Just so we are clear, France is home to some of the greatest bands and musicians of all time. However, the newer bands are something else. A lot of them have this insane energy and wild sound that makes them tower above anything else you’ve been into. I’m about to go on and on about a band I adore; you might just want to skip to the parts where you can listen to them instead.

Boring Girls are 4 musicians who will just straight up blow your mind. They have this effortlessly cool sound that makes you instantly think you are wandering round the city streets, soaking up all it has to offer. Then before you know it, you’re stumbling out of a bar with a carafe of wine trying to find your way home.

They have such great harmonies and sound like a band who have been together way longer than a year. They’ve got a 60s Girl Group sound going on, but at the same time a really strong Garage Rock feel that you can’t get enough of. The vocals are wonderfully distorted in all the right places. Their EP came out last week, and although it’s just four songs- it is four songs that show you just how brilliant they are.

The EP is titled P.L.N (Perverse Lustful Narcissistic) and it is full of songs that devour these emotions/feelings. There is something hugely wonderful about Boring Girls that just makes you want to leave your daily responsibilities behind, and go to all their shows and beg them to let you join the band. I mean, the latter won’t happen but they sincerely do make you want to see their live shows constantly. With just four songs they do this, and these four songs will stay on your mind for a while.

Sometimes you just know in your gut when you’ve heard something really remarkable, and Boring Girls hit you with this feeling. They hit you pretty hard with this feeling. I’m on my second listen of the EP now, and I can’t get enough of it. They have a sound quite similar to PINS first record, Girls Like Us but as you delve deeper into their sound- you know that nothing can really come close to them. They are just such an exciting band that you cannot get enough of. I’m excited for anyone else who may discover them, and listen to them for the first time because it is such an amazing feeling. I’m always looking for music that sounds like this, or gives me a feeling just like this. Will I find another who do the same to me? Who knows, but right now I’m all about Boring Girls and their effortlessly cool sound.

Will they make it over to the UK? Who knows. But if they do, I’m certain we’ll have a list of venues fighting it out to have them play. You just know instantly from listening to them that their live shows are probably out of this world. They have this tight sound, and it is raw in all the essential places. It is a truly wonderful EP, and if it is their debut (which I think it is) then they’re going to destroy us all with whatever they do next.

Boring Girls are quite simply one of the most exciting bands we are going to hear. They are anything but boring. They are everything I want from a band, and more. I’m super excited to hear more and more from them. Four songs isn’t enough, but for now it’s enough to rouse up my attention and whatever else I’ve got. The songs are just such a pleasure to listen to, and to really indulge in.

If you live in France, go see them. Make them the biggest band in your country.!

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