Manchester. The home of music. Kick anyone in the teeth who disagrees (to an extent.) It has some of  the best venues, the best bands (past and present) and the accent is the best in the North West, even if Manchester is on the wrong side of the Pennines it is still a brilliant city.

A lot of bands I love and write about are from Manchester. I don’t go looking for them, it’s just coincidence that this happens.

After waking up at 5am with a bastard of a migraine (I now feel like someone has punched me everywhere) I feel alright enough to listen to something moderately loud and brutal. Ready?

Los Trasgos Muertos are from the grimy and dark streets of Manchester. Hoodlums with balaclavas luring you into alleyways to sell you their music and to claim your soul. This may or may not be true. The band members have names that could either be friends of Jack The Ripper or the potential to be bad but good superheroes. We’ve got Von Beek, ‘Captain’ Reed and Il Fleishe. Names that just make you want to know the band, and bloody love them with their leather, battered gloves around your neck screaming their songs at you.

How do they sound?

A thousand furies echoing in the horrors of your mind. A gut-ridden plague ripping through you with no hopes of being sane at the end of it. Los Trasgos Muertos are loveable swines who make gloriously decadent music. If you want something creepy yet thrilling, then these guys are for you. They are loud, bloody hell they are loud. They are the kind of band that make you want to ditch everything, move to Manchester and throw yourselves into the Manchester music scene. Or this could just be me. That’s alright. The best kind of noise is the noise that is unapologetically loud and fearless. This is all Los Trasgos Muertos are.

The Psyche sub-genre (if you want to be like that about it) is brilliant. It is full of mind-blowing brilliance that allows you to free your mind and to feel something from the gut and beyond. The good stuff takes you on trips that nothing else on this planet could, and you don’t want to come down from it. Real life remains a mundane blur, but you come home and play something like these guys and you’re away. Where do you go? Who knows. You just go there.

Los Tragos Muertos have a cult-like feel to them. Join them. Give them your soul.

You can stream their new record, Eponymous EP right here: https://play.spotify.com/artist/5oQAKnW2TgWsVGLN0Kf1jE

Play it as loud as you can stand, go somewhere entirely lucid and eerie. Be free, get free and stay free. Go.

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