7 03 2014



After spending the day convinced I was going to puke again, I think it is safe to say I’m alright now. Until next time, obviously. I’ve spent the day either sat listening to the radio or sleeping. How long is a nap meant to be because I took one for 3 hours, and I’m pretty sure that’s a good nap. Everyone has their own take on what is a nap and what isn’t. Don’t let anyone dictate to you how much sleep you should/shouldn’t have.

Brown Brogues are a band I mentioned briefly here last year. I know that I should have mentioned more because quite frankly, they make the music I wish I could make. I’m pretty sure if I played them loudly yesterday my migraine would have shifted. Music is a cure. Paracetamol is a mere placebo. Brown Brogues are a fine Mancunian band that sound like they have escaped from California and encountered trouble on the way. They are loud and their songs are pieces of wonder that make you flail your body around in a furiously passionate manner.

My uncle and I frequently exchange texts about bands to listen to. As soon as I’ve typed this up, I’ll be telling him about this bloody brilliant duo. He’s the only person I know that has heard of Pop. 1280- this is a huge thing for me because they are just a fine band with deviant sounds. But this is about a fine band from Manchester who deserve every ounce of success possible to come their way.

What I love and adore about Brown Brogues sound is exactly what caused me to fall in love with The Kills many many years ago. It is the passion in the sound. The sheer determination and fury that just ripples right through every single song just makes your body jolt to the beat. It’s something that I look for in music; I want it to move me the way the Ramones woke up the dead back in the 70s. Brown Brogues would have been the perfect band to melt the faces of crowds at CBGBs. Sure it is 2014, but this back sound like something from the 60s/70s with their Garage Rock flare and Psychedelic vibes.

Beef Teef ruins the brain. It really really does mess with your mind. If you’ve never heard of Brown Brogues before, start with this from their second record. Throw yourself in the deep end and embrace the chaos head on. I’m a calm person but I love the music I listen to to be quite loud and chaotic. Brown Brogues justify fully why I love music as much as I do and also why duos are pretty much the best.

It is easy to fall into a habit when listening to music, but I always want something to move me in a way that leaves me with the inability to put it into words. Beautiful things in life leave us speechless; you treasure them more because you spend the rest of your days searching for words. This is what music does to me. Sure I can sometimes find the words, other times I’m just jotting down bollocks in the hopes I make some sense to someone out there who reads this. I hope someone reads this and Brown Brogues become a band that they listen to religiously, obsessively because they want that feeling of elation that comes when you listen to something new for the first time.

Music should be exciting. Music should do things to you that a person can’t. You cannot be held by a record physically but emotionally and that’s what makes it so so powerful.

Shake It is such a brilliant songs by Mark and Ben. The harmonies with the low droning (I mean this in a positive way, I just can’t describe sounds perfectly) of the guitar is brilliant. You can sense the longing in their voices, and in the drums and guitar. You pick up so many details in their music; the things you may miss when you listen to someone else. There’s honestly something so special about the music that Ben and Mark make, if anything they make you want to grab your best friend and make some noise.

Their song titles are something else, I Drove For Miles Just To Hear About The  Book That You’re Reading (which is one of my favourite songs by them.) There is wit in their lyrics, there are romantic tones, there is everything you could possibly want from a band in their music.

Brown Brogues released their debut record last year. Born To Lose came out on Ultra Cool records and was recorded in 2 days in Graceland about two years ago now. In 2 days they made this massively underrated beast of a record. Sometimes you find with bands, when they finally do a full length record it sounds too polished or it leaves behind that raw sound they once had. Brown Brogues stick two fingers up to this theory. Born To Lose is a fine debut, and to be honest it sounds like a band who have been putting out records for the past 10 years. They remind me of The Gruesomes mixed with Wavves. They’ve got polite aggression in their sound. That’ll be the Mancunian charm. The record is just over half an hour-long, but that’s why we have the repeat button. Just keep on hitting it.

Their second record, Triflin’ is equally bold and pretty much reinforces my love for them. So if I’m right- does this mean they have released two records in one year?! They are beyond hard-working. Triflin’ is a beautiful and punchy record that smacks you passionately in the face. Decadently brilliant. Effortlessly wonderful.

I don’t know what Ben and Mark have planned for this year, but I’m pretty sure they will be melting the faces off the crowds they play to, collecting new fans along the way. If one band can add some bite to modern music, it is definitely Brown Brogues. I’d put money on that, but I’ve got about £100 in my account, and I need that.

With my neighbour playing his awful dance music awfully loud, I think I have found the band to cause his flat to shake should I feel the need to be as much of an arse as him. But until then, I’ll have Brown Brogues playing loudly in my ear.

Please please go listen to their sounds here:

And buy their worldly possessions from here (or just their music for now):

Manchester, be proud of them. The world, you better be bloody listening.




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