My attention span at the best of times is borderline atrocious. I think the only thing that has ever held my attention is music. Last week when I saw Cold Cave, I really don’t think I tore my eyes away from Wes Eisold at all. Sometimes I’m able to find a distraction for a few seconds, but something happened. I’m not sure what. Maybe it was the dark atmosphere that just kept me there. It is hard to tear yourself away from music that pretty much sums your life up. Past or present; it is still part of you. The darkness that is in Cold Cave’s music is not as brutal as it is in some. By some I mean Little Death Machine

Little Death Machine are, for me, on the same level as Comanechi and Cold In Berlin. Passionately belting out words that send shivers down your spine. The words you wish you could say. So you stand in line and bite your tongue like the rest of them. You keep silent so bands like Little Death Machine can project wonderful noise into your ears and make your heart thump dramatically in time to the ferocious drum beats.

Daniel and Clare released their debut single, Hit Me last month. Hit Me is a thrashing delight that will make you want to lovingly throttle someone in time to the guitar. Or maybe it is safer for you to just throw your body about in time instead. It’s safer, and won’t resort in a prison sentence. Daniel’s eerie vocals remind you ever so slightly of Chris Corner (IAMX.) Clare is an INSANE drummer. She’s aggressive in a non-threatening manner. It is possible, trust me. The video to Hit Me is an epileptic’s nightmare, but brilliant anyway.

A raw and rambunctious energy moves in and out of Hit Me. In a way that makes you move around in a questionable fashion. Their sound is ideal for dark and dingy basement venues that makes sweat fall from every part of you. The sweat of others drips onto you as they shake their torso next to you, and you return the favour. An intimate form of movement, and those that are in the same moment as you understand fully what the music means, and the impact it immediately had. Having a grip like this is envious, I wish I could make music that was as powerful as this. One song. Just one song is all they have; but it’s caused something. Something beautiful beyond words. A quiet storm.

When I’m sent music that is this powerful, I wish I could write something equally as beautiful as what I’ve been sent to listen to. I struggle with words sometimes, but bands like Little Death Machine make it easy for the words to fall out. They are yet again, another band that fully justify my love for duos. Sure I could have just written about their debut single but I’d much rather go deeper and to the core of what music does. Albeit what it does to me, but I live in hope that someone out there will read this or something else I’ve written and feel that someone gets how they feel about music. I’m in awe that a band can be so brilliant with just ONE song. I’m excited for their future and what they do next.

There’s comfort in dark surroundings. There’s beauty in haunting music. Nothing must ever be typical or conventional.

You can buy the single here:

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