22 02 2017



Sometimes you just need to listen to something that feels like a massive jab to the face. I’ve become more and more restless but also annoyingly tired, so I need to listen to something that fits my mood. I don’t want to move but I don’t want to sit still. I want to listen to something that heightens all of this because nothing else will cut it.

Belgium is a beautiful place. I fell in love with Brussels twice. I spent a lot of money in a record shop there, twice. I could have happily spent all my time in there. It’s one of the best places I’ve ever been. Peaceful and timeless. Mind Rays are from Belgium- their sound isn’t peaceful. Well, to some it isn’t but for me? It sort of is. It’s what I need right now.

This Ghent based band have been around for some time, and upon first listen you can easily picture them thrashing about on some dingy stage in a sweat infused basement bar where all the outcasts unite- the best kind of place. You can picture them injuring each other and themselves as they flail about on stage, how much they bleed from smacking their face into a mic stand justifies how good the show was. Their sound is brutal and loud. If you want a label then I guess you can have Garage Rock with a bit of Punk. I’d just call it a riot to be honest.

Their new record, Nerve Endings is out next month and it’s probably going to be one of the most rowdy records you’ll hear all year. They make it easier to deal with your frustrations of daily life and being a bit of a loner, but that’s probably just me. These kinds of things just get you through. I was going to go to the gym tonight, but I just want to find more bands like Mind Rays and get totally lost in them.

Mind Rays make the kind of music to just straight up melt your face. Their earlier stuff is slightly less aggressive but only slightly. It’s all the right kind of loud and beastly. They make the kind of music that makes you morph into some kind of scary monster that isn’t to be fucked with, lurking in the shadows. I have no idea what their live shows are like, and I can only imagine that they are just as lively on stage as they are on record. Their songs don’t feel like something that has been recorded in a studio, you feel like you are listening to a band practicing and lobbing their all into it. You really pick up on the blood, sweat and maybe a few tears. And screams.

They’ll melt your mind, they’ll awaken the rusty and sleepy parts of you. They’ll make you want to slam your body into stuff, they’ll make you want to throw things around. They’ll make you want to act like a rebellious swine, and that’s one of the best things a band can do to you. They’ll lure you out of your comfort zone and before you know it, you’re comfort zone is going to be immersing yourself in this mind altering and thought bending sound. There are some bands that you just cannot get enough of, and for me, Mind Rays are easily one of those bands.


11 09 2013


Chillwave was a style that was apparently set out to bring out hipsters and pretentious oiks in full force. Music is music, and you cannot be a snob about it. I’ve been called a “music snob” more times than I can remember, it used to offend me but I’ve learnt not to listen to people. I’m just massively passionate about music, and to be honest I think it is the only thing that validates my music. Writing about music is one of the very few things that make me feel like I’m doing something of use. I do it for no one but myself, and I think if I did it because I had to/for others- I wouldn’t care. If you’re not going to put your everything into something, then please just leave it alone. So you can say Chillwave is only for certain people, that’s fine- but that makes YOU the daft one. I know to an extent a lot of it sounds the same, but you can find that in any genre. I’d rather listen to hundred of bands that sound like Youth Lagoon than be told Katy Perry is one of the best singers around. (I’m still mad at her UR So Gay and I Kissed A Girl songs.) So I should probably leave this rant alone and move on to what I intended to write about.

LUUUL is one guy who makes music that makes you feel like you constantly have the sun on your back. He makes you feel as if nothing in the world right now matters. For the most part, I guess not much does matter. It depends on your outlook. But as I listen to LUUUL’s music, everything feels like a dream and nothing really matters. Music can help you create beautiful moments in your mind. It doesn’t matter what they are, because no one can take them away from you. The Morning After is the perfect song to listen to as the morning sun hits your tired eyes. As sleep falls away from you, LUUUL’s music is the hope you find a new day. Everything in the moments his music creates is just perfect. His music is the picturesque sunrise you wish you could paint. It stays locked in your head, and gently falls down to the depths of your heart. The moments are kept safe for as long as you wish.

I’m not someone who seeks hot climates and wishes to laze about on a beach, but LUUUL has this gorgeous way of making you wish you were on a beach staring at the sun’s rays hit the glistening sea. What song by LUUUL is perfect for this? Beach of course. The beautiful moments never stop with his music. The bass-line to Beach sounds like how Warpaint would sound if they went in this direction. Both make entirely dreamy music to just lose yourself in, and it never felt so good. The best thing and the most beautiful thing about music is the feelings it gives you. Feelings you probably thought you couldn’t feel or would ever feel. Certain key changes in the songs you love or that one line in your favourite song of all time can just make your heart beat quicker and can just cover your body in goosebumps. Your favourite song is like looking at the person you’re in love with- nothing matters, just that moment. That’s how LUUUL’s music makes you feel. But of course, this is just my personal opinion.

For any emptiness you feel inside, there is always a band or a song to make it alright; you can find it in LUUUL for sure. His music is the sun on your bones, warming you up and just making you feel alright.

You can listen to more of LUUUL right here: https://soundcloud.com/luuul

His bio may say it is just a guy, but it is obviously more than that. It is one person creating truly beautiful music.