Manchester. Home of many amazing things, places and people. The amount of exceptional bands that have come from this beautiful city is something to be hugely proud of, and adding to this grand list is Bleach Body. Three musicians who make delightful noise.

For those wanting something a bit obscure and something incredibly loud, I give you Bleach Body.  This Manchester based band make the kind of music that’ll make you feel as if your bones are shattering and your mind is being blown. They’ll posses you with their sound and cause an earthquake (of sorts) inside of you.

They’ve been going for over a year now, and they released a couple of new recordings about a week ago. It’s just two songs, but those two songs are enough to make you see just how great they are. I love the sheer urgency in the song Guts. I love how it is delivered with such rage and like I just mentioned, urgency. There is something about this song that just oozes the need to be heard. It’s not even three minutes long but in a short amount of time, you really get what Bleach Body are about on this song. The insane instrumental for the last 50 seconds of the song is out of this world. It’s so ferocious and something to keep going back, and just keep on hitting repeat- or to just cut to that moment because it’s so good!

They are unapologetically loud and a delight to listen to. They’re in the same league as a band I will constantly champion- Table Scraps. They’ve got something about them that just makes you stop what you’re doing. Nothing else can take your attention away from them, there’s something in the music that just revives you and makes you aware that you’ve really never heard anything like this before. This is with just one song. Can they do it with another? Come on now, you know they bloody well can.

Happy Is The New Healthy is just as loud and just as brutal. The slight distortion in the vocals mixed with the shit-kicking drums is something I really love about them. I love when a band obviously pushes themselves with their music and how they always have this admirable raw sound in the music. I have huge love for Bleach Body because they are able to just put everything I love about music in their sound, and have created something that towers over most. Happy Is The New Healthy is most certainly a song that feels like you’ve been beaten black and blue by the end of it, and I’m pretty sure that their live shows will have you feeling exactly the same.

I’ve found a number of new (to me) bands to love this year. Bands that have definitely justified my love of music and my love of writing about bands I absolutely adore. I can easily but Bleach Body up there. They are one of the most remarkable bands I’ve heard this year, and I’m so excited to hear more from them. In just two songs that have created something truly spectacular and something to definitely pay close attention to. For a band to leave such an impression in just two songs is really worth investing in. I love how loud they are, I love how utterly fearless their sound it and I love that they sound unlike anything/anyone else. I really cannot wait to hear more from them.

Manchester. Home of many incredible things, places, people and bands. Bleach Body are in that list of incredible bands from this wonderful city that I am so proud to call home.

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