If the Ramones sung in Italian, or were Italian they would sound like The Dirtiest. These 3 buddies are one of the most exciting bands from Italy, and it just makes me so proud to be Italian when I hear exceptional bands like this.

Their songs are the definition of Punk and just have this, and I hate using the word, “gnarly” sound. It’s completely rugged and brutal. It just makes you want to throw things around and break stuff. Throw a tantrum and body slam into a wall. They just absolutely take you over with their brilliant songs.

The Dirtiest make songs that sound like the drunken aftermath of a party that went too far. They have this loud and fuzzy sound that just brings this out in such a massive way. I think it’s the most obvious on the song, Centro Shot which has the awesome chant, “Grappa hey!” If you’ve ever smelt let alone tasted grappa, you’ll know how brutal it is. It smells like paint stripper and will probably burn your insides as it drips down painfully. However, if you have more than one shot of it, you probably won’t feel this at all. It’ll just feel like a warm cuddle inside, perhaps. I hate the stuff.

I love that their songs feel like a kick in the kisser. They have this sound that produces a riot in your ears and just makes you want to unleash it as ferociously as you can, without hurting anyone of course. They aren’t afraid to be exceptionally loud on this EP, and in general. They are definitely one of the best Punk bands I’ve heard in a long time. If you love the Ramones and Dead Boys- then you’ll fall in love with The Dirtiest. 100 Shots! is their first release where all the songs are sung in Italian, and irrespective of if you understand what’s going on or not- it’s pretty easy to hear that this band are nothing short of exceptional, and sure know how to just obliterate your soul as you listen to them.

With their new EP, it is obvious that The Dirtiest have gotten more rebellious and more dirty with their sound. The record is incredible, and it’s just made up of songs you cannot get enough of. It sounds like a drunken brawl, and it’s such an addictive sound. Their first release has a more relaxed sound, but don’t be fooled- that rough, Punk sound is still there. They take the whole concept of Punk and just give you this delightful trashy sound that you cannot get enough of. I keep going back and forth with their songs, but I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite. Under The Glare is a real snotty number, and I love it. The first release is solid. The songs have a more fuzzy/reverb sound to them, and over time they have become louder and utterly fearless with how they sound.

I love that they mixed that early sound found in The Jesus And Mary Chain and the Ramones and just make something that is just so incredible. All you can do is helplessly play their music loud and scream a long with them. You just know that from their records that they are probably one of the most exciting bands you’ll see live- given the chance.

If you’re looking for a band to rip through your eardrums and delve right into your soul- do yourself a favour and listen to The Dirtiest. Loud.

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