BIRTHMARKS: …And Then The Rain Stopped.



I always thought I’d find it difficult to write about friends I have in bands, but it turns out it’s pretty easy- especially when you love and believe in what they do. Little Death Machine were a band that I absolutely adored and couldn’t get enough of. That band ended, and from it Daniel formed Birthmarks with his pals- Jason and Jonno. As I listen to their debut full length record, I can hear parts of LDM but also a sound of bands/singers I love. It’s a brilliant record, and the fact that Kerrang Magazine have written about them is also a huge deal. Again, another thing to be proud of.

…And Then The Rain Stopped is out next Friday, and with all this painful doom and gloom surrounding us right now, for me, I’m finding comfort in music more than ever. The record starts with How Do You Rule Me which gives me feelings of Bjork (Army Of Me flows right through this) early Placebo and hints of Nine Inch Nails. Basically, this song and the whole damn record sounds like heaven. Daniel’s voice has never sounded so good and so powerful, and when you marry this up with Jason’s drumming and Jonno’s bass playing; you just get something that feeds your soul and beautifully consumes every part of you.

The lyrics will get you right in the gut, and if the song Breathe doesn’t move you then I really don’t know what will. The record is full of songs that will break your heart, but you won’t mind because it will also give you comfort. That’s all you can ask for. If something breaks you, chances are it can comfort you also. The vocals are as raw and as exposed as the lyrics, and because you can truly hear the honesty and feel every single emotion on the songs- you cannot help but connect with them. There’s something so haunting about the whole record, and the darkness on this record really does get you right in the gut. For some it may be uncomfortable but for others, it’s a lifeline. The record is a work of art. I knew it was going to be something truly remarkable, but it goes above and beyond what I or anyone else could ever write about this record.



The songs touch on everything from love to loss, and all that goes with it.  Daniel’s mentioned that this record took 5 years to make, and you can absolutely hear the hardwork and dedication from them all on this record. I’m obsessed with the drums on this record, and how they heighten the emotions on this record. You have songs like Wax which is such a stripped back and vulnerable song, and it is one of the more tender moments on the record. Again, you can hear the raw emotion in the vocals on this but then it goes right into You Are One which could very well be the anthem for the band. You can imagine the crowd going nuts to this at their shows, it’s got such a grand feel to it and you cannot help but get immersed in it. The way the synths and guitar go together on this is just fantastic, and the way the guitar and drums get heavy at the same time just blows your mind. This one really homes in on the feeling of loss and a sense of betrayal, and it’s a brutal listen but it’s just another reason as to why you cannot help but love this band, and this record.

As far as debut records go, it’s fair to say that this is nothing short of incredible. The production is flawless, and the way the songs sound is just remarkable. It’s hard to believe that this is their debut full length record, and like I mentioned, you can really hear the hardwork in this record. Charcoal is a fierce song, it sounds like it should be in some disturbing thriller, and to be honest I really do see Birthmarks creating the soundtracks for films. This whole record sounds like it was made for a film; it’s a very theatrical record, and the atmosphere on the record will just send shivers right through you. It’s a very dark record, and I love how brutal some of the lyrics are and how fucking honest they are. Charcoal is like a cut to the soul, but you keep digging at it. The record is like an open wound that you cannot help but mess with. It’ll disturb you, you’ll wince, and it will be the best thing you’ve ever heard. I adore this record, and I just respect anyone who is this honest with their art.

The record touches so beautifully on human nature and how we fuck up, how others fuck us up and how it can be a vicious cycle at times. I love how experimental the record is, and how it doesn’t fall into any genre or any sub-genre. It feels like a film, a work of art. If this is what we get from a debut record, then there’s no telling what else they can do. It’s obvious it’s going to be mind-blowing, but I’m just massively in awe of this record and how they’ve all played their part in creating this gorgeous record. Pale and Midnight Blue are prime examples of how talented the band are, and I love that every song on this record gives them all their own moments to shine.



…And Then The Rain Stopped is mixture of every human emotion possible, it is the beauty of carrying feelings and it is the burden of being a human in one. It is a complex listen, and I can only advise that you listen to this record the first time round on your own, and in order. Just soak up the record. Once you’ve done this, listen however you want. We’re all looking for comfort and the like in isolation, and this record is everything we could possibly need and more. Birthmarks have made the record that makes me want to write about it constantly. Bands like this are why I write about music, and why I refuse to ever do this for money. It has to be for the love of it, and I will only ever write about what I love. Birthmarks have truly made something special here, and I sincerely hope that anyone who listens to this record feels the same because it NEEDS to be heard.

Allow yourself to feel vulnerable, and just open your mind up to this record. It’ll be alright.

Pre-order the record here and you’ll also find their cover of one of the most beautiful songs ever written, True Love Will Find You In The End by Daniel Johnston.


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There are some bands that just make you really, really care about music. Some bands that get beautifully under your skin and take over the noise in your head. These are the bands we cling to, but the grip isn’t needed to be too tight because the love you have for them is going nowhere.

Little Death Machine have been an obsession of mine for a few years now, and every single time they put something new out- I just have to write about it. With everything they have released so far, it sounds like a step up from what has come before.

Their new single, Midnight Blue is what would happen if Trent Reznor and Brian Molko got together with a hint of Cold Cave. So for me, it is nothing short of perfect. Daniel’s voice on this is as strong as ever and it’s one of those songs that are just made to be yelled back to the band.

The wonderfully menacing and creepy sound in Midnight Blue is exceptional, and it is matched brilliantly with the video. I’ve always loved how Little Death Machine have this really eerie and dangerous sound. It’s like something or someone is lurking. Waiting and waiting for you. You may never know who or what it is. But maybe one day it will get you. Maybe you’ll be aware, maybe you won’t. Midnight Blue will be playing as it happens.

There’s this brilliant build up after the 2 and half minute mark where everything just hits you. Followed by a brief instrumental where it goes slightly tame, then Daniel’s vocals kick in again and this wave of unsteadiness hits you. A lot of bands try to get this eerie feeling within their music, and some just take it too far. Little Death Machine do it in a way that is nothing short of effortless, and of course leave you wanting more.

In my biased opinion, it is really one of the best things Little Death Machine have done. I remember hearing Hit Me ages ago and being in awe of this brutal sound. To hear them go from that to what they have created with Midnight Blue is just wonderful. They are really one of the best bands around.

Little Death Machine are having a single launch for Midnight Blue next Monday (19th June) at The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington. You can get yourself a ticket here:

LITTLE DEATH MACHINE-Dreaming In Monochrome





Music should be one of those things that takes the listener and musician out of their comfort zone. Sure we’d all like to stick to what we know, but sometimes we don’t. Owning a record that could make for uncomfortable but necessary listening is something I look for more often than not. I like loud/dark music because it’s the opposite of whatever I am. For the most part. It doesn’t have to be angry music, but it must have point to it. I want music that can be terrifying and vital at the same time. I’m pretty sure that’s what drew me to Little Death Machine ages ago. I was immediately hooked on Daniels’ powerful and raging voice. It’s loud, dark and of course, partially terrifying.

On 7th March, Little Death Machine will be releasing their debut EP, Dreaming In Monochrome. Finally, it is happening. An EP will undoubtedly make me want a full length record, but as I listen to the EP right now, I can tell that whenever they put out a full length record it will still have that subtle Little Death Machine sound that drew me in ages ago. When I listen to them I think of bands I love such as Cold Cave, Bauhaus and Nine Inch Nails. There’s hints of very early Bjork in this EP, and that alone is good enough. It’s got a wonderful creepy edge to it. Night After Night After Night would sound perfect in a really sinister Thriller film- it would be played when tensions are high and something terrible is about to happen. If this EP doesn’t give you the creeps (in the right way) then you’ve been listening to it wrong.

The lead single off the EP, Healthy is a perfect taster for what is to come from this remarkable EP. All too often I bang on about bands I listen to that make me wish I could play an instrument and make my own noise. Are Little Death Machine one of those bands? Of course they are. They bring out something that is missing in people in general and in music. They’re like a kick in the teeth and a way of self-realisation. Some bands you just listen to, and immediately get. There are some bands that, although I’m a fan of them- it took a while for me to get them. With LDM, it is instant. It was instant the first time and I knew I had to write about them. There are a handful of bands that when I listen to, I just have to write about them. It’s a good job that this is my outlet because if I had to speak to a friend about music, I’d be left alone to talk to a wall. I’m sorry for rambling, but this EP is one of the finest things we will hear all year.

Aside from every song being extremely passionate and beautifully put together, I want to talk about how the EP is going to be released. A lot of care, time and thought has evidently gone into the music but it has also gone into how it is to be presented to us fans. As mentioned, the EP is out on 7th March via Glasstone Records. Limited to only 100, the package consists of: a USB containing the songs with live videos, a screenprint which has been printed by the band and also a tote bag. I think as it comes with live videos, which were filmed at the hugely missed Power Lunches, of the songs, it will make the listener feel the songs in a different way. A live performance can change everything, and can make you hear things differently. Perhaps how it is meant to sound, and I think putting the EP out like this has to be massively respected.

Little Death Machine have played with bands such as Psychic TV and God Damn, and in the midst of all this have created a sound that is so out of this world and so courageously out there, you can’t fault it. They merge all kinds of weird and wonderful sounds together, and as a result have created one of the most impressive EPs I’ve heard in a while.

You can pre-order Dreaming In Monochrome here:





When a band changes lineups or go for a slightly different sound, you wouldn’t be wrong for being a bit dubious. I guess it is human nature to be wary of change. However, for the most part it is completely fine and there’s nothing to worry about.

I first wrote about Little Death Machine maybe two years ago now. I heard Hit Me and it was so aggressive and so loud, I instantly became fond of them. This two piece became another reason as to why I love duos and stand by the fact that they make the best music, for the most part.

Little Death Machine no longer have Clare on drums, and they are now a three-piece. Does it work? Of course, it is like nothing has changed. And when you listen to Pale, you are still aware that you are listening to Little Death Machine.

Daniel’s vocals on Pale are eerie. The guitar sounds a mash-up of Warpaint ethereal bliss mixed with something massively terrifying. Think early IAMX and The Cure, and you’ll get it. There’s a break down near the end of the song that just sends you away. I can’t tell you where you’ll go, it’ll be different to the next person who hears it. But note that it will be some place tranquil and sacred. The best kind of place.

If you feel like you’re running from someone or something, this is the perfect song to escape to. Sometimes it is really okay to fee lost because you find songs like this that drive you home, wherever home may be. It doesn’t have to be a conventional idea of a home. It can be a beach, a record store, a bar, a book shop. Anywhere you want it to be, just let it take you.

Songs like Pale don’t come around often. They are to be played on your own when you’re in need of something no person can possibly give you. Songs like Pale have come from the soul and smack you in the unmentionables. They get you right in the gut- above and beyond. How a band like Little Death Machine aren’t massive, I have no idea. But that’s the appeal. They are for a certain breed, but damn near anyone can relate to the context of Pale.

You can see their songs come to life next week at Number 3 in Deptford on the 27th. The show is their single launch, and following this they will be supporting Darkness Falls at Hoxton Bar & Grill on 29th April.

Pale is out now via Glasstone Records.




As someone who has a place reserved especially for music that is probably deemed as creepy or whatever, it is no surprise that Little Death Machine are one of my favourite new bands. They remind me of other bands I love such as Natural Assembly who make dark and beautiful music. There is tension in their music that is just fuelled by Clare’s destructive drumming and Daniel’s unapologetic thrashing on guitar. They make noise for those who aren’t afraid to play their music obnoxiously loud and flail about to it.

Velvet Skin is their new single, and is equally as rambunctious as Hit Me. Hit Me is aggressive to the core, but not to the point where you cannot listen to it. The complete opposite. You find yourself singing along with Daniel as he cries out “HIT ME!” Velvet Skin is a tantalising taste of what is to come from them. Little Death Machine have an undeniable talent that is sure to give them a cult like following, much like Cold Cave have.

Velvet Skin’s video is equally as eerie the song. The black and white video adds something quite sinister to the song. The drums are heavy on Velvet Skin, and the beautiful thudding sound is I think, what makes this song have that haunting feel to it. It does feel like something is creeping up on you. The drums sound like footsteps of something terrifying; it keeps you on edge. Little Death Machine make music that is exciting to listen to; there really aren’t that many bands that are doing this right now. Most are scared to be as dark like this, but LDM drag it out of you, and when it comes out- it feels good.

What I adore about Little Death Machine is that they have a brilliant raw sound. This makes you realise instantly that their music comes from a really special place. I think it why you just treasure them right away. I’ve yet to see them live, but I think I’ll be making my way to their Electrowerkz show in November (Met line permitting!) It’s 4 days after my birthday, so I may treat myself. On record, you can hear the fury and passion. I’d imagine live this just erupts into something wild and throws you into a state of delirium that you probably don’t want to come down from.

Like I’ve said before about LDM, there is nothing typical or conventional about them. They make rowdy music that is just good for the soul. Nothing should ever be typical or conventional. Stand for something, and go against what is wrong.


My attention span at the best of times is borderline atrocious. I think the only thing that has ever held my attention is music. Last week when I saw Cold Cave, I really don’t think I tore my eyes away from Wes Eisold at all. Sometimes I’m able to find a distraction for a few seconds, but something happened. I’m not sure what. Maybe it was the dark atmosphere that just kept me there. It is hard to tear yourself away from music that pretty much sums your life up. Past or present; it is still part of you. The darkness that is in Cold Cave’s music is not as brutal as it is in some. By some I mean Little Death Machine

Little Death Machine are, for me, on the same level as Comanechi and Cold In Berlin. Passionately belting out words that send shivers down your spine. The words you wish you could say. So you stand in line and bite your tongue like the rest of them. You keep silent so bands like Little Death Machine can project wonderful noise into your ears and make your heart thump dramatically in time to the ferocious drum beats.

Daniel and Clare released their debut single, Hit Me last month. Hit Me is a thrashing delight that will make you want to lovingly throttle someone in time to the guitar. Or maybe it is safer for you to just throw your body about in time instead. It’s safer, and won’t resort in a prison sentence. Daniel’s eerie vocals remind you ever so slightly of Chris Corner (IAMX.) Clare is an INSANE drummer. She’s aggressive in a non-threatening manner. It is possible, trust me. The video to Hit Me is an epileptic’s nightmare, but brilliant anyway.

A raw and rambunctious energy moves in and out of Hit Me. In a way that makes you move around in a questionable fashion. Their sound is ideal for dark and dingy basement venues that makes sweat fall from every part of you. The sweat of others drips onto you as they shake their torso next to you, and you return the favour. An intimate form of movement, and those that are in the same moment as you understand fully what the music means, and the impact it immediately had. Having a grip like this is envious, I wish I could make music that was as powerful as this. One song. Just one song is all they have; but it’s caused something. Something beautiful beyond words. A quiet storm.

When I’m sent music that is this powerful, I wish I could write something equally as beautiful as what I’ve been sent to listen to. I struggle with words sometimes, but bands like Little Death Machine make it easy for the words to fall out. They are yet again, another band that fully justify my love for duos. Sure I could have just written about their debut single but I’d much rather go deeper and to the core of what music does. Albeit what it does to me, but I live in hope that someone out there will read this or something else I’ve written and feel that someone gets how they feel about music. I’m in awe that a band can be so brilliant with just ONE song. I’m excited for their future and what they do next.

There’s comfort in dark surroundings. There’s beauty in haunting music. Nothing must ever be typical or conventional.

You can buy the single here: