A few years ago I wrote about a band called Candy Darling. I was in love with their dark and sordid sound. The band ended, and I wasn’t sure if I’d hear Emily Breeze’s beautiful voice ever again. Fortunately, I never have to think about that again. She never left, so I can’t say she’s back. We have new music from her, and if you’re ever wondering what Nick Cave would sound like if he was from Bristol- look no further.

Her single, Rituals, will be out next month and I am going to tell you just why you need to buy it when it comes out. I’m going to try put into words why she, along with Anna Calvi have (are about to) put out two of the best records you’ll hear this year.

I love music that sounds quite eerie and tests everything else that I’ve ever heard. I love musicians that just never stay with one sound. As I listen to Emily, one voice sticks in my mind- Shirley Manson. I’m very precious about comparing anyone to Shirley Manson. She’s my all-time heroine and absolute role model. Her voice has this power and fragility to it. Her voice is so dominant but meek when needed. I’ve never really heard many voices like hers. The only other voice I can hold this highly is Colette Thurlow’s voice (TwoFiftyFour) and now, Emily’s. Her voice reminds me so much of early Garbage songs- think Milk mixed with Queer. Those two songs show Shirley’s voice in a way that just hits you right in the gut- Emily does this also. Her debut record is just amazing. I feel it will be one I constantly go back to and use as roadmap of my mind. The lyrics are divine, the vocals are perfect and the production is out of this world.

I absolutely adore the song, Work. It is this dreamy journey into everything and anything you could possibly imagine. Its real life, but you also feel like you are dreaming. The way she sings, “Dead inside” is so hypnotising. Anyone would just take this as a negative, but Emily makes it sound like the most beautiful thing in the world. It’s a record that you cannot help but worship. It’s a religious experience almost listening to this. She’s already preaching to the converted here, but it is still one of the most magnetising records I have ever heard. I feel like I am walking up and down dingy alleyways in Paris during a misty, rainy evening when I listen to this record. There is something so poetic and romantic about this record. It just oozes everything I love about music, songwriters and poetry. It isn’t just a singer and her words- it is straight up poetry. Her words are so easy to get lost in, and the music puts you in this trance that you don’t want to ever snap out of.

I firmly believe that music should be a form of comfort, escapism and should make you feel less alone, and less fearful of what’s around you. Emily has made a record that does all of this. At times you are on edge, just because you do not expect what she is going to do next. With a voice this beautiful, and this powerful-anything is powerful. She creates this haunting world with her music, and you never want to leave it. You want to stay there and see the world how she does. Heaven’s Gate is a prime example of this. I mean the way she sings, “Drink the Kool-Aid” would sway anyone to get all Jonestown. The way she sounds so menacing but loving is brilliant. It’s a cult-like song, obviously.

It’s a real seductive and captivating record that honestly, you can’t get enough of. You listen to it once, and it just has hold of you. It grips you in this way that makes you want it to never let you go. The whole record sounds like a soundtrack to a film about a serial killer. Everyday A New Line is definitely one of the songs that really give this feeling off, especially the spoken word parts. It’s cinematic record that deserves as much attention as possible. It most certainly sounds like it is made for a film.

The record ends on the wonderfully titled, Love Song For Aileen Wuornos. It’s brutal, it’ll make you think and it is the perfect ending to this masterpiece of a record. If you’re looking for a song that’ll scare you shitless but also have this hold on you- then this is the one. It is an exceptional song that is so twisted and so clever. I love how she’s written this, and if you know anything about Aileen, you’ll probably appreciate just how well Emily has written this and the way she sings this song, my god it’ll cover you in goose bumps and freak you out. As hard as it is to pick a favourite song off this record, this is definitely my favourite lyrically. The way she’s done this is just amazing. Yes some may declare it as being twisted, but for me, it just shows how effortlessly gifted Emily is as a singer and as a writer.

The Queen of Bristol is a month away from releasing something that’ll terrify you, it’ll make your mind work, you may never sleep easily again after hearing this record and it’ll make you go on this spooky journey with her. It’s a brilliant record; it’s a real work of art and you can really pick up on the sheer love, passion, devotion and hard work that has gone into this record by everyone involved. On this record you will hear the best musicians around from Bristol- that alone makes it a phenomenal record. It’s a real seductive record that aims to scare and lure you in, but to what? Well, that’s all on you.

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