2 02 2018



It can be utterly criminal at times when a band you love are hardly written about. You look for past articles written about them, and you find virtually next to nothing. Maybe the odd review of a record that’s only a couple hundred words long- nothing to make you believe that someone else loves them as much as you do. Sometimes you need to take matters into your own hands. I’m going to do that with Sydney’s finest, Los Tones.

Los Tones catapult you way back in time. They make you feel like you’ve discovered The Standells, The Vagrants and The Gruesomes for the first time. They are a combination of everything amazing about Garage Rock and modern day lo-fi sounds. They’re the kind of band you play on a lazy day doing a whole load of nothing. I’m pretty sure that if you played them to someone who was around when The Standalls first came out they wouldn’t thing that Los Tones are from now.

Los Tones have a solid catalogue of music to really feast upon. It’s totally fine to over indulge in their music and shut the world off for a few days to soak it all in. With their two records and a few singles, they have definitely developed a sound that is soaked in wonderful reverb and murky vocals to get lost in. The songs are loud in all the right places. Songs like Cry have this amazing part where it just goes off, and the only reaction you can have is to just turn it up as loud as you can. Bands that can do this are great. They let loose and just go for it. This exciting energy that just bursts from their music is so good. It’s beyond being ‘so good.’ That’s a weak ass description on my part- sorry!

You can’t really compare their two records. Psychotropic came out in 2014 and What Happened came out last year. In the years past between these two records, you can hear a steady growth but you can definitely hear in both that Los Tones are a band that know exactly how they want to sound and how to make it work. There is something really beautiful about this, and both records are just out of this world. Their music is appealing to any and everyone. No need for snobs or pretentious wankers here- Los Tones has this brilliant laid-back sound that just eases the mind, body and soul. Even when some of the songs are more rowdy than others, they still have this blissful relaxed glow to them. You can easily zone out to their music, especially on songs like Ordinary Man but at the same time you can lose yourself in the likes of the glorious Battery Acid. There is something for everyone, and I’m sure your Grandma would enjoy them too.

Los Tones have such a raw and urgent. It’s almost as if they HAVE to get these songs out of their system and to create this beautiful music. They are everything I want from a band. They have every element that I just adore about music. If you’ve got no plans this weekend, spend it by listening to Los Tones. If you do have plans, maybe you should cancel them and just listen to Los Tones instead and allow yourself to be transported into a time and place that only they can take you. They’ll be your escape route and your cure for boredom.

Los Tones make you wish you could join their band or be in a band that tours the world with them. They’ve got this mesmerising energy to their music that makes you want to constantly hear it and be around it.

Some bands you just fall in love with instantly- Los Tones are one of those bands, easily.

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15 08 2015

With daily/modern life being a general bore and about as challenging as a child’s wordsearch, I seem to always fall back on new(ish) bands that sound like something from the past. Maybe it’s a way of holding onto a time I was never there for, a time I wish I could have witnessed. It’s okay because at least there are bands around that make you feel as if you there, even if you are stuck in the now surrounded by people taking photos of themselves and getting in the way of beautiful scenery because they need you to tell them look gorgeous instead of where they are. People are becoming more and more boring. Hiding behind their phones because mouth and brain don’t match up. Give me some records, and I’ll be fine.

The Baron Four have been around for the past 3/4 years and are solid beat band. They’ve got bits of the Count Five and even The Kinks within their sound. I’m a fan of the Count Five in a big way so to hear a current band who make you feel as if you’re discovering the likes of The Vagrants and The Gruesomes for the first time is bloody good.

The Baron Four have brilliant songs that focus on a lot of heartbreak and how women can be cruel with hearts.. Their music is perfect for a break-up or for attempting to forget the face of someone you’re fond of, even if you’ve not told them. Beating yourself up over your timidness as they waltz off with another. We’ve all been there and we all deal with it differently. The Baron Four have this way of portraying heartbreak in an accessible way. You feel as if the songs are for you, even if you’ve not had your heart torn out in a while.

This UK band have a proper Garage Rock with some kind of freak-beat going on which makes them stand out from most. Their songs don’t really last longer than 3 and half minutes, just enough time for you to be thrown back to the 60s and forget where you are, and who you are. You can close your eyes whilst listening to them or you can dance as if you have no control over your limbs. They can make the lifeless feel something, and I’m just really in awe of how they’ve perfected an old sound but made it sound so current. I know that sounds borderline pretentious and I really don’t mean it that way. It’s just you see a lot of bands trying to do this, ripping off other bands and you’re left uneasy and unsure about it all, but with The Baron Four you can’t help but actually believe that this band were around in the 60s giving the others a real run for their money.

The Baron Four are a credit to the UK music scene and them not being huge is almost criminal. But those that love them know exactly how brilliant they are.

You can listen to their magnificent sounds here: