As I am slowly approaching 10 years of writing about music, I realise I’ve got sloppy with it. I’m more likely to sit and watch crime documentaries than do what I love. Maybe it’s a distraction- but what from? Anyway, I’m going to push that aside briefly and write about a band that have given me the urge to write about them because they are THAT good. The thing is, I do want to write- but maybe I also don’t want to. I’m talking to myself.

Jaded Juice Riders are made up of two brothers, Josh and Mateo Hwang.  They have a sound that I always gravitate towards- they make me feel like I’m on a beach in California with a load of nothing to do, watching the world go by with some good music blasting in my ears. I think part of me will always want to do that, but the other part (the bigger part) hates flying and would get annoyed by the heat. I’d rather escape in my mind than physically.

What I really enjoy about Jaded Juice Riders is this playful yet distorted sound. It makes you want to dance around but they also relax you. You can be anywhere in the world when you listen to them, and for me that’s a huge thing. Their sound reflects a gorgeous summer mood. I think anyone who loves Wavves (who doesn’t!?) would really like Jaded Juice Riders. Both bands give off that same feel in their music. I can’t really put it into words, but I do know that I absolutely love it. Maybe this was the kick I needed to write again. I just want to shut off and listen to Jaded Juice Riders. It’s grim in London today, and this band have taken me to a warmer place. Year 22 is definitely one of the songs that you there.

Their last release, Bowl Cut came out in October last year and it is criminally underrated and nothing short of brilliant. It’s got the perfect mix of lo-fi/Garage with Surfer Rock tones. I guess that’s a sound? I’m not sure. I read it once when reading about a band I like. Jaded Juice Riders sound like a party I wouldn’t bail out on going to- and I’m useless at parties. They just make you want to relax and just be. Be whatever you want. Do whatever the hell you want. They are an absolute delight to listen to and to get lost in. Oh and they are huge fans of playing Fifa- something which I can relate to. They’re the perfect band to listen to whilst playing, for sure.

The slight fuzzy sound and distorted vocals are so great, and so easy to fall in love with. I love the songs Agriculture and Mr Psycho so much. The lyrics to Agriculture are my favourite- so far. They have a number of releases that are well worth investing time (and money) in.  If you’re new to them, start with Bowl Cut and work backwards. Or go in whatever order you like. Their first record (I think it is self-titled) is my favourite so far. It’s got a more raw sound, but they still keep with that in the likes of Bowl Cut. It’s a real distinctive sound that you cannot help but enjoy. They’re just a brilliant band, and I hope one day they make it over here because I reckon their live shows would be wild. They have that sound that is just made to be played in a live setting.

If you’re having a shitty day, Jaded Juice Riders will make it much better. Stick your headphones on, play it as loud as you want, shut off from your surroundings and let them take you somewhere magical and trippy.

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