Things take time. For great things, you sure have to wait. It’s okay to wait because you know you’ll end up being exposed to something wonderful.

Kingsley used to be in a band called The Chapman Family, a band that were astounding in their time. If you ever saw them live, you would have seen just how captivating and terrifying they were. There is something quite disturbing about being in awe of a person tying a mic cord around their neck and belting out such glorious songs. You cling onto the words more.

The Chapman Family were loud in a brutal way, in a way that could probably divide a room with bottles flying and blood everywhere. The music he is now making is still loud, but in a way that demands you to listen and you cannot walk away from it. It’s every part Nick Cave, Scott Walker with the sentiment of Morrissey. There is so much heart and power in their debut song, Olympian. For those idiots who claim nothing moves them anymore or that new music isn’t too great- turn off commercial radio, seek and you shall find. You don’t need an overpaid twat to tell you if something is good or shit.

Olympian is a 5 minute ballad. A murderous ballad with so much going on, in the most gorgeous way. The sax adds something really euphoric to the song. The keys on the piano are hit in a “you better fucking love me and listen” kind of way. If you want conventional, step away. This is a beautiful and unconventional love song. Those are the best kind. Kingsley’s voice on this song is enough to make any sane person regard him as one of the best vocalists around, and he’s a fantastic lyricist. He’s studied the greats and in returned has created nothing short of a masterpiece. Kingsley is the only person to sing a Morrissey song just as well as Morrissey (TCF covered Everyday Is Like Sunday.)

Blood, sweat and tears ooze out of this 5 minute euphoric delight. It isn’t typical and it isn’t a song you play once, and carry on with the rest of your day. I’ve been listening to it for the past 20 minutes or so, and I’m not sure if I’m ready to listen to anything else now. Olympian is a song of comfort for those who aren’t attracted to feelings that seem “normal” but still seek the security of things that seem “normal” to others.

He’s done it. He’s made something bloody fantastic and I’m proud of him. If you’re getting married (be careful) then have this as your first dance. Or just play it in the company of nobody else, hold yourself and sway. You’ve got options.

You can find more information about the band here: and here:

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