With it getting slightly warmer (and in London that means soon people will be wearing shorts and everyone will smell of sweat when on the tube. Socks and sandals will emerge, reinforcing how uncomfortable the summer sometimes makes me.)

To ease you into warmer weathers, Bosco Rogers are the band to do so. They have a proper summertime feel to their sound, an old 60s real Rock & Roll thing going on also. They make you want to put on a Hawaiian shirt and head to the nearest beach.

Bosco Rogers manage to merge a bit of Psyche, Garage Rock and all in between in their songs to make you feel like you are in another decade. Basically, they make you feel as if you’ve gone back to the 60s and turned your back on the future. These guys know how to mix something old with something new.

Their Googoo EP came out in December and is full of songs to make your mind escape to the beach. They’ll make you want to go on a road trip that lasts a crazy long time because as we know, real life is dull for the most part. Solace is found in music, as are different worlds. Worlds collide and fall apart, music is the glue that keeps us together.

Googoo consists of 4 songs and coming in at around 10 minutes, and of course it leaves you wanting more. EPs are a massive tease aren’t they. You drive yourself mental because you want more but all you have are these 4 songs to keep you going until next time. Bosco Rogers deserve to be on your favourite new band list because they are massively exciting and quite frankly, are different to a lot of things around right now. They’ve got something about them that reminds me of bands such as The Vagrants, Count Five and The Pretty Things- three bands that are so important to music. You cannot help but smile and bob along as you listen to the songs on Googoo. It was easily one of the highlights of last year.

These ruffians are the ones to put you in the mood for the summer. I think a lot of their gigs at the moment are in the Brighton area, they’re worth the trip. Their short and to the point songs have hints of Punk mixed with sunny dispositions. I think they’re just bloody wonderful and I cannot wait to hear more from them. Googoo is just a hint of how great Del and Barth are. Just to lure you in, and lure you they shall with their flowery pop-esque melodies.

You can listen to their EP here:

The artwork was designed by the Queen of Keys, Robin Eisenberg (Crocodiles keyboardist) and is out via Bleepmachine. Enjoy!

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