, sounds like a swarm of bees. It’s a lucid trip that once you come back from, you will never be the same again.


28 01 2012

Writing about Warpaint makes me happy. It makes me appreciate the band more than I really do. I listen to each song intensely and with great care. I firmly believe that Warpaint are one of those special bands that you have to listen to with headphones to feel every element of the music. You can feel the vibrations of Jenny’s bass going through your ears in a music-gasm based way. Stella’s drumming shakes your eardrums. Emily’s voice sways you. Theresa’s guitar magic makes you feel like nothing can touch you. All of these factors, and more just make it feel like Warpaint are taking you on some mystical and ethereal tour of exploring the soul.

I’ve taken my rings off and put my glasses on to write this. If I put my glasses on, you know I’m about to concentrate and put my all into writing. I do expect to go off on one with this song. Mainly because I love it so much.

The intro to Warpaint sounds like a monster slowly emerging from under the depths of a raging sea. As it comes further up, the sea becomes more and more calm. Calmed by the delicate drumming and tranquil vocals. I have sat with this song laying through headphones so many times; it just does something. The way Emily and Theresa’s vocals both transport from ear to ear as you listen is so powerful. Neither voice is more dominating than the other. Both voices flow so perfectly together, just like water.

If I was going to compare this song to anything in the world, it would be a desert island. It feels so spacious, relaxed and so far removed from anything else I have ever heard. It feels like a different world; a different level of music making altogether. Maybe it is THE signature Warpaint track? I’m not sure. It depends on who you ask. Some may say this, some may say Billie Holiday or Undertow or Elephants. Maybe no one song defines them; each song is so different from the other but still manages to give you the same euphoric feeling.

I’ve said a few times that their music has made me feel like I am floating on a bed of water. Now, as someone who cannot swim- it’s a strange feeling to look for and to enjoy whilst listening to music. Yet it is one of the best feelings a piece of music or a band can give you. If they can make you feel as if you are sailing off into something so pure and sacred- you know you have found a band worth clinging onto with everything you have.

The lyrics on this song are so perfect. You can take whatever meaning you want from this. I find this song to be more difficult than the others to grasp the meaning of, and at times I don’t know if I can even make my own up. I love this song because you just feel as if you are no longer in your own body. You’re having the greatest outer-body experience you can imagine. You do not want it to ever end, so you just have to keep hitting repeat. Over and over again. Over and over again. Until you feel so weightless and untouchable.

I love the way Emily sings: “Even when I was whispering. You hold on, the water was slippery. You listen, the weather was answering. I let go, I wanna get into it.” over Theresa singing : “In like a dull knife. Pulls out all the stops. I fall out like, time running out.” I just find this to be one of the most incredible and captivating parts of this track. The way their voices run through your ears as you taken in the beauty of the vocals and the wonderful imagery in the words, it’s just so utterly hypnotising. A smile always appears upon my face when I listen to this because it just causes you to see so much in your mind. You create so much from one small detail. It is just out of this world.

The last minute of the song. That breakdown. You know the part I mean. Hopefully it does the same to you as it does to me. The last minute makes me feel like my whole body is going into some kind of euphoric state as the drums kick in and they sing, “I’m over here by your way, tight as a knot I want to fade.” I just love that line SO much. I think it is so powerful.For me, it makes me think of being stood very close to someone you find to be the bee’s knees, but they don’t know you’re there. As they don’t know you’re there, you just want to fade out. I’m not sure if that’s what they were getting at. They probably weren’t but hey.

You know what other part of the song I dig? This part :

“You’re tied in a knot, can’t throw you back here.
You’ve got the floor, they say. You gotta lock it up.
Late into the night you wore off that fever.
That fever.

For the life of me, I just cannot explain to you why I love it so SO much. It’s just so much. You can apply this verse to anything or anyone. But be careful, you don’t want to waste such beauty on idiots.

When I first heard this song, I was in awe of everything. Every single part of this song- even the tiny details, they just became so timeless and instantly classic. It was if i had been waiting for so long for something to make me feel like this. I know I always say it- but Warpaint, I believe are the band I have been waiting to hear all my life. Of course The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Cure and Morrissey will ALWAYS be my favourites. But, when I heard Warpaint for the very first time, I just felt like I did when I heard those three. I felt like the missing part had been filled. I’ve honestly never felt like this over a band before. No band has ever managed to have everything I want. It’s like finding that pair of jeans or boots that just make you feel good, and you no longer have to search for them anymore because you’ve finally got them.

You cannot deny just how perfect the video fits the song. Sometimes a video can strip away all meaning of a song, but with the video to Warpaint all that feeling of being surrounded by water truly comes to life in the video. It’s just so perfect and just so right, you know? The only downside to the video is that the song is edited, and it isn’t the full 6 minutes. But like I said, it fits so well and just feels so right.

With all of this said and nearly the whole song lovingly picked apart, I reckon the lyrics I can most relate to and feel the most connection with has to be:

“Cold and under, I almost forgot to,
Face up to what I ought to.
Willing and I do give offering to you.
Willing and I do give offering to you.
Don’t know why I feel so different.
Feel just like a different person.
Willing and I do give offering to you.”

It’s sang in a strangely haunting yet comforting manner. You know those times where you don’t feel like yourself, that something else has taken over? This part, this song- just sums it up so perfectly.

Warpaint- Burgundy vs Krimson.

25 01 2012

I’m ill and I’ve had more cough medicine than I probably should have had. I feel like a less wild version of Lester Bangs right now. None of this will make any sense, but then again- when does it ever? When does anything in life ever make sense? See, I told you.

Exquisite Corpse by Warpaint is one of my favourite EPs ever. I love EPs but at the same time, I guess I think they’re silly. Just put out a full album, stop being difficult. Then again, it’s more records for your collection. There’s no right or wrong view on this really. It just depends on how difficult you want to be. I’m writing this because I need to distract myself from acknowledging the fact that Lana Del Rey’s album has leaked. Obviously I won’t delete it. I’m not that much of a dick. I’ve heard a few songs. Dark Paradise caused an internal breakdown last night. How something, how someone can be that beautiful just baffles me. Anyway. This is about Warpaint, so….

As I was saying, I really love their debut EP. I love everything about it. You name it, I love it. There’s two songs on the album, that when I heard them I thought THEY ARE THE SAME SONGS….but a bit different.

On one hand you’ve got the delicate lullaby feel of Burgundy. Then on the other, you’ve got Krimson which makes you want to sway your body in a careless fashion falling into someone. Both songs are equally as beautiful as each other, if I had to choose a favourite- I would go with Burgundy. I love how sleepy Emily sounds on this. You just become so in awe of her voice. I will never deny my love for Warpaint, ever. They’re just a band that I feel this connection with. A connection that seems to be deeper than any I’ve had with any band, and possibly some people I know. I don’t care if that makes me a bad person at all. Warpaint put me in my own world that’s just free of anything awful and negative. You should try it. Lighten up.

I have no idea how I’m going to do this, so if it all goes wrong-I am slightly sorry.


There is so much that I love about Burgundy. I love the way the bas creeps up on you. I don’t care what you think, Jenny Lee Lindberg is THE best bassist around. I mean, just watch this live version of Burgundy or any of their songs. She is a beast on that bass, the way she sways and just totally digs the music is so inspiring. I’ve said it before, so I’ll say it again- Warpaint make me wish I could play an instrument so badly. I just love the way they make me feel. I think I compare everything in life to how they make me feel.  The sheer innocence of this song is so beautiful. If anyone else sung it, they would strip away the whole meaning and essence of this song. My favourite part of the song, is where Emily sings:

“I am a lion, a tigers sleeping under my skin,
A tiger sleeping under your skin.”

If I could explain to you what it was about that line that makes me crazy, I would. I just can’t. Maybe it’s the fact that the song is so peaceful, and her comparing herself to something as majestic as a lion just utterly flaws me. It is so beautiful. This is a perfect song to just do nothing to. Hold someone if you feel the need, but personally? Listen to it through headphones. Allow yourself to be transported into another world with the company of Emily, Stella (I know she doesn’t play on these tracks but still), Theresa and Jenny.


Okay, so with this one- it’s slightly different. With Burgundy, the bass creeps up on you in a seductive manner. On this song, it feels like you are being chased. It hypnotises you. Pretty much like the bassline from A Forest by The Cure (if you cannot see how that song is one of the best songs of all time, I won’t like you. That’s just how it is. I won’t apologise.) It’s the kind of song that makes you feel like you’re running from someone/something- but you really don’t want to be. You’re being chased, but you slow down because you want them to catch you. Or, you are the one doing the chasing. I just adore this song. You can tell, right?

“And if I ever turned away,
Only was I trying to find out the words to say,
All my life where I can’t take you on my own.”

Ever really liked someone, but you had to turn away from them because you don’t know what to say? We all know how that feels. The wanting, the longing in this song is so so beautiful. This is a more, I guess, fiesty version of Burgundy- but there are still vulnerable elements to it.

So there, you have it. Both songs are similar (titles referencing shades of red) yet at the same time totally different (the pace and how they are sung.) For me, I think both of these songs sum up why I love Warpaint and the whole style of their music. At times it makes you feel like you are being cradled so gently to the sounds of a lullaby, whereas at other times- you feel as if you just want to shake all your limbs and just lose yourself (and your mind) to the music.

However it makes you feel, keep hold of that feeling. I firmly believe Warpaint are one of the few bands that cannot make you feel anything negative. Sure songs like Baby may make you cry- but it is so beautiful, you see past that. You see that it is a gorgeous dedication. Even their songs about frustration (Beetles) make you feel so alive. I love Warpaint because they gave me back my faith in music. They gave me that feeling that I first got when I heard certain bands. Warpaint for me, are more than just a band. I don’t expect anyone to ever understand it. Or maybe they can. Just think of YOUR favourite band and how they make you feel; then I suppose you can relate.

They are more than just 4 females making music. They are 4 best friends who have this incredible bond, and passion that makes you feel part of what they are creating. It oozes freedom and the desire to express yourself in ways no other could. I know they say perfection doesn’t exist, but I believe it does; in their music.


1 01 2012

Exquisite Corpse is one of my favourite EPs ever; songs like Billie Holiday and Stars sound like a lullaby that could send anyone off to sleep- even if you battle every night to get to sleep. Then you have songs like Elephants and Beetles that just ooze frustration. The complete opposite of Stars.

One of my favourite Warpaint songs has to be Stars. I adore how peaceful the song is. I love how it can calm the most uptight and angst ridden person. It just has this simple soothing sound that hits you right in the heart. The vocals are so pure and perfect. The way in which they are sung just makes you drift off into a calm state. It just cradles you in such a gentle but euphoric way.

The amount of times I have played this song when I was having issues with trying to sleep is ridiculous. Everything about Stars is just so wonderful and utterly perfect. It feels like a ritualistc chant but with no aggressive tones at all. It is so peaceful and calming. The music makes you either sway your body in such a tame way; or it makes you want to go outside in the night, and gaze up at the night sky. Letting yourself be free. This song oozes so much freedom. When you listen to it, it is like you are hearing a secret from someone. You don’t want to share this with anyone because they will not hear it in the way you do. They will not see how beautiful it is; they will miss the point of the song. They’ll just nod and say, “Yes, this is good.” They won’t hear how comforting but haunting the guitar is. They won’t hear how meek the bass is, but how it also creeps up on you. They won’t hear how relaxing the drums are. They just won’t get it. This is why this song needs to be heard the headphones, and headphones alone. Blasting it out of speakers at a stupidly high level will strip away the beauty and the true essence of this song.

Everyone has that one song they listen to every day, by themselves. With no distractions at all. This is my song. This, and Lissie’s Heart Murmur both conjur up the same feelings and imagery for me. Both have this out of body feeling to me. When I listen to it- I don’t feel like I am where I am. I don’t feel like I am in this world when I listen to it. For me, personally, if a band or singer can make me feel like that- then they are one of the greats. They well and truly are.

When they sing, “Oh wonderful one. Why are you like that?”  at the start, and repeat this in some kind of ritualistic manner- it makes you feel as if they are beckoning you to join them. To just leave it all behind, and give yourself over to them. This song justifies totally as to why some of the best songs ever created last well over 5 minutes. The build up in this song isn’t as grand in songs such as Warpaint or Composure. It takes you in so delicately and you just let it happen to you. You let yourself fall into this atmospheric, beautiful piece of music. You immerse yourself completely and utterly in everything this song is. The different layers to this song hit you every single time you listen to it. I’ve played this song so many times; and I notice more things when I am half asleep with their pure voices and music echoing in my ears. I notice more clearly how certain lines are sung or certain key changes. It’s just so perfect; it is beyond all human understanding and description.

The repetition in the lyrics makes you feel as if you are part of this euphoric chant. You believe that if you sing along with them, you will be part of this world that they make you escape into with every listen.

I have discovered that when listening to Stars; you cannot get the full effect of the song if you listen to it when it is light outisde. You must be surrounded by complete darkness in order to really experience this song to its full capabilities. Obviously it is a beautiful song, and you should listen to Warpaint all the time- but this, to me, is one of their most special songs. It is is entirely sacred. Maybe it comes from the actual video of the song- the video just portrays everything this song makes you feel.  I absolutley adore the ending of the song, especially when they sing :

“And in the end they ask you, for your reply.  Don’t you tell them what you found out .”

To me, this just points out exactly why this song feels like a mystical and sacred secret that you daren’t share with anyone. It’s yours, and yours alone.


1 01 2012

My love for Warpaint is one I know that will never die out. Say if they never made another record again; I can still take from Exquisite Corpse and The Fool more than I could ever take from other bands. They had this immediate impact on me, something which I really didn’t think would happen. I only thought it was bands such as The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Cure and The Smiths that could catapult me into some kind of frenzy. However, as usual, I was wrong. The amount I write about Warpaint, well I should probably start my own blog about them or something. I won’t. It all stays here. For now.

For some reason, I feel the need to write about every single song by Warpaint. I think it’s because I just need to pour out everything that their music makes me feel. Their music is like a catharsis- it just cleanses your soul, body and mind in ways nothing else ever has done. When I heard The Fool, I just froze. The world could’ve ended and I wouldn’t have noticed at all. All I could take in was the wonderful and euphoric sounds that were going through my ears and deep- so deep into my soul. Everything I had been waiting for was in that record. There’s a song on The Fool that, well, it just does something. Each song by Warpaint does- but there is always one that you connect to in a way that just totally throws you off. Even when I listen to it now, it still amazes me. It’s almost as if they are singing out my own frustrations and battles in their songs. Especially with this song.

For me, Shadows is like letting everything fall so freely from you. It is like you are handing yourself over to something and accepting this. I associate The Fool with leaving a lot of things behind. Things I thought I needed; but looking back, they weren’t worth it. Things, people- they are a distant memory. You’ve got to go and grow up. The Fool helped me do that more than anything else ever has. I owe a lot to that record. Shadows starts with such a delicate guitar sound that is matched with Theresa’s cautious voice. The lyrics are so vulnerable and bloody hell, you really do relate to them.

“The things you once told me, the thoughts you once gave me. Sound like the wind in my ears that blows out the knots I’ve got in my long brown hair.

The imagery in this verse is so haunting. There comes a time where everything a person has told you just escapes you. It no longer has meaning or worth; you’ve got to leave it and let go. It just sounds like the wind passing through your ears so freely. When the drumming comes in, it sounds so wonderfully angsty over the delicate voice and guitar. It sounds angsty in a “I’ve got to get out and leave you behind” way- not in a “I fucking hate you, get out of my way” vibe. It’s a song, like most of theirs, that you just close your eyes and listen to. It’s just over 4 minutes long, but in those minutes you are transported to a clear state of mind.

Warpaint’s music will ALWAYS make you feel safe and give you the ability to just float on into another universe. It carries you off in such a gentle manner. As I listen to Shadows whilst I write this- it immediately makes me think I am on a bed of water with the blazing sun reflecting its rays onto me and the water. I feel as if I am floating off into something I cannot control. Nort do I want to control it. I’m not someone who seeks to have constant control over anything or anyone. I don’t understand people who do. My ability to let things go is easy, and as I listen to Shadows- it just reinforces how easy it is to do so.

I feel like the shadows I don’t even bother for anymore than that.

The security one feels in this line is just so beautiful. You feel comforted by what Theresa is singing, even if it is heartbreaking to feel like this. You can’t get to Heaven without experiencing Hell.

Warpaint- Majesty.

28 12 2011

I remember over a year ago hearing The Fool in full and just being in awe of what I was hearing. Everything in my life stopped for a few hours, as I played the record over and over again. I felt I had found something that had been missing for so long. I found something in Warpaint that I could’ve easily drove myself insane trying to find. What I found was a state of mind, a general being that I was finally content with. I was content with myself and all I was. Warpaint’s music, from the very first time I heard them (by accident in 2009) just caused something to click. Every single song by them owns a part of me. Whether it is the devotion that pours out in Billie Holiday or the euphoric journey one experiences whilst listening to Lissie’s Heart Murmur. Their music is just solid. It is so pure and honest. I will never find this in another band; I’ve found all I’ve been looking for in Warpaint.

The song Majesty is a song I use to shrug off all the things that maybe should’ve happened; but didn’t. It’s the song that makes letting go incredibly easy. I’ve found it gets easier as I get older. I no longer feel the need to be attached to a thing or person. I no longer feel I need to be part of something in order to validate my existence. When I listen to Majesty, I realise a lot of things. You see, Warpaint are a personal band for me. When I write about them or talk about them- I cannot remove myself from it. My all goes into it- they mean that much to me. I cannot put it into one simple sentence; my love for this band goes beyond anything I have ever felt for a band. I guess it’s because since being a fan- I’ve grown up a lot; and their music has been one of the few things I have used in order to sort myself out in any way possible.

When I listen to Majesty, I think of things and people I had foolishly wasted my time on. We all do it. I will never deny my mistakes if a person is so stupid to bring them up. I will say it was an error- and leave it alone. Majesty makes me feel at ease with anything bad I have felt or had to force myself to go through. Music can make you get through something or it can constantly make you feel lke a victim because you wallow; listening to the songs that make you cry and fester in your own self indulgent state. The latter is something I cannot identify with; nor do I understand how a person can do that. However, each to their own I guess.

The opening verse to Majesty is so frail and heartbreaking, you feel the words that Theresa Wayman sings. You really feel it in your gut. It goes right to the very core of you. You listen to this song, and you think of those who have used you in a way that bruised you, but you ploughed on through- because you adored them. As you listen to the song; everything you felt- all that adoration just leaves you.

“When I held your hand, when I held your hand,
When I helped you, when I held your hand,
You still went the other way and you wanted me to stay,
With my arms stretching away, with my arms stretching away.
I couldn’t stand that sight ’cause I adored your face.
I adored your face.”

Their face is too much to take in, as is them attempting to make you stick around when really; you’ve already gone. You’ve left it all behind. You stretch yourself so thin in order to stick around; but it just no longer isn’t enough. You escape in every single way possible. Warpaint’s music makes you escape your mundane life in ways no other has ever made you feel. All of these thoughts came rushing to me as I was on the bus home from work this evening. This obscure piece of writing I attempting to make sense of, all came from a half hour bus journey.

The build up in Majesty is just like all of Warpaint’s songs. It makes you feel as if your body is being lifted higher and higher until you feel weightless and free. Until everything around you seems so small. Until you are so far removed from your surroundings. You escape in the most beautiful way imaginable. The way Theresa sings, “You could’ve been my King.” makes you think, you really would’ve treated that person so well- but they fucked up didn’t they. All the longing has been replaced with realising you didn’t miss out; they did. They missed out.

The realisation of that it wouldn’t work out the way you wanted (I’m not talking about relationships in a romantic sense here by the way) comes right at the end of the song. This isn’t a sullen song, it is a beautiful piece of art that just summarises the feelings we experience but are possibly too scared to face up to. Courage my friend, courage, can be found in a song or the shadow of a stranger. It is there. It’s always there just waiting for you to embrace it. Just do it when you are ready.

“When it all comes back, when it all falls into place,
Could it be that I don’t want it anyway?
Could it be as sad as that?
There was a day we used to laugh and I wanted you by my side.”

You didn’t want it anyway; it just wasn’t right. You can always right your wrongs. So long as you believe it to be right; then it is. Just be true to yourself and forget what anyone else may think or say. You know you’re own heart and mind. If you’re seeking for some truth; just listen to Warpaint. This band always amaze me with every single listen. I can listen to any song by them and find something else to love. A different layer  in the music appears for me to fall in love with. If it wasn’t for Warpaint; my self awareness would be piss poor. If it wasn’t for Warpaint, well..I don’t want to think about that. I’m just beyond grateful that a band like them exist.