I’ve been sent a few bands from Costa Rica to listen to, so my Saturday night is going to be spent listening to and writing about them. From the bits I’ve already listened to, I just know I’m about to write about some amazing bands who deserve to be heard. If like me, you’re scared of flying and have an out of date passport then let us both pretend we are at a Garage Rock show in Costa Rica watching the bands I’m going to write about.

First up are Las Yakets.

Las Yakets make 60s style sounding surfer rock that make you want to just totally lose your mind. Their sound is fast, annihilating and a joy to listen to. Their song Johnny Cash is so, so good. It’s one of the best songs that fall into that Garage/Surfer Rock sound. I hate the word, but Las Yakets make ‘fun’ music. They make you forget about your troubles and just make you have a really good time when you listen to them.

A couple of their songs are instrumental, and these songs are great. They make you feel as if you’re being hunted down in the desert and a gun fight is about to emerge. Before you know it, you’re being circled by a gang on horses pointing guns at you ready to take you out, or do some brutal damage. Then fight or flight kicks in, and you become the hero and you outrun them all. You stay on the run forever, however they will never get you. That’s what Las Yakets give you with their songs, especially the instrumental songs. This is where you can totally let your imagination go wild.

Las Yakets are another band that have been picked up on by Hero Records, and the music Hero Records has and is putting out is enough to bleed my bank account dry. I love how Las Yakets make every song sound like a drunk gathering. They make you feel like you’re at a dive bar surrounded by strangers but by the end of it, you’re best friends. They make you feel as if you’re out of control but in a good way. They ease any shyness or nervousness, and ease you in to this party feeling. You feel as if you’re in some dingy bar where closing time doesn’t exist and no one has any concept of time- it never ends. The music is enough to make you wish you could do this. Las Yakets are exceptional musicians and this most certainly shines on their instrumental songs, and definitely on the song Playboy (which is now my favourite because it’s just bananas!)

I’m not sure how long they’ve been a band but they do make you feel as if they’re a band that have been going for decades and are totally in control of what they want to achieve with their music. I love everything about them, and their music is make up of wild moments that just send you into a frenzy. Santananas is a minute and a half of screaming, which I just love and is definitely a great moment in their music for me. It’s a short song that just makes you lose your shit. Sometimes we all need that, and the screams help.

Their most recent release is the single, Dinamiat which came out just over a week ago. I think it’s taken from their new record which will also be out on Hero Records- I think. This song isn’t as nuts as what we were given last year, but you just know it is them and you know that this song live will be ridiculous. I love that they are a band that you know will put on a great live show; they create music that just needs to be blasted out in a live setting. You can imagine them just going crazy on stage, falling into the crowd and everyone being soaked in beer and sweat.

Las Yakets are such an exciting band, and one that is just a pleasure to listen to. If you’re looking for a band to sound track your social gatherings or to just trash your room to- Las Yakets are your go to guys. Their sound is wild, liberating and just so much fun to listen to. Scream the words with them and revel in their sheer greatness!




What do you know about the Costa Rica Punk scene? Is it the same as me? My knowledge is piss poor, but I’ve just found an amazing band from San Jose and I’ve just got to write about how brilliant they are. They don’t sing in English, but who cares! Some of the best songs in the world are in a different language.

Los Crveles are a noisy band who can make you shit your pants with their exceptionally loud and earth shattering songs. They are out for your soul and whatever else you’ve got going spare. They have this wild ability to just mess with your brain, and I can’t get enough of it. I can’t compare them to anyone, and I wouldn’t if I could. However, if like me you’re a huge fan of The Mummies, then you’re sure as hell going to love Los Crveles. I love them, and I’m pretty sure it is going to turn into an obsession. I wish I was a millionaire so I could afford to fly all the bands I love over to the UK and get them some shows. For now, the records will have to do.

If I’ve researched carefully enough, then I think there are three of them in the band. They released Veneno Tropical in July this year and have two more releases prior. Their sound is incredibly addictive. I just want to listen to the screams and the excessively loud music on a loop. The way they make you feel like you’re in an old spaghetti western film, about to launch into a fight that began from a filthy look in a saloon bar is fucking insane. They’ve got this timeless sound. I don’t know what year I’m in when I listen to them, and I adore that about them.

Quema La California is one of their instrumental songs and if any song can capture a saloon bar brawl, it’s this one. It’s like the dramatic build up, and once it kicks in, you’ll have dust in your eye and gun smoke filling the air. It’s such a brilliant song. Sure it gives off some violent vibes, but there’s no maliciousness here. It’s just drunken cowboys having a good ol’ time.

Ritmo Infernal came out two years ago, and if you listen to that and put on Veneno Tropical straight after then you’ll totally see how this band have evolved their sound, and how they are undoubtedly one of the most exciting bands you’ll ever hear. Ritmo Infernal is only made up of five songs, but those five songs are just masterpieces. Again, it feels like you’re in a film. I don’t mean it in an atmospheric way- I mean it as if you’re in the film. You’re the villain perhaps, because being the hero doesn’t make it as interesting. Actually, be the underdog. Los Crveles are an absolute pleasure to listen to and to just have blasting loudly in my ear. Their songs are everything you’d want from a band that go against what is expected from a typical Punk band or whatever. They’re loud. Really loud but there’s more to them than that.

If you’re looking for a band that’ll make you think something has crept right into your soul and possibly possessed you, then Los Crveles are for you. They have so much power in their music, and it just deserves to be heard by as many people possible. I love how utterly fearless they are with their music and how they aren’t afraid to totally mess with the mind of anyone who listens to them. They’re loud, brutal and pleasantly demonic- it’s beyond Punk. It’s beyond any form of music genre. All I know is that I love them. A lot. I cannot wait to hear more from them, and I hope they just keep getting louder and louder.