28 01 2012

Writing about Warpaint makes me happy. It makes me appreciate the band more than I really do. I listen to each song intensely and with great care. I firmly believe that Warpaint are one of those special bands that you have to listen to with headphones to feel every element of the music. You can feel the vibrations of Jenny’s bass going through your ears in a music-gasm based way. Stella’s drumming shakes your eardrums. Emily’s voice sways you. Theresa’s guitar magic makes you feel like nothing can touch you. All of these factors, and more just make it feel like Warpaint are taking you on some mystical and ethereal tour of exploring the soul.

I’ve taken my rings off and put my glasses on to write this. If I put my glasses on, you know I’m about to concentrate and put my all into writing. I do expect to go off on one with this song. Mainly because I love it so much.

The intro to Warpaint sounds like a monster slowly emerging from under the depths of a raging sea. As it comes further up, the sea becomes more and more calm. Calmed by the delicate drumming and tranquil vocals. I have sat with this song laying through headphones so many times; it just does something. The way Emily and Theresa’s vocals both transport from ear to ear as you listen is so powerful. Neither voice is more dominating than the other. Both voices flow so perfectly together, just like water.

If I was going to compare this song to anything in the world, it would be a desert island. It feels so spacious, relaxed and so far removed from anything else I have ever heard. It feels like a different world; a different level of music making altogether. Maybe it is THE signature Warpaint track? I’m not sure. It depends on who you ask. Some may say this, some may say Billie Holiday or Undertow or Elephants. Maybe no one song defines them; each song is so different from the other but still manages to give you the same euphoric feeling.

I’ve said a few times that their music has made me feel like I am floating on a bed of water. Now, as someone who cannot swim- it’s a strange feeling to look for and to enjoy whilst listening to music. Yet it is one of the best feelings a piece of music or a band can give you. If they can make you feel as if you are sailing off into something so pure and sacred- you know you have found a band worth clinging onto with everything you have.

The lyrics on this song are so perfect. You can take whatever meaning you want from this. I find this song to be more difficult than the others to grasp the meaning of, and at times I don’t know if I can even make my own up. I love this song because you just feel as if you are no longer in your own body. You’re having the greatest outer-body experience you can imagine. You do not want it to ever end, so you just have to keep hitting repeat. Over and over again. Over and over again. Until you feel so weightless and untouchable.

I love the way Emily sings: “Even when I was whispering. You hold on, the water was slippery. You listen, the weather was answering. I let go, I wanna get into it.” over Theresa singing : “In like a dull knife. Pulls out all the stops. I fall out like, time running out.” I just find this to be one of the most incredible and captivating parts of this track. The way their voices run through your ears as you taken in the beauty of the vocals and the wonderful imagery in the words, it’s just so utterly hypnotising. A smile always appears upon my face when I listen to this because it just causes you to see so much in your mind. You create so much from one small detail. It is just out of this world.

The last minute of the song. That breakdown. You know the part I mean. Hopefully it does the same to you as it does to me. The last minute makes me feel like my whole body is going into some kind of euphoric state as the drums kick in and they sing, “I’m over here by your way, tight as a knot I want to fade.” I just love that line SO much. I think it is so powerful.For me, it makes me think of being stood very close to someone you find to be the bee’s knees, but they don’t know you’re there. As they don’t know you’re there, you just want to fade out. I’m not sure if that’s what they were getting at. They probably weren’t but hey.

You know what other part of the song I dig? This part :

“You’re tied in a knot, can’t throw you back here.
You’ve got the floor, they say. You gotta lock it up.
Late into the night you wore off that fever.
That fever.

For the life of me, I just cannot explain to you why I love it so SO much. It’s just so much. You can apply this verse to anything or anyone. But be careful, you don’t want to waste such beauty on idiots.

When I first heard this song, I was in awe of everything. Every single part of this song- even the tiny details, they just became so timeless and instantly classic. It was if i had been waiting for so long for something to make me feel like this. I know I always say it- but Warpaint, I believe are the band I have been waiting to hear all my life. Of course The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Cure and Morrissey will ALWAYS be my favourites. But, when I heard Warpaint for the very first time, I just felt like I did when I heard those three. I felt like the missing part had been filled. I’ve honestly never felt like this over a band before. No band has ever managed to have everything I want. It’s like finding that pair of jeans or boots that just make you feel good, and you no longer have to search for them anymore because you’ve finally got them.

You cannot deny just how perfect the video fits the song. Sometimes a video can strip away all meaning of a song, but with the video to Warpaint all that feeling of being surrounded by water truly comes to life in the video. It’s just so perfect and just so right, you know? The only downside to the video is that the song is edited, and it isn’t the full 6 minutes. But like I said, it fits so well and just feels so right.

With all of this said and nearly the whole song lovingly picked apart, I reckon the lyrics I can most relate to and feel the most connection with has to be:

“Cold and under, I almost forgot to,
Face up to what I ought to.
Willing and I do give offering to you.
Willing and I do give offering to you.
Don’t know why I feel so different.
Feel just like a different person.
Willing and I do give offering to you.”

It’s sang in a strangely haunting yet comforting manner. You know those times where you don’t feel like yourself, that something else has taken over? This part, this song- just sums it up so perfectly.



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