JAMIE XX & ROMY- Loud Places.


“I go to loud places

To search for someone

To be quiet with.”


Some songs just need to be written about. They need to be played constantly. Loud enough so someone asks what you’re listening to. You play it to them, so they can hear it more clearly. You share a moment with this person, and you both agree that this song is the best thing you’ve heard in a long time. You both come from different tastes in music. One of you probably likes death metal, the other is a fan of Bach. Stick with the extremes and find common ground in this astounding song.

Jamie xx is a fantastic producer, everybody knows that. How is a solo record going to cut it? Will it sound familiar? Will it work? What’s going to happen?

THIS is what happens. If this doesn’t make you happy to the point of tears, or want to hug the shit (not actual shit) out of someone then you should probably either stop being an uptight fool or get yours ears checked. Or both. Possibly.

It is by far the best song you’ll hear all year (I could change my mind, but I’ll just keep adding to my list.) It is euphoric gem that you have you play constantly. There is something about it that, even though the lyrics could be seen as quite sad- it is quite frankly a gorgeous song. Nobody else but Romy could sing this song. Nobody else could make a song as stunning and dreamy as Jamie and Romy. It’s everything you want from a song. It’s got that tense build up that drives you nuts as you feel it approaching. Everything about this song screams “summer.” It’s the perfect song to listen to as you gaze at a sunset on some sunny beach or in the depths of East London as the sun peaks through high-rise flats, the light bounces off the windows and you squint but are still looking longingly and lovingly at the one you love.

Loud Places oozes devotion and uncertainty. Most things are built on this, you can adapt to it or let it ruin you, but that’s all on you. For now, please please spend the rest of your day playing this song religiously. I don’t care where it takes you, but just let it take you there. And stay there for a while. Drown everything and everyone out. Just for a little while (or until it’s home time.)

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