28 01 2012

If I could have any instrumental version of any song by Warpaint- it would be this one. At first I thought…IT’S THE DRUMS! IT’S THE FUCKING DRUMS! Then I listened again…IT’S THE GUITARS!!! And I then listened again…IT’S THE DAMN BASS! JESUS IT IS THE BASS. So, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is everything. This is the song that makes me wish I could sing. Most of their songs make me wish I could play an instrument, but Bees for some reason makes me wish I could sing. I can’t sing. I probably sound like a cat being stood on and violated. However when I have a cold- I think I can sing. It’s best if I don’t even try anymore.

The bass in Bees just makes you want to bounce like a ball around a room, going crazy. The drums make you nod your head in time. The guitars make your limbs move about so freely. Basically, when you listen to this you’ll probably do a bunch of crazy shit and look mental. It’s okay- I’ll join you. It’s all okay.

I adore the way Theresa sings, “Your full moon taunts me.” You know when you hear a line in a song, and it just sticks with you? You have no idea why it sticks with you at all, but you love it. If I could ever fully explain why I loved their music, I’d feel useless. More useless than normal. The fact that every single time I listen to them, and it blows my mind- makes me fall more in love with the music. It’s just got something else. Something I’ve never heard before, and will never hear again.

For me, this song makes me think about being involved with someone who is of a self destructive nature. If you’ve ever had to deal with this, you’ll be able to relate to this song- no problem. It doesn’t even have to be in a romantic nature. We all know someone who is self destructive and Hell bent on ruining themselves, and possibly draining everyone in the process. It’s an uncomfortable thing to go through and face, because you think to yourself, “Do I leave this person behind? Do I help them? What do I do?” If you listen to this song, you should hopefully be comforted by it because maybe, just maybe you’ll find the answers you need. Music does that to you. It can solve anything without you even being aware of it.

“You’ve been at yourself.
You woke me up last night.
And my eyes lit up like lights,
Like a string of pearls,
But you still did what you wanted.”

One of the most evocative lines I’ve heard. Not just by Warpaint, but in general. This person is destroying themselves- they know they are, and they are aware that you know. It stirrs you and you wake up- fully alert. But this person just carries on and does what they want. With no regard to or for anything.

“All that time it took you to get yourself straight, was too late.” This person finally starts to get their shit together, but it’s too late. Maybe they are beyond repair or maybe you’ve up and left them. Whatever it is, it’s too late. Sometimes, when something drags out for so long it becomes far too late to do anything about it. You’ve just got to let it go. It’s one of the songs that really interests me because the music is upbeat but the subject matter is potentially, quite dark. I love music that tricks you with upbeat music and chilling lyrics. We’ve all got a dark/curious side, some of us need to embrace it more often.

Warpaint manage to lure you in with no effort at all. You are immediately drawn in because they have this amazing quality. The fact that it is beyond words makes it so much more appealing. It’s like, when you are told “DON’T TOUCH THAT” but you do it anyway because you want to see what happens. What happens when you listen to Warpaint is that, everything just changes. The way you see yourself and others is just changed. Maybe I’m just going overboard with this, but I do believe that their music has changed how I view certain things in life, and people too. Obviously I’m not some unaccepting, axe wielding, homophobic racist arsehole. I don’t mean that. What they’ve done is essentially appreciate the silence in life, the more calming aspects. I’m not someone who likes being surrounded by large groups of people-mainly because I have nothing of worth to say and I hate small talk. I also hate loudness. I love silence. So much can be said in silence. Warpaint’s music made me, I guess, stay true to myself and not change in order to keep people around. I don’t know. I really don’t. What I’m trying to say is not coming out in the way I want it to. Bees for me, is about letting go off all the bad vibes and people around you. This song, for me, makes it easy to let shit go. I’ve seen what clinging onto the past does to people- I see it, and I vow to never be like that. Bees gave me this realisation. Maybe I’ve gone way too deep and should just accept that this is just a brilliant song? Each to their own.

Theresa sings most of this song, but Emily comes in near the end with this:

“Did I reset what I started?
Did I resist what I wanted?
Do I think you’ve got my number?
I’m not the one to continue on.”

Has this person called them out on their draining ways? Are they to blame? Are you to blame? Have you decided to not be the one who carries on surrounded by all of this? It’s just a brilliant breakdown that, even if you’re not going through anything I’ve described (I’m not going through that, I just have a horrific ability to put shit like that into words) it makes you feel like you are- it’s like what Emily is singing is the solution to being near someone self destructive. Sometimes, you’ve just got to walk away from it. It doesn’t make you a bad person.

You know, most people are terrified of bees- for the obvious reasons. But if you watch them (I love watching nature documentaries a hell of a lot) you see how loyal and majestic they are. The sound they make is quite peaceful in a way. The intro to this, and throughout- musically, sounds like a swarm of bees. It’s a lucid trip that once you come back from, you will never be the same again.



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