When a band changes lineups or go for a slightly different sound, you wouldn’t be wrong for being a bit dubious. I guess it is human nature to be wary of change. However, for the most part it is completely fine and there’s nothing to worry about.

I first wrote about Little Death Machine maybe two years ago now. I heard Hit Me and it was so aggressive and so loud, I instantly became fond of them. This two piece became another reason as to why I love duos and stand by the fact that they make the best music, for the most part.

Little Death Machine no longer have Clare on drums, and they are now a three-piece. Does it work? Of course, it is like nothing has changed. And when you listen to Pale, you are still aware that you are listening to Little Death Machine.

Daniel’s vocals on Pale are eerie. The guitar sounds a mash-up of Warpaint ethereal bliss mixed with something massively terrifying. Think early IAMX and The Cure, and you’ll get it. There’s a break down near the end of the song that just sends you away. I can’t tell you where you’ll go, it’ll be different to the next person who hears it. But note that it will be some place tranquil and sacred. The best kind of place.

If you feel like you’re running from someone or something, this is the perfect song to escape to. Sometimes it is really okay to fee lost because you find songs like this that drive you home, wherever home may be. It doesn’t have to be a conventional idea of a home. It can be a beach, a record store, a bar, a book shop. Anywhere you want it to be, just let it take you.

Songs like Pale don’t come around often. They are to be played on your own when you’re in need of something no person can possibly give you. Songs like Pale have come from the soul and smack you in the unmentionables. They get you right in the gut- above and beyond. How a band like Little Death Machine aren’t massive, I have no idea. But that’s the appeal. They are for a certain breed, but damn near anyone can relate to the context of Pale.

You can see their songs come to life next week at Number 3 in Deptford on the 27th. The show is their single launch, and following this they will be supporting Darkness Falls at Hoxton Bar & Grill on 29th April.

Pale is out now via Glasstone Records.

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