1 01 2012

Exquisite Corpse is one of my favourite EPs ever; songs like Billie Holiday and Stars sound like a lullaby that could send anyone off to sleep- even if you battle every night to get to sleep. Then you have songs like Elephants and Beetles that just ooze frustration. The complete opposite of Stars.

One of my favourite Warpaint songs has to be Stars. I adore how peaceful the song is. I love how it can calm the most uptight and angst ridden person. It just has this simple soothing sound that hits you right in the heart. The vocals are so pure and perfect. The way in which they are sung just makes you drift off into a calm state. It just cradles you in such a gentle but euphoric way.

The amount of times I have played this song when I was having issues with trying to sleep is ridiculous. Everything about Stars is just so wonderful and utterly perfect. It feels like a ritualistc chant but with no aggressive tones at all. It is so peaceful and calming. The music makes you either sway your body in such a tame way; or it makes you want to go outside in the night, and gaze up at the night sky. Letting yourself be free. This song oozes so much freedom. When you listen to it, it is like you are hearing a secret from someone. You don’t want to share this with anyone because they will not hear it in the way you do. They will not see how beautiful it is; they will miss the point of the song. They’ll just nod and say, “Yes, this is good.” They won’t hear how comforting but haunting the guitar is. They won’t hear how meek the bass is, but how it also creeps up on you. They won’t hear how relaxing the drums are. They just won’t get it. This is why this song needs to be heard the headphones, and headphones alone. Blasting it out of speakers at a stupidly high level will strip away the beauty and the true essence of this song.

Everyone has that one song they listen to every day, by themselves. With no distractions at all. This is my song. This, and Lissie’s Heart Murmur both conjur up the same feelings and imagery for me. Both have this out of body feeling to me. When I listen to it- I don’t feel like I am where I am. I don’t feel like I am in this world when I listen to it. For me, personally, if a band or singer can make me feel like that- then they are one of the greats. They well and truly are.

When they sing, “Oh wonderful one. Why are you like that?”  at the start, and repeat this in some kind of ritualistic manner- it makes you feel as if they are beckoning you to join them. To just leave it all behind, and give yourself over to them. This song justifies totally as to why some of the best songs ever created last well over 5 minutes. The build up in this song isn’t as grand in songs such as Warpaint or Composure. It takes you in so delicately and you just let it happen to you. You let yourself fall into this atmospheric, beautiful piece of music. You immerse yourself completely and utterly in everything this song is. The different layers to this song hit you every single time you listen to it. I’ve played this song so many times; and I notice more things when I am half asleep with their pure voices and music echoing in my ears. I notice more clearly how certain lines are sung or certain key changes. It’s just so perfect; it is beyond all human understanding and description.

The repetition in the lyrics makes you feel as if you are part of this euphoric chant. You believe that if you sing along with them, you will be part of this world that they make you escape into with every listen.

I have discovered that when listening to Stars; you cannot get the full effect of the song if you listen to it when it is light outisde. You must be surrounded by complete darkness in order to really experience this song to its full capabilities. Obviously it is a beautiful song, and you should listen to Warpaint all the time- but this, to me, is one of their most special songs. It is is entirely sacred. Maybe it comes from the actual video of the song- the video just portrays everything this song makes you feel.  I absolutley adore the ending of the song, especially when they sing :

“And in the end they ask you, for your reply.  Don’t you tell them what you found out .”

To me, this just points out exactly why this song feels like a mystical and sacred secret that you daren’t share with anyone. It’s yours, and yours alone.



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