Last week I wrote about a fine duo called Brown Brogues. I sent them what I had written, and now I get to write about their new EP because they are gentlemen. I’m unsure if I can write anything to truly do this EP justice, but I’m taking a break from what I should be doing (job hunting) and giving it a damn good go.

Zoloto is the name of the EP and it is out on 19th April. Yes that it on Record Store Day; the greatest day of the year for sure. The first 100 copies of Zoloto will come with a 7″ reissue of their first EP, Nobody Dies In Paris. It is honestly worth waking up incredibly early to queue up for it. You’ll have nothing else to do anyway. Most important day of the year, remember that. The word “Zoloto” means “gold” in Russian. It is also an acronym for “Remember, one day people will leave you alone” in prison tattoos.

Getting Caned In The Face With An Ashtray is my favourite track off the EP. If you listen to it carefully, it should remind you slightly of that other duo I adore- The Kills. Some parts of it just remind me of some songs off their last record, Blood Pressures. I guess I’m just in awe of duos and how much delightful noise they can make. You know I said that Brown Brogues were decadently brilliant? Well, Zoloto truly shows that decadent sound as brutal and as brave as ever. If you listen to this EP and you aren’t wanting to break stuff and tear down the walls, then you’ve probably got shit stuck in your ears.

The EP is only 15 minutes long, but you’ve got punchy tracks like Shit In Your Eye and My Birthday which are underground anthems in the making. These songs are going to make fans go nuts when they hear them live. My Birthday is a ferocious gem that I really cannot get enough of. Pretty sure if Joey Ramone was alive he’d be salivating over this track and wishing he wrote it. The EP is made up of 4 songs that have been created to melt your face, shatter your eardrums and to make your body move in an obscure fashion. If this EP is going to be the first thing many hear by Brown Brogues, then they will more than likely be losing their mind over it. I don’t understand how you couldn’t. How can 4 songs sound this GOOD? Never doubt Brown Brogues, ever. They are a band that are evidently going to be around for a long time making this kind of pleasant noise their own way.

Zoloto is pretty much one of the best things to have happened to music this year. To deny the talent that Ben and Mark have would be extremely foolish of you, so on Record Store Day- head down to your local record store and buy this EP. Go home and play it as loud as you like.

Zoloto will be released via Stolen Body Records.

Also, Brown Brogues will be supporting The Young Knives this month on tour. Brown Brogues will also being doing an EXTREMELY special show at the Soup Kitchen in Manchester on 3rd May with Murkage. Both bands will play their set followed by a set together. Tickets are £5 and you can buy them here:

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