Mexico is home to many great things, and one of these being Three Minute Riot. If any name of a band could sum up what Punk is- these guys most definitely do it.

They have recently put out a brutally loud EP which consists of five songs that make you feel as if you’re having you face smashed in. This is mostly felt on the opener, Rich Against The Machine. There is something about the band that reminds me a little of Black Flag. There’s just certain moments in their songs that give you that angst that you gain from your teenage years and carry with you beyond, because what makes you angry is what you see happening in the world. Their songs are aggressive, but not in a way that fills you with fear. If anything, they will make you feel like you’ve got to do your bit to make the world a better place, if you can.

Their bio states, “We do not know what we sound like, but it’s cool.” I like this, and I think it’s a real honest approach to their music and can make you entirely curious about the band. When you listen to them, you can just imagine what their live shows are probably like. You know it’ll be intense, heavy and with everyone yelling the words as loud as possible back at them. It’ll have a united feel to it- this is what bands like 3 Minute Riot do. They unleash our common frustrations, and in that it just brings a mass of people together. In this instance, it’ll be in a small sweaty bar where personal space is something that doesn’t exist- but that’s part of the appeal. It may not be a huge arena, but it’s a place where a bunch of people are really hearing their message and taking note.

I know I said that 3 Minute Riot have a solid Punk sound/influence, but there is something else there. Some parts of All Against The Wall could pass as some early Glam Rock kind of number (think New York Dolls- they took that style and made it Punk.) There’s this Johnny Thunders riff throughout, and I enjoy this a lot. It’s probably my favourite song off the EP, and there’s also parts of this song where it goes off into this wild Garage Rock sound. It’s the vocals that stay Punk, always. It’s there, and it’ll never go. The band have the backbone of Punk throughout their songs.

I think they’ve only been a band for maybe over a year now, but their sound makes you feel as if they have been together for a long, long time. They are definitely a band that know how they want to sound and what they want, and need to say. They’re most certainly a band that need to be heard, and heard loudly.

Cursibaby sounds like something you’d hear from Dead Boys. It’s real snotty and smutty kind of song. You could imagine Stiv losing his shit to this. It may be the last song on the EP, but it’s the one that you’ll probably keep going back to and play louder each time. It’s got this 70s Punk sound that Dead Boys took and made their own just wonderfully oozing out of the song. It’s in the vocals, it’s in the music, it’s all over this song and I reckon it’d be a pretty great song to see live.

None of us may not know, or ever know what 3 Minute Riot sound like but there is nothing wrong with this. It’s part of what makes them appealing and makes you intrigued about them and their music. So play them loud to really get a feel for what they are about!

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