It’s always awkward writing about someone you know, but when they can actually sing it makes it less awkward. I’ll make anything a bit awkward. It’s like a party trick, that’s if I went to parties. Anyway. There’s something bloody brilliant about someone you know putting out music that is just a pleasure to listen to. I’ll break down these 4 tracks the best way I can, and by the end of the first song I want you to have at least listened to the song, and hopefully then move onto buying the EP.

Kiera Lawlor’s voice is unlike anyone else’s, you can try all you want to try find a comparison but you probably won’t. If you want, you could probably say there’s the open feel of Amy Winehouse in her music and there’s also something Ellie Goulding-ish about her music. There’s something special about Kiera’s voice. It’s got a slight husky Blues feel to it.

Gold- This song is magical. A truly special song, and there’s something about it that makes you feel, as redundant as it is, that it should be number 1 in the charts.The build up in the verses lead to an anthemic chorus that you could probably belt out after a few Red Stripes and the like. Gold feels like a walk home at 4am from a night out with your best friend or just experiencing something that makes you feel bloody glad you’re alive. Gold is oozing with such sentimental value. There are some songs that make you feel happy regardless of your mood, Gold is easily one of those songs. I think it showcases Kiera’s talents so well.

Lay My Body DownLay My Body Down feels, much like Gold could be a song that again would be massive. The brilliant thing about her EP is that each song in their own right feels like a hit without conforming to a mainstream sound. She’s got her own sound that is beyond words. If you’ve done wrong to your loved one, play them this song. They should forgive you. This song is so open and vulnerable, and I really do think that’s what makes Kiera stand out. When you can be this brave with your words, people just take to you and can relate. As a fan of music, that’s what I look for. Lyrics are a huge thing for me, and not only is Kiera a fantastic musician and singer, she’s also an excellent song writer who doesn’t need to use pretentious couplings and phrases to leave you in awe.

ValiumValium is a gorgeous track and the mellowest on the EP. It’s a beautiful love song, again play this one to a loved one and that’s it forever. This song is the kind that, if you heard at a party or whatever, and you were there with your one true love you would not see anyone else in the room apart from them. Valium is full of innocence and the purity of love. It’s such a gorgeous song, and it just takes you to some place really sacred. You can really get lost in this song, and the whole of the EP It may only be 4 songs long, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take you some place magical. Again, like Lay My Body Down it is a fragile/vulnerable song and that makes you really REALLY feel the words in the pit of your gut.

Exhale- Last weekend this song made its debut on BBC Introducing in Manchester. One of the presenters was gushing about how good the song is, and she was right in doing so Exhale is the perfect song to end the EP on because it just makes you play it all over again. Where Gold is the song you play at 4am walking home, Exhale is the one you lay as your head meets the pillow on your bed. Kiera’s voice on Exhale shows exactly why she could (and should) become one of the best singers around. Her songs are made for you to sing along to, regardless of where you hear them,

Gold is a fantastic EP, and even if I didn’t know her I would still be praising her talents. Her way with words and the way she sings her songs makes you connect with the music, and part of this is knowing she feels the words. When you can pick up on connections like this, you develop your own. She’s the kind of singer you’d want your kids to listen to and hope they say “I want to sing and play guitar just like her.” Her voice is powerful in all the right places.

You can buy the EP now from iTunes, and she will be making her London debut on 9th April at The Good Ship. Even though she’s an adoptive Mancunian, she’s another reason as to why Manchester is home to some of the best singers/bands around right now.

One thought on “KIERA LAWLOR- Gold (EP)

  1. I’ve been lucky enough to meet Kiera twice, and her music is amazing. I’ve been hooked on it since she released Bones, a few years ago. I always suggest her songs to my friends and lots of them love the Gold EP. Go Kiera !

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