Some of my neighbours are having parties and playing really awful dance music, but I’ve found some bands to block it all out with and play louder. Next up are Las Pyramides- an exceptional band to play whilst drowning out noise from others.

Of course, from Costa Rica this band are obviously great. They’ve been going around 3 years I think, and in July this year they put a really great EP out which I’m going to focus on.

The songs are strong Garage Rock songs that you’ve just GOT to play loud irrespective of if you have noisy neighbours. They make the kind of music you’d want to see at your local dive bar, they just give off such a beautiful energy with their music and I can’t get enough of it. I love how Fabian makes his guitar sound a bit like a chainsaw and unleashes his brilliant vocals at the same time. He makes his guitar sound like an intimidating weapon used to rip through the ears of anyone who listens to them. He’s an exceptional guitar player. Kevin has this really slick playing style which goes so well with Fabian, and you have Jose who just goes totally nuts on the drums. Together, these three have created something to truly move you and leave you wanting more and more.

Mente Perdida is my favourite song by them (I think it means Lost Mind) and it’s just under six minutes long. It’s a euphoric song that again, has this chainsaw guitar sound but the bass and drums are more relaxed here. I adore Fabian’s voice on this one, and like Kevin and Jose- this song truly shows how brilliant they each are as musicians, and together they just create such fascinating songs. Mente Perdida is the kind of song you’d hear in a bar when you’re just down on your luck and it unexpectedly makes everything alright. I love that then you listen to this song, you have no idea who it could be or when it is from. I really love when bands can make you feel like this because for me, it just shows how great they are and how powerful music really is.

There may only be three of them in the band but they give off this feeling that there’s about four others in the band. Their sound is huge, like really huge but not in an overwhelming way. They are exceptional musicians who make you just really focus on how well they sound together. I know I’ve mentioned it above, but Mente Perdida is a prime example of how effortlessly brilliant they sound together, and how great they are as musicians. Las Pyramides make music that goes beyond being Garage Rock and the style I love. They push themselves so much, and are unafraid to scare you with their sound or soothe you with their songs. They are a sheer joy to listen to, and again, I reckon they are a band that are just a pleasure to see live.

Las Pyramides are a band that just make your mind and body feel free, and like nothing matters- even if it painfully does. I love how they can just send you batshit wild with songs like Temprano En La Mañana- you just know that this is THE song that makes everyone go nuts in their live shows.

The band have this infectious energy that just makes you feel like you can’t enough of their wild sound. You can really sense the passion in their music and how they can just lead you into the unknown with their music.