“Don’t tell me listen to your song because it isn’t the same.”


There are some singers that when you hear them, you can’t really believe someone can sound so perfect. Alright so “perfect” doesn’t exist, but you know what I mean. There are singers that just hit you in the gut wth how pure their voice is and how honest their words are. Some singers just have this gift of sounding so ethereal effortlessly. Examples of this are Sade, Aaliyah and Jessie Ware. From Sade we got Aaliyah and since Aaliyah died no female singer has really come close to what she did aside from Jessie Ware. They all have this delicate voice that just makes everything alright, even if their songs can be heartbreaking.

This leads me onto Banks. In an ideal world I would have written about her last year, but it didn’t feel right because I had no idea what I wanted to say. I didn’t know what I could say. After listening to Beggin’ For A Thread non-stop over the past two days, I think I have some understanding of what it is I want to say. Well, type if you’re going to be like that.

I’ve seen people call her the female version of The Weeknd. That’s just lazy. Using a person’s gender to describe them/what they do is pretty shit isn’t it? There’s more to a person than to what they have between their legs. In the grand scheme of things, gender is irrelevant. Be who you want. I’m ranting. Sorry. Anyway, Banks isn’t the female version of whoever. She’s a brilliant singer who hasn’t released her debut record yet, and when it comes out it will probably blow our minds. I’m expecting it to, fully. I never expect anything, but I firmly believe it is going to be a brilliant record. It’s out in September, and she’s touring the UK in October (I think.) I’m all for someone taking me to see her. We don’t have to stand next to each other, I’m alright with that.

The thing with Banks is that she can pretty much sum up every feeling you’ve had when you’ve come out of a relationship, when you’re leaning towards one and when you’re in one. Basically, she’s like Dear Deirdre but with a lot more sense and class. Her vocals on Brain are dark and brilliant- think a more R&B version of a Zola Jesus song, she’s got this haunting feel to her music that just keeps you coming back for more. I think as soon as you hear one song by Banks, you become addicted. Like pizza. Pizza is all I have, sorry. I’m Italian. Her voice is so smooth and flawless, like the skin complexion we strive to have. I really don’t know why all of this sounds so weird. I don’t know what’s happened. Let’s blame the heat.

Her song, Change is the perfect song for those who are in a fucked up relationship. Banks calls the person out on their “Daddy issues” which is wonderfully done. Her sarcasm in this song is brilliant. If anyone else did it, it would sound a bit bitchy and trashy. But Banks has this superb and classy way of calling you out on your faults, just listen to Goddess, a prime example of it. She doesn’t need to be awfully over the top or pretentious with her words. She gets to the point in a real and raw way. Her lyrics aren’t all “woe is me” they are brilliant “fuck you’s” at times, and you can’t help but fall totally and madly in love with her. Before I Ever Met You will really hit you in the gut, for reasons up to you. There is something about it that will just leave you in awe. It is likely to be her honesty and the way she sings certain parts in the song- it is almost as if she is stood in front of you, and calling you out on all of the times you’ve messed up. Basically, Banks won’t stand for your shit.

Banks has this way of effortlessly (sorry for repeating the word) portraying hurt in a way that makes you BELIEVE it is all going to be alright. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had your heart ripped out, because the person that did it was a twat anyway. She’s got a real refreshing attitude in her music that makes her believable. To be believable is to be honest, and her lyrics are brutal and to the core.

I’ve not read too much about Banks, and I’m not one for caring about what “Music Journalists” say about bands/singers, everyone has an opinion but I’m glad that so many are believing in Banks and see just how talented she is. She’s got something about her that is gracious, raw and pure. She’s everything that music needs, she’s not afraid to be honest with her lyrics, and she portrays the feelings we try to cover. She exposes the feelings that we try to cover or the feelings of someone we know is hiding. She’s got something about her that goes beyond words, and singers like this don’t come around often.

I’ve mentioned artists like Deptford Goth and Burial as being ones I can only listen to when it’s dark out, because it just feels like they were created for the nighttime. In some respects, I really feel that way about Banks but to be honest, I can listen to her anytime, any place.  I don’t care. She’s just a real, raw talent that is just going to blow everyone away when her record comes out in September.

Her music just has this beautiful depth and soul to it that just stuns you. When a singer or a band can leave you speechless like that, you know you’ve found something that is really going to last.  The eerie atmosphere in her music completes it all, and is part of the reason why she is easy to get hooked onto. I really can’t praise her enough at all.


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